Democrats Ruining America

Unemployed men standing in line outside a depression soup kitchen in Chicago 1931: Public Domain
Unemployed men standing in line outside a depression soup kitchen in Chicago 1931: Public Domain

      The geniuses who founded this great country must be spinning backflips and somersaults, in their graves, such that would make any Olympic gymnast red with envy and force any Olympic judge to score a perfect 10.  Why, you ask?  Well, the simple fact that the good ole USA as they founded it resembles nothing similar to what they left us.  The “if” in Benjamin Franklin’s quip about being able to keep our Republic is ominously coming true.  Democrats are Running Ruining America.


      The same Democrat party that gave us Dred Scott, Civil War, Confederacy, KKK, lynchings, poll taxes, Plessy v. Ferguson, Japanese internment camps, Bull Connor, welfare dependency and abortion on demand, among others, is at it again still dividing us with wedge issues and destroying the values and societal norms that have made us a uniquely great country so different than any before it.  Regardless what the establishment types, RINOs and uni-party followers say, it is our cultural threads that bind us together, not our economy.  It is common social issues that keep us tethered as a nation.  That is true of all countries. 


      One cannot stop the Italians from being Italian, the Egyptians from being Egyptian, Chinese from being Chinese nor the Russians from being Russian.  Peruvians will always be Peruvian.  Yet, for some strange reason, the Democrat party seeks to stop us from being American.  The traditions, culture, norms, rules and even the language that unites us and that we grew up with are all being whittled away by a rotten cancel culture.  That cancel culture is threatening to cancel not just our speech but our thoughts, our memory and our history.  Its adherents want to erase our past and start over with the most egregious “values” imaginable.


      As a nation, we have endured and overcome many obstacles and tough times.  Yet, through all those crises, objective truth was never denied.  We knew instinctively what was right and what was wrong and right prevailed.  All that is now turned on its head by so-called progressives in the Democrat party.  They are neither progressive nor liberal.  They are the furthest from those.  They are regressive and illiberal.  Never before has our country been assaulted on so many fronts simultaneously with such vigor.  The Democrat party and its leftist minions are trying their damnedest to wear us down, to make us give in, to quit.


      The Democrat party’s multi-pronged assault is focused at two main thrusts – adults: legal, political, corporate, financial and youth: education, Hollywood, arts, entertainment.  The party knows it must neutralize any thinking adults opposed to their scheme and brainwash the youth to secure this despicable legacy. 


      Keeping with the Rahm Emmanuel theme of taking maximum advantage of crises while they’re hot, Mark Zuckerberg figured a way around election laws to reverse the gains of the 2016 election using “Zuckerbucks” to actually run vote counting in swing states like Wisconsin.  With a stolen election, the Brandon regime is leveraging all its illegitimate power to govern as if it has a mandate.  A 50/50 Senate and a single digit majority in the House does not a mandate make. 


      With corrupt Democrats in charge of the Oval Office, House and Senate, they are in position to pull the legal, corporate and financial levers to accomplish their dirty deeds.  The tax and spend party is taxing everyone with Bidenflation.  What better way to hit all Americans in the pocketbook?  They destroy American energy independence by destroying the American energy sector with burdensome taxes, fees, regulations and a steady drumbeat of anti-fossil fuel rhetoric 24/7.  In turn, the government will funnel public funding to the false promise of “clean energy” companies, much like scandalous Solyndra and to public transportation, of which most of the country does not use, and will not.  The goal is less personal freedom and more dependence on government.  Now back from Maternity Leave, our woke Transportation Secretary, Mayor Pete, says take the bus.  Of course, he never will.


      The heavy-handed Justin Trudeau approach to dismantling the Freedom Trucker Convoy gave our corporate, financial and government elites a novel insight in how to attack their opponents – undercut their finances and the opposition folds.   Banks are using the power of their institutions to divest from conservatives and conservative organizations.  Mike Lindell, CEO of MyPillow, is a prime example of this financial Cancel Culture.  The Dems are also trying to get their greedy hands on cryptocurrency, which has managed to elude them thus far.


      The Democrat party is hoping beyond hope that all the financial chaos they are sowing will lead the people to demand more government intervention.  Of course, they are also hoping that the people don’t discover that it is government intervention that caused the financial chaos in the first place. 


      Historic inflation, out of control gas prices, wartime sanctions that hurt us more than our supposed opponents, supply chain backups, airline disruptions brought on by pilot shortages due to government vaccine mandates, talk of replacing the dollar as the world reserve trading currency and of course, borrowing/printing/spending trillion$ of dollars we don’t have on projects we don’t need are all leading to a skittish stock market and a dismal economic outlook.  We’re being told to lower our expectations and our lifestyle.  This is America in the 21st Century?


      Imagine how confused our young people must be.  They are being bombarded with anti-white racism disguised as some bogus legal theory – CRT.  White kids are made to feel guilty and minority kids oppressed.  They’re being taught a false history based on the debunked 1619 Project.  Advertisers are scared not to overrepresent blacks and minorities in TV commercials.  The St. George Floyd riots have led to a new double standard.  Criminals are glorified and called victims, even by a female SCOTUS nominee who can’t even define what a woman is, although she uses that word constantly


      Instead of learning the three R’s, they are being brainwashed to believe there is no such thing as boys and girls and men and women.  Their teachers are wasting our tax dollars and confusing their young minds by exposing kindergarteners and grade schoolers to all manner of sexual perversions.  Thank God strong conservatives like Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) FL are fighting back and defending “domestic terrorist” parents from the DOJ and teachers unions and Disney indoctrination with common sense laws.  DeSantis is showing the rest of us how to stand up to the leftist Democrat bullies. We need more like him.  Many more.


      It is time, well past time, to stop the Democrat party from further ruining our country through its war – cultural, financial, political – on America.  The upcoming November elections are just a small part of that.  We must take back our country at all levels, local, state and federal.  Our country is worth saving.  If we fail, where can we go, Canada, Mexico?  Hardly.  Let us win this fight.  By God, we must.




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