Lindsey Graham Needs to Stop Inciting Merrick Garland

Speaking on Fox News about the current investigation of Donald Trump, Senator Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) warned

If they tried to prosecute President Trump for mishandling classified information after Hillary Clinton set up a server in her basement, there literally will be riots in the street.

Graham needs to recognize that Biden and his corrupt DOJ have created a political powder keg. The good senator needs to close his mouth and take a seat before he makes the situation any more dangerous.

I understand what Senator Graham is trying to do. He isn’t calling for violence. He’s providing a warning to Attorney General Merrick Garland to lower the political temperature before things get out of hand. But unfortunately, he’s assuming facts not in evidence. He’s assuming that Merrick Garland is a reasonable man who wants what’s best for the country. Nothing about Garland’s 18 months in office supports that assumption.

In fact, a mountain of evidence exists that our Attorney General is neither well intentioned nor reasonable. Has Graham not noticed that the DOJ is now targeting average American citizens as domestic terrorists – for the temerity of disagreeing with their school board or flying a Betsy Ross flag?

Was it good for America for Merrick Garland to threaten states with legal action if they take any steps to protect children from sexual grooming?

Was Herr Garland being reasonable when he had former Trump advisor Peter Navarro arrested at an airport for objecting to a subpoena? Did it help our political discourse for Navarro to be placed in handcuffs and leg irons, strip searched, and the details of the arrest leaked to the press?

None of these actions indicate that Joe Biden or Merrick Garland have the slightest interest in avoiding conflict or lowering the political temperature.

What if Biden and Garland actually want chaos and unrest in the streets? Is there any chance that they’d like another January 6 incident as a rallying cry going into the midterm election?

The January 6 Capital riot was mild in comparison to the BLM and Antifa “mostly peaceful” riots of 2020. The summer of 2020 resulted in dozens of injuries and deaths, and billions of dollars in property damage. Two years later, the affected communities still haven’t recovered.

The January 6 Capital riot involved a few hundred people, who broke into the capital, did some minor property damage, took some pictures, and drank Nancy Pelosi’s beer. The only person killed was an unarmed woman, shot by a Capital Police lieutenant. There are even indicators that the whole thing was instigated by government operatives. And yet the Dems have pushed the narrative that it was an armed insurrection that threatened the very existence of America. I have a question for Senator Graham: Is there any change the Dems would like to build on that narrative?

If so, Senator Graham is playing right into their hands. His statement won’t be taken as a warning at all. It will be taken as a promise.

By assuring Garland that a Trump arrest will result in rioting, he’s actually encouraging the DOJ to go ahead with an indictment and arrest President Trump. And they won’t do it discreetly. They’ll march Donald Trump out of his home in handcuffs, with a film crew standing by.

Further, the Graham prediction plays right into the MAGA movement semi-fascist narrative. The left will interpret his statement as a confirmation that the MAGA movement is prone to violence. No doubt the FBI will be using informants to talk few mentally deficient fools into doing something stupid, wearing red baseball caps – thus making Graham’s warning a reality.

It won’t matter a bit that the MAGA movement is a peaceful law-abiding movement, or that the left has always operated with a “end justifies the means” philosophy. Graham’s warning will be used to further the narrative that the MAGA movement is dangerous, while the left continues to employ violence and intimidation with impunity.

When dealing with people who don’t recognize any political guard rails, well intentioned admonitions are dangerous and may have unintended consequences. I submit that Senator Graham isn’t warning Biden and Garland, he is inciting them to further dangerous behavior.

By promising the current administration the outcome that they actually want, he’s increasing the likelihood that they will proceed with a Trump arrest. And it will be devastating to the country – but not because of MAGA violence. Such an action by the DOJ will increase our political polarization and destroy another important political norm – the unique American tradition of not criminalizing the political actions of predecessors. It will place the day that a two-party system can work together for the benefit of America further over the horizon. And the Democrats won’t care as long as it helps them win a few congressional seats in November.

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  1. Miss Lindsey is an embarrassment to Conservatives. A true Rino hog feeding on the Ukrainian trough of kickbacks and sucking on Democrat nipples. He needs to be kicked to the curb. That is enough. Why does he get elected?

  2. Lindsey Gwamm is a disgusting passive, aggressive, closet [deleted] and a TRAITOR to Patriots. He stabbed Trump in the back too many times to count,. Someone PLEASE vote this RINO sissy [deleted] out of office.

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