Trust the “Plan”

Trust the “Plan” The Only Real Plan is We the People

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By now, you’ve all heard the claims from the hopium merchants seeking to peddle their wares after the 2020 elections. If you haven’t, I suspect you reside on the dark side of the moon or are successfully off grid in the wilderness. Like snake oil salesmen, these merchants wanted us engrossed in Q-Anon videos,[1] watching the newly anointed celebrities of elections integrity, and trusting “the plan.” This “plan” was intricate and involved many moving parts and we average American citizens were not capable of understanding it, just send us your money. This plan would have fixed everything and would have led us all to a glorious renaissance of liberty and freedom. Let’s review the bidding:

  1. Trump would depart the Southern White House, and march into D.C. and occupy the real White House after activating the military to arrest all nefarious actors.
  2. The CIA director was arrested in Germany during a raid connected to servers proving election fraud.
  3. Cuba was expanding to hold new inmates from Hillary to Joe himself. Hillary and Joe had ankle collars after all.
  4. The Kraken would be unleashed any minute now.
  5. Maricopa County election audits would bring the whole edifice crashing down around the communists/socialists/fascists.
  6. The would be tent-style revival meetings would activate America and awaken the people in unity.

Need I go on?

There is much more, and I’m sure those watching the celebrity circus that started post 2020 election could expand on this list. The simple fact of the matter is that there is and was no plan – no human wizard behind the curtain with their hands on the switches of fate or timing ready to make massive change a reality right now. There is only you. You are the one who must get active and boldly head out into the arena of politics and governance and make your voice heard. You must recruit a team of people whose passion aligns with yours and pursue practical tactical actions like these. You must accept the risk; your nation needs you to.

There is a “we,” though, and we must take action to clean up D.C. and the Swamp that runs deep. It’s so deep that our constant worrying and trying to solve this by “red waves” is only skimming off the top while the swamp monsters refill it from the bottom. We must pull the plug to drain it fully, and it will take time – time I hope we have. Pulling the plug means being aware of international and national concerns but acting locally. To save a nation, we must rebuild community.

In Restore Liberty, we call this “Think Globally, Act Locally” for we must build the stable of constitutionally minded people at all levels and enforce the principles and mechanisms of federalism at the county and state level first. When the states start flexing their 10th Amendment muscle and declare themselves constitutional sanctuaries, then will we begin to see the power of the Constitution and of the people once again. It’s our right and a necessity to tell the federal government to get back in its constitutionally mandated box and only do those jobs that we approved.

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No more strings attached to federal tax money for that is our money. No more of the corrupt Department of Justice pursuing parents for defending their own children. No more FBI raids on those advocating for the protection of innocent life. No more failing upwards and running uniparty candidates for higher level office after they failed where they were already. No more fealty to the party as THE test. Only fealty to the United States Constitution and the people of this great nation. It’s time for accountability, honesty, integrity, and the desire to do what is best for all Americans.

So don’t trust the “plan.” Only trust those you know and are closest to you. Build your team. No more watching and trusting – only action. You are the only one coming to save you. Be a part of The Great We-Set.

Quiz: How well do you know the U.S. Constitution?

Lt Col (ret), US Army, Darin Gaub is a Co-founder of Restore Liberty, an international military strategist and foreign policy analyst, an executive leadership coach, and serves on the boards of multiple volunteer international, national and state level organizations. The views presented are those of the author and do not represent the views of the U.S. Government, Department of Defense, or its components.

  1. There are truths in the Q Anon series such as the proliferation of pedophilia and trafficking, but much of what was published is untrustworthy and ineffective to its own claimed purpose. Readers should ask themselves why the series stopped so shortly after all the election activity if the creators were so focused on the criminal behavior.

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2 thoughts on “Trust the “Plan””

  1. I’ll take ten Kari Lakes over any Q-anon. Blake Masters, JD Vances, Herschel Walker, even a Dr. Oz, and people who will freely speak their minds, and not play the old institutional corruption game of RINOs. I wasn’t one who followed any part of some Q-anon plan because I never could understand it. Besides, if you have a real plan, it either has to be strong in public support, or so secret as to be done by coup plotters, and either has some sense of appeal, but the free speaking who have a voice and are not afraid of their enemy are the ones who can lead a battle of minds, not people behind closed doors making deals to maintain some semblance of power.

    There will be a day of reckoning and I hope it comes down to people with spines who will defeat the corruption without having to fire a shot, but the shot will always be needed as a reminder of what is left when people take evil and just wrong courses over others. Something like a domestic big stick. What we cherish is worth fight for. That is something that should never be compromised.


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