Of, By and For the People – Chapter 3

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Greetings my fellow Americans!

I chose the title Of, By and For the People for this series on the Principles of Liberty to remind us all of the gift we had been given by our Founders, and just how important the responsibility We the People have to preserve it.  With that in mind, we move to the next set of Principles from The 5000-Year Leap which speak to the heart of this responsibility (emphasis mine):

  1. The God-given right to govern is vested in the sovereign authority of the whole people.
  2. The majority of the people may alter or abolish a government which has become tyrannical.
  3. The United States of America shall be a republic.
  4. A constitution should be structured to permanently protect the people from the human frailties of their rulers.

Building on the claims of the previous chapters of this series, it’s clear that the Founders of the American system of government knew that the strength, resolve and perpetuation of this nation and its unique approach to human civilization were inextricably linked to that of its average citizens.  From our relatively moral and virtuous citizenry were to spring forth the most moral and virtuous among us to represent us in the national government, and we have been responsible for ensuring that those people did not stray from their oaths of office and constitutional charter of representation.  I will leave for the individual reader to discern how much of our current system remains sufficiently intact to salvage from its current state of dystopia, and will instead go back to what has been a solid basis for government of, by and for The People.

As stated previously, our Founders knew and accepted that all Men are fallen, and it is from this premise that they sought to thwart the notion that anyone should have, or be granted, unlimited authority over another.  The second part of that last statement is critical, because it shifts the burden of responsibility for freedom more to those upon whom the unlimited authority is being exercised than on those who are exercising it.

The Founders knew from history that fallen Men, no matter how moral and virtuous at the beginning of their term of service, would find it quite difficult, if not impossible, to resist the temptations that arise from having the power of government.  By declaring that all Men have “unalienable rights endowed by their Creator,” theirs was to be a reminder of the duties and responsibilities of everyone, both inside and outside of government, to preserve, protect and defend those individual rights, and to neither abdicate these duties and responsibilities, nor willingly subjugate oneself, to another.

And while membership in a society or civilization is critical to the survival of all who join it, the protection of the rights of each individual, especially as regards property, is the main purpose for being in that organization; when the latter ceases to be, it becomes incumbent upon a majority of its members to alter or abolish that organization in favor of one that reprioritizes individual rights.  (See Article V of the U.S. Constitution).  The People—not the Government—underpin the purpose of society under the American system.

A word of caution here:  those who seek the abolition of the American philosophy of civilization have gotten very good at co-opting the language of liberty and freedom, under the guise of empowering The People.  Shame on us for allowing them to usurp much of the academic education of our youth, and enabling them to twist words and their meanings to blur the lines between pro- and anti-American worldviews.  Empowering “the people” through government entitlements, care, and granting of “rights” is one such example.  Calling their agenda “progressive” or “liberal” is another.

Another is the classification of America as a “democracy.”  This is a fundamental mischaracterization of our organization and structure under our national Constitution at a minimum, and a subversion of the Supreme Law of our land at its worst.  Our Founders made no secret of their intent to NOT structure America as a democracy, and their reasons for this that were based on historical precedence.  While those advocating democracy claim that increasing the power and direct involvement of the people in the national political process is its main objective, this is once again an abuse of language and exploitation of the relative ignorance of The People of the true implications of this type of national government, and the real consequences of effectively having no direct representation in that government. 

As a representative republic, The People (and the States before ratification of the 17th Amendment) have actually been more strongly represented at all levels of government in America than anywhere else in the world.  Democracy in small doses can actually work when the burden of holding elected representatives accountable is held and maintained by The People.  (I will table the dysfunction of our current system of election for the sake of brevity here, but only mention that it is a symptom of our devolution into national democracy.)

And why is any of this even necessary?  Because we are ALL fallen and fragile human beings.  Service in government does not bestow, and has never bestowed, any special powers or exemptions from Human Nature.  As alluded to previously, America is rooted in respect for both Natural and Divine Law, and the nature of what it means to be human falls squarely in both.  Any deviation from or rejection of these is denial and/or ignorance of ourselves.  What is being popularly characterized as “progressive” by today’s political standards is taking us further away from understanding human nature and devolving from the apex of civilization (and closeness to God, I might add) we had reached at the height of American greatness.  We must get back in harmony with our nature and the world around us—not in an arrogant, self-serving and savior-oriented way, but in a humble and service-to-others oriented one.

Benjamin Franklin’s famous quote about keeping “a republic” has been quite frequently cited on social media since the onset of the Covid-19 lockdowns some 16 months ago.  Do we truly know and patriotically seek to fulfill our obligations as The People in a republican system to “keep it?”  Now we are reaping the fruits of the tacit and incremental permission to tyrannize us we have been giving to the tyrants, as warned by Thomas Jefferson.  Like it or not, WE are the ones who’ve allowed those in our governments to stray from the Supreme Law of our land, and only WE can renew and preserve it.

I started this series with the intent of deepening my own and other patriots’ education and appreciation for the fundamentals of America, in order that we may act from that depth to realize a true American renewal; these remain my primary objectives as I write not to criticize, but rather to awaken.  We have sovereign authority as Americans under our Constitution, and a sovereign duty to exercise it.  The four Principles we’ve covered here are as indispensable to Liberty as all of the others.  Of, By and For The People.

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2 thoughts on “Of, By and For the People – Chapter 3”

  1. The time may come when people have to protect the Constitution by other means than voting.
    When it was of, by and for the people, and now is of, by and for the government, time draws near to do something about that.

    Keep on reminding everyone. Good job.


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