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“What does that even mean?”  Apparently, the fake redhead Baghdad Bob of the Brandon regime, Jen Psaki, doesn’t understand the consequences of leftwing, soft on crime policies.  She was mocking Judge Jeanine Pirro for talking about it on her Fox News program.  Of course, limousine liberals, like Jen, are immune from the effects of the criminal-coddling policies they endorse and inflict on the rest of us.  There are many perks to living inside gated communities, among them, the ability to put life-saving distance between you and the violent rabble you create.

The leftists in charge of the criminal justice system know full well the consequences of their nefarious policy prescriptions, they just won’t admit it.  Doing so would expose them for the frauds they are.  They know that their cohorts, the liberal Democrat hack District Attorneys like George Gascon, Kim Foxx, Chesa Boudin, Larry Krasner and Alvin Bragg among many others are the root cause of the spike in crime all across the country.  They are all backed and funded by Dr. Evil himself, the billionaire George Soros and his many nonprofit, dark money cult-like organizations.  Proof that they won’t admit their guilt and mistakes was evident when Larry Krasner gave a press briefing on December 7, 2021:

“We don’t have a crisis of lawlessness, we don’t have a crisis of crime, we don’t have a crisis of violence.  It’s important that we don’t let this become mushy and bleed into the notion that there is some kind of big spike in crime,” 


Yeah, we can’t be having that crazy notion in the middle of a crime spike in the City of Brotherly Love which surpassed its all-time record homicides in 2021 with 521, beating the previous record of 520 set in 1990.  What a mushy notion.  Krasner made that ridiculous statement with a straight face.  He would have made a great comedy straight man.  He missed his calling.  Dems are in denial, and I don’t mean the river in Egypt.  It is strangely fitting that this fool chose to bomb us on Pearl Harbor Day with his pathetic press conference, a day in which other fools foolishly bombed us in 1941.

The Criminal-in-Chief himself visited NYC this week to discuss crime and meet with the new, faux “tough on crime” mayor, Eric Adams.  Did the Bumbler ever mention criminals?  No.  Did he mention the soft on crime Soros DA’s?  No.  Did he mention the “root causes” of the current crime spike like bail reform, no cash bail, no bail, shorter sentences, early release etc. causing a revolving door of violent criminals on our streets?  No.  What did he mention?  Both he and Adams mentioned guns on the streets and gun dealers.  This is despicable, especially for Adams who just attended two funerals for NYPD officers murdered in the line of duty by a career criminal with a long rap sheet, and out on probation.  After the second cop, Wilbert Mora, died, a neighbor of his intelligently said “Even the police aren’t safe.  So what hope is there for the rest of us?”  If you’ve walked around NYC or Baltimore or Chicago or LA recently, you probably noticed all the guns they were talking about walking along the streets, going up to innocent bystanders and firing themselves point blank.  Thus, the Dem solution: when a cop shoots a perp, investigate the cop; when a perp shoots a cop, investigate the gun.  Gun control won’t help.  Criminal control will.

What else did Brandon mumble about during his NYC photo op?  Money, of course, what else?  After agreeing to defund the police, who had “become the enemy”, during his basement run for the Oval Office, he now claims he wants to increase police funding – the Democrat way to solve anything, throw money at it.  Basement Joe knows full well that the problem is not with the police, but with his party’s pro-criminal political propaganda.  After demoralizing the police for the past two years telling us they are all racist Trump lovers, getting up every morning to hunt down young innocent, unarmed black men, they now want us to believe they are pro-police.  Laughable.  The police are reluctant to perform their duty forcefully because they are more likely to get prosecuted than criminals are.  They are understandably hesitant to risk their own lives by arresting degenerate perps knowing that they will be back on the streets tomorrow.  Why should they endanger themselves capturing violent scum and tossing them directly into a revolving door that we once called a justice system, only to rearrest them next week?  You don’t fix a sinking, leaking boat by bailing water.  You have to fix the hole in the boat, the revolving door.  The hole, in this case, is the Democrat party and its pro-crime policies.

The current crime spree started after the death of Saint George Floyd, the patron saint of crime.  The left has used every excuse in the book to justify the wanton violence since then.  Geniuses like the presidents spokesmouth, Psaki, blamed the crime spike on COVID, “I think the root cause in a lot of communities is the pandemic. Yes.”  The criminals must have been killing, looting and raping because their N95 masks didn’t fit right or something.  I hate it when that happens with mine.  I can’t begin to tell you the number of people I’ve assaulted as a result.

Other Einstein’s like Rep. Alexandria Occasionally-Cortex (AOC) blamed the crimewave on the bad economy.

“I do think that even when you talk about violent crime, I don’t think that poverty and economic desperation are separate from that either,”


I don’t know about you, but it always takes tremendous self-control to resist the urge to shove Asian women in front of oncoming trains whenever I feel hunger pangs.  Doesn’t everyone get that urge, or is it just silly me?

We will not reduce crime as long as the buffoons in charge of criminal justice remain in charge of criminal justice.  Victims will only continue not to receive justice in such a system.  The leftists in charge have made it very clear that they have no real interest in reducing crime.  They don’t take it seriously.  They won’t take it seriously until they feel and experience the consequences themselves.  That moment can’t come soon enough.  It is only a dream, but just once it would be nice if the crimewave only effected liberal governors, mayors and DA’s.  We could then answer their cries for help with, “What crimewave?”



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