The Perception that Biden isn’t Our Leader is Becoming the Reality

We’re more than a year and a half into the first Joe Biden term, and the debate about whether he was really elected is still raging. Those on the right are still questioning the election of 2020, and those on the left are asserting that such questions are tantamount to insurrection. The left even refers to those questions as “the big lie.” The fact that this argument has not been settled, after all of this time, is proof that the Democrats have destroyed election integrity in this country. It is no longer an argument about accuracy, it has become an argument about legitimacy.

One of my mentors in business used to say that perception becomes reality. As a person of science (I’m an engineer), I bristled at such notions. I thought that facts defined reality, not perceptions.

But then election 2020 and its aftermath happened and now I get it. When it comes to the leadership of human beings, perception is as powerful has hard facts. The consent of the governed is dependent on belief in the legitimacy of the process – not hard facts. The person who got the most votes, is a matter of science. The person accepted to lead, is a matter of public perception. In a constitutional republic, people cannot be governed without their consent – and their consent is contingent on their perception and belief. If the public doesn’t believe the vote count, the actual vote count is irrelevant.

The aftermath of election 2020 has done nothing to increase faith in our electoral systems. Rather than striving for election transparency, Democrat election officials have done everything possible to obscure what actually happened in the election. On election night, observers were denied the access needed to observe – in violation of state law in many cases. Since the election, officials have fought against all audits and examinations. They’ve sought court orders to stop recounts and reviews of election records. Election logs have even gone missing, been deleted, or corrupted.

Rather than debating with those questioning the election, our 1st Amendment has been effectively waived for the sake of the election narrative. The Dems have used the power of the government to silence dissenting voices. The Biden administration has asked social media oligarchs to censor anyone promoting “the big lie.” The DHS has even issued a threat advisory identifying those questioning the election as “threat actors.” If you think the election looked fishy, your own government is as concerned about you as it is about those who would fly airplanes into buildings. And the DHS doesn’t see that this actually undermines the legitimacy of the election.

When concerns were raised about the automated voting systems, the reasonable response would have been to investigate and validate the systems. Instead, those raising he concerns were sued into silence with multi-billion-dollar lawsuits. That quieted the questions but fed the perception.

As it normally does, the left has even attempted to “cancel” anyone opposing the narrative. Companies whose leadership has spoken out have been boycotted. Lawyers questioning the election have even been disbarred – having never been afforded a chance to present evidence and litigate in court. That is even more voices silenced, and perceptions reinforced.

States attempting to tighten election systems have been attacked by the federal government. Politicians have charged them with being motivated by racism. The partisan Department of Justice has challenged them in court. Such resistance to improving election integrity creates a narrative too, just not the one the Democrats want.

The Democrats have sought to nationalize election vulnerability with their For the People Act. It would eliminate voter ID, require nationwide mail in balloting, and legalize ballot harvesting. It would make fraud easy to commit, and difficult to detect.

The courts have refused to hear any evidence of election fraud. It’s not that the courts have ruled that questions about the election are unfounded. They have refused to get involved at all – abdicating their responsibilities on the basis of dubious technicalities. In so doing, they have left the questions to fester.

Now the Democrats are suffering the consequences of their actions. They don’t seem to see that those actions have created certain perceptions within the American public. Those perceptions are:

  • The Democrats don’t want election transparency, before, during, or after the election.
  • The Democrats want our elections to have systemic vulnerabilities.
  • When the Democrats win, they want no questions asked.

In short, they’ve created the perception that they’re cheating. In so doing, they have undermined the legitimacy of the electoral process – and the result that it produces. They have rendered the accuracy of the system irrelevant. It does not matter if the system accurately represents the wishes of the people, if the people don’t believe it does. Perception has become reality, and the governed will withdraw their support.

Over 50 percent of Americans now believe that fraud affected the 2020 election. A recent NBC poll has found that a shocking 72 percent of Americans think the country is on the wrong track. The only floor to Joe Biden’s approval rating appears to be zero. Some of that polling is no doubt due to Joe’s performance in office, but some of it is also because he entered office with a cloud of illegitimacy over his head.

This all means that Joe Biden was a lame duck in his first year in office. It no longer matters if he really got over 80 million votes. If Americans have lost faith in our electoral systems, they’ve also lost faith in the result it produced. The number of votes Joe got doesn’t matter a wit – because the Democrats have delegitimized him with their post-election behavior.

So, what has all of this wrought? A president attempting to govern without the acceptance of the governed. President “Let’s Go Brandon” is mocked by the opposition party. He is ignored by other world leaders. Members of his own party refuse his campaign help and are actively looking for another candidate for 2024. He is even irrelevant to subordinates in his own administration — who tell him what he can and can’t say, and even raid the homes of his political opposition without his consent. He has been reduced to an angry old man screaming that half of the country are fascists. He is not our leader, and never could have been given the way he entered office.

It takes more than an inauguration to be the leader of self-governed people and the actual vote count doesn’t matter if it is not believed. Over half of Americans perceive that Joe Biden was wrongfully elected, and perception has become reality.

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