Jan 6

Proud Boys march in Washington, D.C.

As I write this, the Great American Public has been subjected to the first days of the tightly scripted and thoroughly rehearsed public portions of the hearings about the events of January 6.

To the surprise of absolutely no one, the Democrats and their two Republican lackeys are doing their best to blame the entire riot on Donald Trump. They are failing of course, since Trump was still talking to his crowd at the time the riot began. But they are still trying.

The Democrats call it an insurrection. Or an attempted coup. But they can never explain exactly who was being overthrown. After all, Trump was still the president and Congress was still in power. And there is the inconvenient fact that none of the ‘insurrectionists’ were armed.

According to the Jan 6 committee, the rioters were trying to intimidate Congress or VP Pence into not certifying the election results. Well that’s interesting. The job of congress was to certify or not certify the results. So they weren’t actually trying to overthrow anyone. They were trying to get those currently in power to vote the way they wanted.

Sort of like this: https://time.com/5412444/jeff-flake-elevator-protester/. Or this: https://www.cbsnews.com/news/mitch-mcconnell-face-the-nation-senate-wont-be-intimidated-by-mob-like-tactics-of-anti-kavanaugh-protesters/. Was this legal? No. Was it right? No. But the rioters were simply following a precedent already established by the Democrats. They were trying to scare legislators into voting their way. Calling it a coup or an insurrection is simply not supported by any available facts.

And yes, its true that just because a woke mob attempted to intimidate Senators, it doesn’t mean that a Right-wing mob has the right to intimidate congresscritters. The fact is that mob action against Republican congressmen and senators routinely goes unpunished. That is exactly what gave the mob on Jan 6 the belief that they could get away with doing the same thing. Of course, the congress people also conveniently forget to mention that the mob didn’t actually even see a single congress person. Though all the Democrats in congress were terrified, just ask them.

But regardless, the public version of the hearings is coming off as exactly what they are. A carefully rehearsed and produced game of blame the Republican. They are short on facts and evidence, and long on lectures and supposition. I am not watching, but I do hear the highlights. And I heard they are continuing with lies of 6 police officers being killed in the riot. In fact not a single police officer was killed in or by the rioting. One died of natural causes a day afterward, and several more committed suicide, with zero evidence that it had anything to do with the riot. Of course, we remember Nancy Pelosi insisting on rotunda funeral for Brian Sicknick, even though it had been pretty clear from the start that his death was not related to the riot.

Of particular interest are the comments about an ‘apparently inebriated’ Rudy Giuliani. This is interesting because they don’t have Rudy himself, nor anyone else, to testify about his sobriety. Nor do they have a BAC test. So we are just to accept the claim that he was drunk without anyone providing evidence evidently.

But what are we really seeing in this Jan 6 public hearing? Well, it looks a lot like 60 minutes. Remember that the Supreme Court ruled 60 minutes was entertainment, not news. And of course Dan Rather’s smear of George Bush was done on 60 Minutes, where he knew he could not be sued. So, maybe we should call this the Jan 60 Minutes committee. Entertainment for the American left.

It is becoming more and more clear every day that Democrats are so completely convinced that their own biases drive the entire country that they are utterly unaware of how little credibility the committee had to begin with. After Pelosi refused to accept the congress people that the Republicans named, and instead chose two well-known RINOs, there was really no way that anyone except the most devout Democrats would accept the committee results. And the Democrats have no understanding of how much credibility they will lose each day with their show. Every day they will show the congress critters reading from teleprompters. And showing tightly edited TV clips and carefully selected testimony. But this is the 21st century, and we know in many cases what was actually said and shown in the full TV clips. We have the full text messages that the committee attempted to edit for its own aggrandizement. Every time they show testimony that supports the Democrat claims while completely ignoring video clips and testimony that disagrees with their claims, they lose a little more credibility.

The Democrats will no doubt attempt to run these ‘hearings’ until the week before the election. But the only people that will hear them is their own echo chamber.

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  1. Don’t you wonder what the ratings are, for the reruns of Bewitched? They are all acting like witches. some of them probably are witches, and that blonde wearing glasses is a standout for stupidity. Talk about doubling down on stupidity! I doubt they will post the ratings, or just consolidate all the places it was aired on, and play some witchy math with informing us how it was received, like Biden actually getting all those votes.

    After all, it is just bad comedy.

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