We Need to be Healthy

This morning I woke up to sobbing coming from downstairs.  My sweet foreign exchange student was speaking to her parents on the phone, crying.  At first, I thought someone must have died.  But, as I listened, I realized it wasn’t that.

Her parents have decided they need to flee their country.  She may very well never see her home or extended family again.  Can you imagine how terrified her parents must be to even consider such a drastic measure?

What have they done, you may ask, to put themselves in such a situation?  Nothing that would have been worth noting a year or two ago.  They have merely refused to take a vaccine that has only been around for about a year.  A vaccine for a disease they aren’t at high risk for.  A vaccine they are being promised has no long-term side effects which the experts know for certain – by what? Divination?

They are being treated like lepers already.  Being isolated and unable to go to restaurants or shops, having to have an app on their phone to warn others of their vaccination status.  Now her parents are facing job loss and further alienation. They don’t see how they can continue to live in a country that doesn’t allow them to go about their lives, making their own health decisions.

My reaction to this was a profound sense of guilt.  Why?  Because America, at least, should be healthy.  America should be a beacon of freedom to the world.  America should have a strong president who can pressure the crazy Europeans leaders to actually take care of their citizens instead of alienate them.  America should be strongly pro-freedom and should be standing above the fear that is holding our planet captive.  We should be defiantly opposed to government control in all forms and should be a place of refuge for those trying to escape it.

America should be in a position to be able to welcome these “anti-Covid vaxxers” to our country.  Why should we welcome them?  Because they are strong and committed to living their life as they see fit, not as a government tells them they must.  These people have been on the frontlines of tyranny and stood firm against it – that is the exact type of person we need in America.

My dear fellow Conservatives, it is vital that we stop this sort of tyranny from taking hold of our country.  The difference between us and the country my exchange student comes from is simple: guns.  We have them, they don’t.  We also have the limited protection of our state governments – if they are Conservative – which should hopefully provide a buffer from the crazy that the federal government might be engaging in at any moment.  Those are two freedoms we need to take very seriously: our weapons and our state’s sovereignty.

It is our solemn duty to make sure that our country stays free.  We should be the freest nation on earth and we need to work hard to maintain that.  One of the best ways, I think, to maintain (and re-gain) that freedom is to educate those around us on what freedom is and why it is important.  The younger generation doesn’t really know and that is our fault.  We need to close the gap now and reach out to as many people as we have access to, talking and teaching about guns, state’s sovereignty, and individual health freedom.

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