Don’t Say The Truth

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis

Florida and Governor DeSantis are once again in the news, and the target of left wing lies and hate speech. Previously, the state and its governor were the favorite whipping boys of the left wing and the Democrat party due to their supposedly dangerously lax Covid rules. Despite having a population that skews older and is therefore more vulnerable to Covid, Florida is currently ranked 17th in terms of deaths per 100,000 people. That puts the supposedly irresponsible state of Florida ahead of such left-wing icons as New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Michigan.

The media and Democrat slanders about Florida and its Covid protocols were lies from the beginning, and the people who started spreading those lies knew they were lying. Alas, some things never change. The same players are now libeling and slandering Florida and Governor DeSantis over a new law that prevents the sexual grooming of young children. They have even come up with a headline to push their lies: “Don’t say Gay!” It is the biggest lie since the one that launched the BLM movement, “Hands up! Don’t shoot!” It remains to be seen if this lie is going to be as effective and damaging as that one, which launched a multiyear orgy of violence and destruction across the country and resulted in the election of America’s first senile President.

The Florida bill was a response to parental concerns about what their young children were being taught in public schools. It specifically addresses kindergarten through the third grade and forbids discussion of gender identity and sexual orientation. It also says discussions of those topics in other grades must be age appropriate. Specifically,

“The text states that teachings on sexual orientation or gender identity would be banned “in kindergarten through grade 3 or in a manner that is not age appropriate or developmentally appropriate for students in accordance with state standards.” -NBC News


Hardly earth-shaking language there. In fact, the word “gay” does not appear in the bill at all. Nonetheless, the Democrat party, including their senile old fool in the White House, are raging against this bill and being joined in their outrage by LGBTQ+ loons from all over the country. Given the character of the people opposing the bill, the average Florida average parent should be even more convinced that it is great idea. It’s like seeing criminals ranting against allowing homeowners to own guns.

It has been a long time since this author was in the third grade or younger, but memories of my teachers from those days linger. Miss Murray, an attractive young blonde woman was my first crush until she whacked my hands with a ruler because I was talking too much in class. Mrs. Slinko was a stern but effective presence in my 3rd grade class who encouraged me to keep reading and writing by complimenting my abilities in both. Her sternness made her compliments seem more likely to be sincere since they were rare.

The women who taught me then, and they were all women until I reached the 6th grade, made their impression on me and my classmates by their demeanor and conduct in the classroom. On that score, they were all business, and they did a great job. It made me wonder what kind of teacher would be protesting a bill that prohibited them from talking about their sex lives with kids 8 years old and younger. I knew Miss Murray was single because she told us to call her “Miss Murray.” Ditto for Mrs. Slinko and my understanding of her marital status, but neither she nor her unmarried counterpart ever spoke about their personal lives with their students. What kind of immature, self-absorbed, possibly perverse adult would do that with a child?

The answer to that question is on full display in this interview with an addled, plainly self-involved gay man. His relationship with his kids is wildly inappropriate and completely focused on his needs, not the needs of the students. The fact that he continually refers to the students as “my kids” is prime evidence that his view of the relationship is unprofessional. Check this out:


Any parent with a child in this man’s classroom would be well advised to get them transferred post haste. Moreover, this teacher’s credentials should be reviewed immediately. He is NOT an appropriate instructor for young children and perhaps not even for teens. He is more interested in communicating his life story and his sexual orientation than he is in ensuring that the students in his class are learning to read, write, add, subtract and communicate effectively.

Dozens of videos like this are out on the internet, and the fact that teachers would openly share such blatantly unprofessional attitudes show why American public schools are failing. One self-described transgender teacher was laughing about how confused her students were over the teacher’s assertion that kids could choose their gender. “They are so confused,” the teacher says, laughing, “but they are trying to get it and they will eventually.”

One certainly hopes not. Any parent whose child is told by a mentally deranged adult that they can change their gender by simply choosing to do so would be well advised to confront that adult and tell them to never speak to their child again.

Clearly, this campaign by the Democrat party and their sexual identity challenged allies is dishonest. They are trying to make gay and transgender adults the victims in the scenario when in fact the real victims are innocent young children who are being used as pawns in a political battle, and the parents who are having their rights and authority as parents undermined by so called educators who are focused on recruiting children into their cause.

The old saying, “Misery loves company” comes to mind. I can think of no one more miserable than a man like the one in the video who feels his life will be ruined if he cannot show pictures of himself with his gay lover to a bunch of second graders. He wants to convince those kids that they should join a culture war on HIS side without regard to the values of the children’s parents or the individual child’s own sensibilities. While he acknowledges the trials of gay or transgender kids, he has not one second’s thought for the impact of his true confessions babbling on kids who are not gay or transgender.

In my entire K-12 experience, I do not recall a teacher ever having personal pictures in their classroom. Why would that be necessary or appropriate? The fact that a teacher would say that he cannot teach effectively without such knick-knacks is more evidence that he is not qualified to be leading a classroom.

It is apparent that the left-wing culture of self-absorption has infected this country to a major extent. That is the culprit behind the Will Smith “slap heard round the media world” kerfuffle at the Oscars. At that moment, the only thing on planet earth that mattered to Will Smith was his anger. He could not care less about Chris Rock, the other people in the room, or the millions watching on TV. Similarly, Jill Biden could not have cared less about the physical well being of her husband, the future of her own country, or the harsh consequences to the rest of the world, of having her senile spouse elected President of the United States. All she cared about was getting to be First Lady.

Our latest Supreme Court nominee cannot bring herself to give honest answers to basic questions because all she cares about is being the… what, first black woman on the SCOTUS? Pathetically, even though her goal is to be the first black woman on the Court, she lies and claims not to know what a woman is. In a culture that degraded, self-involved, short sighted and venal it is hardly surprising that those kinds of people would weaponize the young children of their fellow Americans in pursuit if their own selfish agendas.

We have seen the sad consequences of the helicopter parenting techniques of liberal Boomers and Gen Xers. Rather than compound our mistakes by allowing Millennial and Generation Z libfools to continue the deterioration of American schools with LGBTQ+ tripe and perversion, American parents need to stand up and wrest control of the school systems and curriculum from the likes of the Disney executive who lamented the effect of the Florida bill on her two: “queer children. One who is transgender and the other who is bisexual.”

She made it sound like her two children were elementary school age, and if that is the case, one can only feel sorry for the kids. It is likely that they are acting out, trying to get some attention/approval from their screwed-up mother. If she is an example of the kind of folks who are against this bill, good conservatives can sleep well knowing that they are on the side of the angels in supporting it. It also begs the question: Should parents let Disney products into their homes and expose their kids to that kind of perverse nonsense? Common sense and Christian values say no, and parents would do well to be guided by both.

Ned Claybrook

2 April 202

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  1. The teacher in that video showed his colors when he said he was LGBTQXYZ. He thinks he is privileged to be able to say and do whatever he wishes. Thank God that bill is with the families of Florida’s children.

    This needs to be put to a complete stop. Homosexual curriculum is not one of the three Rs, period.

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