Democrats Want to Limit the Second Amendment

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The Democrats/Media, constantly demand that we restrict the Second Amendment as the answer to what they call “gun violence.” They focus on the gun and not the criminal who uses the gun, as if the gun is a living object that decides to shoot and kill.

The Dems say that the Second Amendment is an outdated relic that we do not need, or at least should be drastically limited .

The Dems are not serious about reducing crime. They favor reduced sentences, defunding the police, no bail or low bail for serious crimes, and no prosecution of certain crimes such as shoplifting. They have elected Soros District Attorneys who prosecute only the crimes they believe are crimes, not the crimes on the books. For example, witness the Democrats’ response to the wave of violent riots following the George Floyd killing. The response was mainly to encourage and excuse it as justifiable protest.

As further evidence of the Democrats’ hypocrisy, the Democrats opposed President Trump’s efforts to build a border wall, and now have allowed an open border with Mexico resulting in an increase in crimes committed by illegal aliens.

Crimes committed by illegal immigrants surged in 2021 after declining in previous years (

The open border allows the smuggling of drugs such as fentanyl and heroin that kill over 100,000 Americans each year.

Mexican Cartels Smuggle Record Amounts of Fentanyl into the US Under Biden’s Leadership – Vision Times

The Biden administration uses the term “criminal noncitizens” to report convictions of illegals with prior criminal convictions. Biden’s own statistics show a big increase in 2021 and 2022,

Criminal Noncitizen Statistics Fiscal Year 2022 | U.S. Customs and Border Protection (

Since the Democrats want to tamper with the Second Amendment, then we should propose to them that we will tamper with the Second Amendment as part of package deal to restrict the First and Fourth Amendment.

The First Amendment protects free speech which allows Hollywood, a main part of the Democratic Party, to flood and saturate the culture with violent movies, tv shows, video games, and other media that show the most violent scenes. How about forbidding the use of “assault weapons” in movies, limiting movies to one shooting, and having the directors/producers licensed to make such movies? How would the Dems respond to that? Would they say that the flood of violent movies and shows has no effect on inciting violence? If the movies and shows have no effect, then how can they blame the words of President Trump and others for inciting a riot?

The Dems always say that automatic, high-capacity guns/rifles did not exist when the Second Amendment was passed. But movies, especially the violent ones, television, and video games did not exist when the First Amendment was passed.

The Fourth Amendment generally protects us against unreasonable searches, and in most cases requires a warrant based upon probable cause to search, unless the search is requested by Trump Haters such as Comey to spy on President Trump.

How about restricting the Fourth to allow police to search those they believe are carrying a gun, such as more stop and frisk, where there is not enough probable cause to search or get a warrant? If the person is not legally allowed to possess guns, then this would remove guns from the street.

Restricting the First Amendment to eliminate or severely reducing violence in movies/shows would lead to a reduction in violence.

Restricting the Fourth Amendment to allow the police to remove guns from those not legally permitted to own and carry.

The Bill of Rights restricts the government from limiting our natural, God-given rights. The Bill of Rights does not grant us rights, it assumes we have these rights and limits the government’s power to limit our rights. The Democrats view the Second Amendment as a right given to us by the government that the government can take away or restrict to such an extent the right does not exist.

Of course I do not favor restricting the First or Fourth. I make these proposals only to show that the Democrats are not serious about reducing crime and are hypocrites who simply hate that Americans can lawfully own guns to protect themselves

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4 thoughts on “Democrats Want to Limit the Second Amendment”

  1. They can hate all they want. I don’t stay awake all night worrying about who likes me or not.

    If the left ever succeeds in banning firearms, which they won’t, all it will do is make more criminals. Criminals who understand that unjust laws aren’t laws, and will fight every inch of the way until the law is nullified or repealed.

    • criminals do not obey the law that says you cannot shoot someone, or use a gun committing other crimes, so why would they obey a law that they cannot own a gun.
      Without the Second Amendment, the First Amendment would be much weaker.

      • You, I and Democrats know that. Maybe there is something that ties criminals to Democrats because of the way they govern/rule? For example, it may be a good reason that Democrats, knowing that criminals don’t abide by laws, are letting them out of jail, to do the work of the Democrats, making the streets more dangerous and needing to make more laws to make those streets more safe? That’s always been their excuses, anyway. The criminal is being enabled by the left.

        • These laws are as effective as the “gun free zone” signs at schools, and varrious businesses such as bookstores, restaurants,etc.

          It may make the person who put up the sign feel good, but will a criminal who intends to commit a crime in the school or business stop, read the sign, and walk away because he should not enter with a gun?

          To your point, the Dems, never letting a crisis go to waste, are using the crime increase to try to restrict the Second A by focusing on the “gun” with the Media cooperating by reporting it as “gun violence.”


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