I guess I am now an extremist!

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     Nowadays, you are called an extremist by your political opponent, rather than having simple political disagreement. That is a result of cancelling speech, making speech so untenable by one side that all you can do is resort to name calling, since they have no other way to defend an argument. Some call that tyranny, or well on the way to it. Politicians and media people get involved and throw out words like “polarization” when that isn’t what happened, at all. Polarization happens when two ideas are so exhausted, and no one can come to any understanding, but it is not cancellation of ideas. Rather, cancellation happens when one side refuses to debate, and decides to resort to more sinister ways of ending debate, by not allowing for debate, at all. If there is no debate, all that is left is tyranny because no outlet is left, and one side locks down all avenues of expression, determines in advance, what can be said, done or shown, and that sure looks like totalitarianism, to me.

     The left has become so desperate that they have decided to pass go, take their 200 bucks and go straight to the days of Joseph Stalin. While the pundit calls everything polarization, and the politician tries to compromise, the citizen will be left to the breadlines. Is this the world you wish to live in? I didn’t think so.

     So, yeh. I must be an extremist. Maybe, you are, too! While the left is screaming “Proletariats of the world unite”, just keep your powder dry. This ain’t over, yet. I know which end of the barrel of a gun is most effective, probably better than Chairman Mao did, so chew on that Little Red Book, leftists. It might be your last meal.

     Wasn’t life so much simpler when we just had to keep up with being racist, sexist or homophobic?


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