We’ve Entered The Age Of Casual Prostitution

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How we discuss sex today obviously differs from the past. Sex was generally a private matter between individuals that we felt comfortable with, but now it’s out in the open for anyone to know about. We’ve even created a semi-ideology framework called ‘sex positive’ in replacement of the old-fashioned framework of being ‘sex negative’.

By adopting this positive position surrounding sex, the next logical step is to remove the shame and guilt surrounding sex socially. We’ve agreed to take the position of casting no judgement regarding how much sex you have or what kind of sexual desires you have.

As our society has become more economically prosperous, we’ve also become more superficial and we callously believe that everything and everyone has a price; including you. We equate money as a suitable replacement for our dignity, which makes it easier to behave in a cheapened fashion as we sell our body & soul to the highest bidder.

The days of viewing the woman standing on the corner waiting for her next patron as being shameful have been replaced with seeing her as a union-less sex worker pulling a midnight shift. Actually, even this example is old-fashioned because women no longer have to flaunt their bodies on a street corner. On the contrary, she can now do it from the comfort of her home.

One of my favorite aspects of the English language is that with the right vocabulary, you can make anything sound pleasant. The word ‘prostitute’ sounds harsh and filled with stigmatism, but ‘sex worker’ or ‘escort’ sounds far more delightful. Being called a prostitute gives a connotation that it’s filled with danger and harsh living, but now that we are sex positive, we have to reframe this harsh stereotype to becoming a lighter version that I refer to as ‘casual prostitution’.

We are constantly reminded that prostitution is the oldest profession in the world in order to validate its expansion in our society, but its long-time existence doesn’t mean that it’s beneficial for our society. Sure, prostitution will always be here because there will always be a demand. However, framing sex work as being a career path for any pretty face with a nice body only promotes the destruction of a generation, primarily young women.

Casual prostitution features a mindset of downplaying their role of sexual stimulation for other people. Many young people believe they are not acting as prostitutes if they aren’t touching someone, but anytime you are specifically behaving in a sexual manner for the purpose of sexual stimulation in exchange for money, you are, at a minimum, a casual prostitute.

With the ease of registering on OnlyFans.com, turning on your camera and bringing the world into your bedroom, it has given young women the illusion of being something other than what it is. What is even more worrisome is how they don’t realize how much danger they are putting themselves in by stimulating strangers because, for a minority of their patrons, they will attempt to cross that arbitrary line from business life and personal life.

These young women are told to ignore that uncomfortable feeling they have from placing a number on their body and continue down a path that they may not be able to come back from. They now see the dark world of perversion on a grander scale and once it’s seen, it can’t be unseen.

For every transaction that comes their way, they lose more of their innocence, and sex is no longer pleasurable, only transactional. Men are no longer to be trusted, only to be questioned. Our encouragement for them to act in a manner that is spiritually crushing, in the long term, will only hurt women.

What we don’t tell these girls is that sex work has primarily been for the suffering woman who is filled with trauma and lacks self-esteem. She chooses sex work because no self-respecting woman wants to be auctioned off. She also lacks sexual boundaries and cares not what line she crosses to get paid. This is not a person to emulate, it is a person to pity; even they would probably admit that.

Sex work may gain you money, but you will ultimately lose yourself.


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  1. Misogynists and Misandrists we are all responsible to one degree or another.We need to respect others and ourselves more. Each and every dismissal of the loss of morality darkens or world just a little bit more. Every time a person trusts the world less thats on all of us.


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