The Biden War Against Coal

The Biden Administration is determined to destroy America. They have a war against coal. Coal is the cheapest energy source for electrical generation in the country and the President wants to eliminate it even before we have enough wind and solar to make up the difference.

Not only that at the present time wind and solar provide about two percent of our electricity. Imagine what the country will look like when it is 100 percent. Not only that both wind and solar are very impractical as the wind often does not blow and the sun does not shine at night.

Many of the products used to make these machines and batteries are very rare and most come from countries that are not friendly to America.

Surely there are a few Democrats who have enough common sense to know that all these energy policies are foolish. Thus we have $6.00 gasoline when just a couple of years ago it was under $2.00.

It is time for congress to act against this foolishness with more coal and more oil and natural gas.

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1 thought on “The Biden War Against Coal”

  1. Just the change from $2/gal gas to $5-6/gal gas should tell most people all they need to know, that this is all intentional. This was really started during the Obama administration, when Obama famously said in front of a camera and mic, that “Energy prices will necessarily skyrocket”, to one of his constituency groups that got leaked out to the rest of us.
    Energy means electricity, not just gasoline and diesel. Natural gas and heating oil is way up, also. Take a peak at your utility bills if you want a headache.
    The man who was mounting some tires for me, yesterday, asked me where I thought this was going to end. I said, in 2024, maybe, and that depends on a lot of damage control because the left is going to make energy prices so expensive just to make it appear that solar and wind is actually an affordable option. I said $8-10/gal, easily. “Do you mean that?” “Why not? What are we doing to stop them?”
    This is going to continue until we people rise up and take this country back from the left, and I don’t mean some stupid election that we always hang our hats on. You can’t count on a political party. Heck, they’re talking to the enemy about gun control. What makes anyone think they would do better with energy policy.
    It was Trump who pushed for tax reform and good energy and economic policy that gave us the prosperity we got in his term, and only him. Paul Ryan dragged his feet about that tax bill. Remember? McConnell only acted when it directly benefited him, and he will sell us out in a heartbeat.

    I don’t recall any clause or amendment to the Constitution that allows the federal government to force the ending of mining for coal, oil, natural gas, or anything energy related. I don’t recall anywhere in the Constitution that says the government can stop leases for public land use for drilling and mining. Yet, the pols seem to think that’s their political job, to reverse policy from Republican to Democrat changes in administration.
    In 1996, CSX made record profits transporting coal to steam plants in the southeast and to export points. I remember all along the tracks were tipples in them thar hills of appalachia, and I watched a lot of them go out of business, or get shut down by the EPA. Brand new, freshly constructed mining facilities were shut down. It really began with the coal business, during the Clinton Administration, I think, and has just cascaded into the Obama years of destruction, and even Obama wasn’t going to let himself be the blame for the price increases. Now, that doesn’t matter because the puppet-in-chief has Obama pulling those strings destroying everything he can, and blame it on some old fool, who doesn’t give a damn about anything past a bowl of ice cream and his next nap.


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