Peter Schweizer’s Stunning New Book Shows Tech Titans Are Starstruck by Xi Jinping

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Peter Schweizer, conservative author and president of the Government Accountability Institute, joined Fox News’ Mark Levin on Sunday night to discuss his new book, “Redhanded: How American Elites Get Rich Helping China Win,” which will be released on Tuesday.

Schweizer’s team spent over a year conducting research for this book and what they uncovered is nothing short of breathtaking.

In 2015, Chinese President Xi Jinping traveled to the U.S. for a state visit with then-President Barack Obama. Schweizer alleges that Xi stopped first in Seattle to attend a gathering at the home of Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates. All of the big tech leaders were there, he said, and they were all starstruck.

When Xi entered the room, Apple CEO Tim Cook reportedly turned to his colleagues and asked, ‘Did you feel the earth move?’ 


Schweizer tells Levin “This [meeting] is really the beginning of the courtship between Xi of the communist regime in China and the biggest names in tech. Bill Gates … [Facebook CEO] Mark Zuckerberg, these are all individuals that have deep ties with communist China.”

Levin asks why he thinks these tech “robber barons” are so “taken” by Xi and the CCP?

Schweizer emphasized that these tech owners were already so wealthy. Although it could be about money, he said, “Honestly, I think it has more to do with the attraction to dictatorship that a lot of these executives have.”

“Microsoft does major research in China with military linked labs in artificial intelligence which is a crucial area that China says they’re going to surpass the U.S. so they can achieve technological superiority,” he said. 

“Microsoft accepts interns from the People’s Liberation Army,” he notes.

Gates, he tells Levin, is an advisor to the Chinese government.

Another feature that might draw Gates and others like him to the CCP “is that things get done so efficiently in China, because you’ve got a brutal dictatorship imposing its will on people.”

Whatever Gates’ motivation might be, his feelings toward Xi are impossible to hide. A photograph was shown of Gates speaking with Xi in a formal setting. He looks like a grade school student meeting his favorite baseball player.

Schweizer told Levin that Mark Zuckerberg and his wife attended a state dinner held by Obama in honor of Xi’s visit. He alleged that “Zuckerberg goes up to Xi and says, ‘My wife is about to give birth to a child. Would you name the child?’ … Xi sort of chuckled and said, ‘No, that’s too great a responsibility.’” 

Fancy that.

On another occasion, a propagandist from the CCP sat in Zuckerberg’s office and noticed a book on his desk entitled, “The Collective Writings and Speeches of President Xi of China.” According to Schweizer, when asked about the book, Zuckerberg replied that after he read it, he gave copies to all the senior executives in his company “so we can better understand socialism with Chinese characteristics.” 

He described a joint venture between Facebook and Google to build a data cable linking San Francisco to Hong Kong. They hired a Chinese company linked to the Chinese military to perform the work. When the DOJ and the FBI learned of the project, they quickly put an end to it, explaining that it would open up “unprecedented opportunities for espionage.” 

They are smart men. They are well aware of this.

Schweizer points out that the system of censorship that “Beijing has perfected over the course of the last fifteen years or so is now being imported to the U.S. It’s not being done by the American government. It’s being done by these tech giants, and it ought to frighten anybody who’s concerned about freedom of speech.” 

Next, they discussed the Biden family. Since the time of President Joe Biden’s vice presidency, Schweizer claimed that Hunter Biden has brought in roughly $31 million from “Chinese individuals who are linked to the highest levels of Chinese intelligence.” 

Hunter Biden, in his emails, refers to one of these men as the “Super Chairman,” according to Schweizer. He quotes Hunter as writing, “I don’t believe in the lottery anymore, I believe in the Super Chairman.” 

Super Chairman’s “business partner was the Vice Minister at the Ministry for State Security. He was in charge of recruiting foreign nationals to spy for China. He was a member of something called the number 8 bureau. It doesn’t get any higher than that,” Schweizer said. 

Another interesting discovery Schweizer’s team made is that Hunter and Joe Biden’s finances have been “intertwined for a very long time.” They turned up payments Hunter had made for renovations to his father’s homes as well as small items such as a recurring phone bill. 

The two discussed subterranean efforts between the CCP and various U.S. institutions. China, Schweizer explained, has been very successful with something they call “elite capture.”

“They provide deals and benefits to powerful politicians; help make them rich. Those politicians become more friendly toward China.” 

Schweizer said that when Nancy Pelosi first arrived in Washington, she was very opposed to the CCP. “Her position has evolved because her husband and her son secured deals in China.”

He recounted the first time Beijing hosted the Olympics which was in 2008. “She initially favored a boycott of those Olympics. But then something curious happened. Her husband was invested in a couple of limousine companies. … They actually got contracts to shuttle VIPs around in Beijing for the Olympics. It was quite a big contract. So, she reversed herself. She said she no longer favored a full-out boycott. And the deals have mounted.”

“Nancy Pelosi has steadfastly refused for two years now to even allow a single Congressional hearing on the origins of COVID and how it came from China.”

Schweizer discussed alleged connections between the CCP and Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein from California, former House Speaker John Boehner, a Republican from Ohio, and even the Bush family.

The two compared the business titans and politicians of previous generations, who were pro-American, to those of today, many of whom can be bought.

Schweizer’s stories are disturbing. But they aren’t surprising. It’s clear that the corruption runs deep.

Prior to the 2020 election, many of us were concerned that Biden had been compromised by China, our greatest enemy.

Sadly, our fears have likely been realized.

(Note: The full interview can be viewed on Fox News.)


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