Native American Boondoggle

Another day and another woke school board or legislative body wastes time and taxpayer money virtue signaling over the use of Native American names and mascots for sports teams. Besides being bigoted, the movement to ban such names is costly, cynical and counter-productive. It is also blatantly discriminatory no matter how many lies the left tells trying to persuade Americans that their motives in pushing this agenda are pure and the goal is racial harmony.

The truth is far more sinister. Just like BLM used the “Hands up, don’t shoot” lie about the Michael Brown shooting to advance a racist agenda that is culminating in the openly racist Critical Race Theory agenda being forced into public education, the activists behind the campaign against Native American names being used in sports are hoping to parlay that bigoted nonsense into a massive campaign to raise cash using the pretext of a nearly nonexistent racism problem. Once they raise the cash, those same scoundrels will almost certainly steal it for their personal use, just like the leaders of BLM have done.

Some of you may wonder how anyone can be so certain of the evil motives of the race hustlers pushing to eliminate Native American names. The answer to that unasked question is that certainty is a product of experience and understanding. Knowing that, anyone willing to look at the people pushing this agenda: plaintiffs’ attorneys, and a disgruntled small minority of racist Native Americans who claim to speak for ALL Native Americans, will see a nearly exact parallel to the campaign that BLM waged on the way to becoming a multinational, multimillion dollar, race-based shakedown operation that exploits white guilt and corporate cowardice while enriching its scam artist leaders.

BLM did this by:

1) Stoking racial tensions by presenting a lie as truth;

2) Accusing anyone who questioned the lie of being racist;

3) Accusing America and only white Americans of being systemically racist;

4) Demanding justice, aka compensation, aka cash, for the victims of white/systemic racism; and

5) Claiming the existence of a limitless and unending stream of racist behavior that ensures that no amount of reparations can ever fully compensate black Americans for their suffering.

Sound familiar? It should, because the Native American race baiting community is using the same approach, and they want to get as rich and powerful as BLM. They are in the early stages of their campaign, but they are presenting a truth as a lie by claiming that Native American names were used to denigrate and insult Native Americans. They accuse anyone who disagrees of being racist: check your privilege, pale face!

They assert confidently that America as a whole, and particularly all white Americans, are racist. Their demands are for the elimination of only Native American names because they want to highlight the singular suffering of Native Americans and lay the groundwork for the financial claims to follow. The BLM leadership claimed that the phrase “Black Lives Matter” was not intended to put down other groups, but then used it as a cudgel to try and shame white Americans into giving them money. It worked, especially with liberals and government types.

The Native American bigots pushing the name change movement have yet to make specific financial claims, but their constant rhetoric about the terrible shame, anger, and humiliation that Native Americans feel whenever Atlanta Braves fans do the “tomahawk chop” guarantee that a demand for payment will be presented soon. When that time comes, it will be safe bet the fact that districts, cities and states acquiesced to their earlier demands will be trotted out as proof that those entities agreed with the assertion that major damage was done.

That leads naturally to the final clinching wealth grab. If the Native American groups claim naming teams after them is racist, humiliating, and insulting to them, and based on those claims, governments moved to eliminate that behavior and enforce laws against it vigorously, it stands to reason that the suffering has been acknowledged by the state and, de facto, the state has validated the demand for compensation. “Show me the money!!!” will become their new mantra.

This movement is using the Native American community as their designated victim, but the vast majority of Native Americans are not offended by that practice. No less a denizen of politically correct left wing thought than the WAPO confirmed what conservatives have said all along: Native Americans think this whole issue is garbage.

The fact that the racist agitators and their lawyers could not care less about the opinions of Native Americans reveals their real goal and motives. Despite using the guise of concerned crusaders on the behalf of the oppressed and disenfranchised, what Democrats and liberals specialize in is weaponizing grievances of anti-American, bigoted, and greedy minorities to bilk and coerce taxpayers and large organizations out millions of dollars using media and legal intimidation. And make no mistake, the minorities are not only racial. They will enlist any group in their legal shake downs, but screaming racism is a sure way to get guilt-ridden white liberals to reach for their wallets without questioning anything. They just want to make their shame go away!!! Just tell them how much they owe! Racist shakedowns are their favorite scam.

Several years ago, I worked in an office that was quite diverse. There were women and men who were black, brown, white, old, young, Christian, Muslim, and possibly one gay person. No one seemed to have any issue with each other, but one day a young, white male coworker of mine came to my office and was quite agitated. Apparently, one of the Muslim employees, both of whom were male, had come to the young white man’s office (I will call him Joe) and accused the two of us of having an “anti-Muslim conversation” in the men’s room which he had overheard while in a toilet stall.

Surprised and somewhat amused, since I knew the allegation was false, I asked my worried coworker when this conversation had supposedly taken place. He replied that our accuser claimed that it had a happened that morning, less than an hour earlier. At that point I said, “Joe, we have not seen each other today!! It is impossible that we had that conversation!!!” “I know!”, Joe said,” I was so surprised that I did not know what to do. I just wanted to defuse the situation, so I told him I was sorry I had offended him and he left.”

THAT got me riled up,” What?!? How could you apologize for something that did not happen!!!”

I know”, Joe said, “that’s why I am worried about him taking it further. He said he was coming to talk to you.”

Guess what Joe? We ain’t waiting! We are going to see our hallucinating coworker right now!”

We did indeed confront the accuser, and he did what I expected and used Joe’s apology as positive proof that his accusation was true. So, I informed him that I had not been in the men’s room that day and that he was mistaken. He refused to recant, so the branch manager got involved and eventually got the would-be victim to say that he was mistaken, but only after I threatened take the matter to the CEO of our company if the accuser refused to admit his mistake.

That was a happy ending for Joe and me, but that incident makes it very clear how a narrative of white guilt preys on people’s guilt and insecurity to give the advantage to almost anyone who decides to play the race card. It is a pernicious and cynical ploy that is being used all over this country. The campaign to eliminate Native American names and heritage from the public square is playing on that same sense of guilt and insecurity and is being fomented by disreputable people whose last concern is the welfare of the Native American community.

Unfortunately, just like the black community did not unilaterally denounce the lie “Hands up! Don’t Shoot!” that was the founding myth of BLM, so too has the Native American community remained silent in the name-changing controversies. Any time people choose to let lies and slanders go unopposed, they are failing in their duty as citizens. Since white people are unwilling to fight this battle, it is unfair and silly to expect that minorities would do so. When so many Americans shirk their duty to oppose liars and their lies and then give in to them, it is inevitable that unscrupulous and greedy Americans will continue to have a field day in this country. Sad.

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