Russia’s Space Agency Says It Is Suspending ISS Cooperation with NASA and The European Space Agency

Image by SpaceX-Imagery from Pixabay

Roscosmos suspends cooperation with the ISS, said the head of Roscosmos Dmitry Rogozin. According to Rogozin, Roscosmos will also suspend cooperation with NASA, the European Space Agency (ESA), and the Canadian Space Agency (CSA).

The Russian space director said that Roscosmo’s proposals on when to end cooperation on the International Space Station with the US, Canadian, EU, and Japanese space agencies would soon be brought to the attention of the Russian authorities.

Specific proposals of the country’s space agency on the timing of the completion of cooperation within the framework of the ISS with the space agencies of the United States, Canada, the European Union, and Japan will soon be submitted to the leadership of Russia.

The head of his space agency said the U.S., Canada, European Union, and Japan sanctions “are designed to stop the financial, economic and productive activities of our high-tech companies” and that their goal is “to strangle the Russian economy.”  Plunge our people into despair and starvation and bring our nation to its knees.

The head of the Russian space agency has previously said that illegal sanctions could “disrupt” the U.S.-Russian partnership on the International Space Station. Dmitry Rogozin reiterated that “normal relations between the International Space Station and other joint (space) project partners can only be restored if the sanctions are lifted completely and unconditionally”, calling the sanctions illegal. In a tweet, Rogozin said a partnership would be possible only if the sanctions were “unconditionally lifted”.

Russia is suspending its cooperation with the International Space Station (ISS), according to Dmitry Rogozin, head of Russian space agency Roscosmos. The country will also suspend its partnership with NASA, the European Space Agency (ESA), and the Canadian Space Agency (CSA), Rogozin said.

Newsweek and others first reported the story.

In a series of tweets written in Russian on Saturday, Rogozin said: “I believe that the restoration of normal relations between partners in the International Space Station and other joint projects is possible only with the complete and unconditional lifting of illegal sanctions.”   “Reporting by

I believe any American that follows what we do in space on the ISS expected this to take place. It was just a matter of time before Putin would once again strike out against the US and its allies. He has played his hand as one that having Sanctions on him and his country didn’t bother or hurt him. The time I believe is coming when the US and its allies will have to show even more power against him.

There are so many experts saying that before the war with Ukraine would draw America into the war and nuclear arms would be used, they would either overthrow Putin and remove him or even kill him to remove him.

Robert English, a professor of Central European Studies at the University of Southern California, believes Putin will face growing opposition at home. “I think Putin’s future is grim. I think, at home, he will be under the constant threat of opposition, possibly of a coup, some kind of power grab to remove him because even his closest allies are now seeing the problem,

” English said. “And if they gain less by staying loyal than they would if he’s replaced, it’s just a matter of how to do it.” Even once Russia’s war in Ukraine has concluded and Putin is no longer in power, the reputational damage of the invasion “will cripple Russia for a generation to come,” according to English.  “Reporting by”

America Needs to stop depending on Russia for our space travels to the ISS. The United States has a really good company working on just that, SpaceX. We need to take back our respect even in the far reaches of space itself. Someone needs to dominate. Let’s gain the title of the most powerful nation even off-planet to the stars.

God Bless America, God Bless the Veterans

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4 thoughts on “Russia’s Space Agency Says It Is Suspending ISS Cooperation with NASA and The European Space Agency”

  1. Sounds like Russia is holding that “Space Stuff” over our heads. Not very high, over our heads. Continue with the sanctions. Their space efforts were never anything that the KGB couldn’t steal from us, so why worry over them?

    The question in the minds of the oligarchs, in Russia, is “Who gets Vladimir’s palace on the Black Sea?” Now, that all those super yachts are repossessed, I’ll bet those oligarchs are more worried about keeping their companies than upsetting any applecarts by ousting Putin. They need Putin. The oligarchs couldn’t survive without him.

  2. There is no doubt Putin-Russia is feeling the pressure across the board. It was not that long ago Obama-Biden decided to pay them 70M per US pac to the ISS. With reusable rocket technology demonstrated by Spacex-do your worst-who needs them. Who owns the ISS, anyway???

    Keeping a military force of that size in the field eats up tens-100s of millions everyday-just not sustainable. If we were vindictive or prone to meddling it would be a shame to see mayhem break out in Vladivostok-Kamchatka or the Arctic LNG facilities-or all of them. Reagan showed you can outspend Russia into a more cooperative state-but somebody needs to punch him in the mouth a few times-and it doesn’t look like it is going to be us….

    The old saying in the business is you can tell when the relationship is souring because the first complaint is about the food-downhill from there. Biden is weak-Putin knows it-Iran is back on the table-Russia is needed in that dialogue-pressure applied in oil, gas-LNG deliveries to Europe would extrude Putin out of power-their economy can’t survive without that cash cow that is 36% of their ~1.8T GDP–but China will buy every bit he can’t sell in Europe-and the EU is stuck-although they made it through winter-gonna be a sporty summer to Nov…

    • If Putin were really all that and a bag of chips, he’d have done a variation on something Commodore Vanderbilt did to solidify his control on the New York Central Railroad and turned off the taps right at the worst of winter, simultaneous with his kickoff. “Stay out of our business or have fun watchin’ your kids freeze…” (Remember, he is KGB, the same sick psychopathic freaks in dire need of genepool-cleaning who thought rigging toys with boobytraps and setting them out for Afghan kids to get maimed and killed by was great sport…)

      Historical parallel, if y’all will excuse a digression involving former family business: At one point in the 1860s Vanderbilt had narrowly had control of the New York Central wrested from him by other robber-barons. (Consider for context, NYC had no connections into New York City other than through Vanderbilt’s other lines, the Hudson River RR and the New York & Harlem–this is why in pictures of the old pre-1912 Grand Central Depot, the NY&H is listed with pride-of-place at the center and NYC is listed to the side as a tenant.) So they have a really hard winter that closes the Hudson to shipping traffic, and the Commodore announces that effective immediately his companies are terminating all interchange agreements with NYCRR. Freight starts piling up, shippers and consignees get cranky, NYC’s stock price tanks, and Vanderbilt and his allies swoop in to clean up and secure majority control.

      I’m not sure if Trump’s enough of a corporate history student to know of that particular example, but he’s astute enough to understand the theory and practice of such squeezeplays so I’m sure that his opposition to Nordstream II was based on that understanding of Hardball.

    • If Ukraine continues to cripple the Russians, I wonder if China will continue to ‘buy’ Russian crude? China is watching very closely, seeing Russia with a very weak military, and that makes it very attractive for China to simply go and take that crude from Russia.
      Considering China is better equipped for a land battle, China may just take a pass on Taiwan, since Taiwan has mostly chips and no oil, something a first world country needs, and Russia is similarly weak on land battles, right now.
      China is still having power problems and the natives are more restless when they can’t use electricity to heat, or light and power their businesses.

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