Maybe it is Beating a Horse to Death, But…

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How many times do people have to be reminded about the atrocity of the 2020 election? Is it just me, or are people just numbed to the fact that the left is at war with the American way of life, and don’t consider the consequences? Well, those consequences sure ought to be apparent, since we are living through them. Well, if the good people ever quit writing about it, all will be lost, so I praise them for keeping the stories coming. Beat that horse! Someone might wake up. I sure hope so.

     Everything that was a gain and a win for the US taxpayer and consumer, from 2017 to January 2020, was deleted by strokes of a pin, by a dictator, whether you call him Joe Biden, Barack Obama or someone else who might be minding the office. No laws were passed, and the only remnant left of the Trump administration is the tax bill that got the economy roaring. I guess we’re lucky that the Democrats can’t delete that with another stroke of the pen, eh? What irritates me is the lack of outrage when we have to pay more for fuel, gas, housing, be told to buy an electric car and everything else, instead of going back to where most folks were benefiting from good sound economic and social policy that was completely sustainable, because it benefited. A president can literally play ping-pong with a pipeline.

     When and in what world does replacing all that, with the stroke of a pen, become justified by all? I say all because I don’t see much more than words condemning the changes made from one administration to the next, and that is really bothersome. Just go ahead and pay the loser tax? Because that must be what it is, and that must be easier to do, but eventually, all that money thrown at the problem will eventually run out, and you and I will be in the dark. Money paid to inflation never comes back around. It’s just gone.

     If we put all our bets on a midterm election, and the election doesn’t produce what we are told it will, what about the next election? What about the next time someone decides you should be punished for all the good you produced, because they disagreed with you, and decided you are to be punished? Is our way of governance dependent on the view that whoever is in power can control how we live, breathe, eat, drink procreate, treat our fellow citizen, according to the whim of the one in power? Maybe I’m missing that part in the Constitution. Nah, ain’t there.

     I thought it was bad enough, back when someone in government decided how much mileage was to be guaranteed in cars. Does the government produce cars? That was a long time ago, back in the seventies. We’ve come a long way in how the government controls our lives, and it is time to put a stop to it. The old cigarette ad, “You’ve come a long way, baby” has even been reduced to baby not being part of the equation, much less cigarettes, however you view smoking. So don’t go and tell her she has come a long way, without leaving baby out, because that might offend someone, regardless of what the baby thinks. Let her open her own door.

     It used to be “To the victor go the spoils”, in war, that is. Now, I guess a US election is the modernday version of a war, where the victor gets to plummet the citizen, rob him of all his resources, tax him as they please, cause nothing but pain, in a way that has nothing to do with governance, but as retribution. When there is so much difference between two political ideas, that one is all about punishment, pain and death, and the other, most recently, was about being just in conflict, producing value for the consumer, and well on the way to righting the many wrongs of the past, I can’t understand why so many are letting this continue. The difference between the two sets of ideas are too striking to see this continue.

Maybe, just maybe, those who are silent will not remain silent, and all of a sudden, put these people out of their misery, because only a miserable people could do so much harm to good people who only want to live their lives and leave others alone. It’s stuff that is written about in fiction when it should be what we read about it in the news. What we are living through should be the fiction, just to warn us about what could have happened.

     Thomas Jefferson, and others, mentioned something about replacing bad government when it gets in the way of good governance. Now might just be the time to seriously consider that. We can’t last through much more of this crap the left is throwing at us, without something breaking.

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2 thoughts on “Maybe it is Beating a Horse to Death, But…”

  1. There is the 2nd Amendment Militia that would have NIPPED this in the bud because no Demoncrap would ever get anywhere if they knew we had a well-regulated Militia by the very people they want to govern at the ready.

    So where is your 2nd Amendment Militia that so emboldens the left and commies for the lack of it?

  2. A dead horse should be beat if twitching…and it is not considered beating said dead horse if you have some great percentage of Americans who need to have the 2000 Mules message printed-shoved down their throat-continuously until they get it.

    I did a search on Fox News on-line last night for 2000 Mules-I got 69 hits with the most topical a Russian Mule drink-not even a mention or search result on it. They are officially dead to me-this is twice I’m done with them.

    I had a conversation with somebody a few days ago who insisted Critical Race Theory is not being taught in schools-apparently heard that on MSNBC-so, gospel! He never heard of Social-Emotional Learning or Unconscious Bias…nothing is obvious to the uninformed…ignorance cannot be a religion…


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