Kari Lake Afire

Kari Lake is a revelation. I had heard Lake’s name in reference to the Arizona governor’s race but being consumed by the grim specter of another term for the vile Gretchen Whitmer in my home state of Michigan, I had not paid much attention to Kari’s race. That all changed this past week. After watching her performance in press conferences with left wing media and seeing her hapless opponent almost literally run from debating her, one can easily see that Kari Lake is a real political talent, a die-hard conservative and a fearless campaigner.

If Kari Lake is the governor of Arizona after the election in November, she will vault to the top of the lists of possible Vice President candidates for the GOP. If she is a successful governor for more than a half a term, she will be a bona fide Presidential contender. Not only that, but the left wing also already fears her so much that the national left-wing media, led by stalwarts of liberalism like the New York Times, The Washington Post, and Vanity Fair, have all taken the time to run hit pieces against her. Having the ultimate left-wing cesspool, MSNBC, call her “the most dangerous candidate in America today” is the greatest endorsement a Republican can get. It is enough to put my conservative heart aflutter.

The question that is the most pressing where Lake is concerned is whether she is the real deal. Is she another Ron DeSantis, or another Lindsey Graham? The good thing about her running for governor is that she will have to govern, propose policies, and implement those policies. That will provide an undeniable track record that will reveal whether she will go to the mat for what she claims to believe. So, what does she support in terms of public policy? Let’s take a look.

MSNBC says Kari Lake is a “semi-Fascist” because she is pro-life, thinks the 2020 election was not a fair one, and says the debacle on the southern border is an invasion. Aside from the foaming at the mouth left-wing loons at MSNBC and Vanity Fair, how many Americans think those positions are fascist? Here are a few clues:

1) 66% of Americans oppose abortion after the first trimester. It sure looks like most Americans would fall into the “fascist” camp according to the fanatic baby killers at MSNBC and in the Democrat Party;

2) Over 40% of Americans think that the 2020 election was corrupt enough that Joe Biden is an illegitimate President;

3) NPR reported in August that their polling confirmed that nearly 73% of Americans see the uncontrolled flood of illegal aliens at the southern border as an invasion;

4) Like Kari Lake, 52% of Americans think enforcement of current gun laws is the best way to reduce gun related crime. Somewhat surprisingly, 72% of Americans say they strongly support the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution.

Does this mean the moon bats attacking Kari Lake think the emblem of the GOP should be a swastika? Probably. One certainly knows they are itching to drop the “semi” from their favorite new epithet for any popular conservative. By extension, one can safely conclude the left would happily apply that same fascist label to most of America even as they ask those same nasty people to vote them into office. What kind of person wants to be voted into power by a bunch of fascists? An old saying provides a hint: “Birds of a feather flock together.

One issue MSNBC raised could give conservatives pause. Kari Lake seems to be a late convert to many of her positions. Prior to coming out politically as the “most conservative GOP gubernatorial candidate,” Kari Lake left the GOP before supporting Barack Obama’s run for President and donating money to his campaign. Her husband also gave money to Obama’s campaign. This plainly conflicts with Lake’s narrative that her family is steeped in conservative values and has always been true blue conservative.

Kari Lake is a conservative like Trump is a conservative, they use whatever platform will work for them. Since they are hated by liberals and Democrat leaders, Lake and Trump have/had no choice but to appeal to conservatives and unaligned moderates as their political base. It is almost beyond memory now, but before Trump ran for President most people in the media, and out of it, thought he was a left leaning moderate. Now, he is routinely called a “far right” or “hard right” politician buy the mainstream media.

Kari Lake has only been on the scene for a couple of years politically, but the left-wing media are already attacking her with the same scurrilous rhetoric they use against Trump and all his supporters. She is “far right”; a “racist”; “an “election denier”; a “radical right extremist”; “anti-women”; and the list goes on.

Having been betrayed and disappointed by numerous GOP candidates who talked like conservatives on the campaign trail, but morphed into RINOs once they held office, the contradictions in Lake’s background are concerning. However, when the time to vote arrives, the best that any voter can do is know the candidate’s policy platform and vote on the assumption that the candidate will try to do as she says. If she doesn’t, vote her out.

Trump, the supposed New York liberal ran on a conservative platform and darned if he did not try to implement it, thus earning the undying enmity of the Democrat party leadership and their media lackeys. Given Lake’s penchant for saying things that no other candidates are willing to say, and her willingness to then face down the press when they attack her for those statements and positions, betting one’s vote that she is serious about implementing the policies she is advocating seems like a safe bet.

The fact that Lake and Trump seem to hit it off famously just adds more credibility to that decision. It beggars the imagination to think of Kari Lake imitating George H. W. Bush’s “read my lips, no new taxes” debacle. What is she going to do, get elected and propose unlimited abortion at government expense? Suddenly decide that sanctuary cities are a great idea and implement that policy for Arizona? Anything is possible, but having watched RINOs like McConnell, Romney, Collins, and Graham pull dirty bait and switch tricks so many times, most GOP voters have far more trust in Kari Lake to honor her word than they do those characters of little character.

Keep an eye of Kari Lake, fellow conservatives. She is a talented, hardworking, and ambitious woman. Even better, she is running on a conservative platform and doing extremely well at it. If Lake stays the course, GOP voters should give her their support. As Trump famously asked Black Americans, “What have you got to lose?,” by voting for him, conservatives must ask what they have to lose by voting for a candidate like Lake rather than the typical bland as rice cereal GOP candidate who has no more respect and passion for his policies than he does for his constituents’ values.

Lake may be a poseur, a RINO in a conservative clothing, but if she is elected in November, we will have 2 years to find out before the next Presidential campaign. If the GOP is lucky Lake will prove that she is not just selling conservative policies, she is committed to implementing them too. One thing is certain based on their reaction to Lake’s recent successes in the polls, the Democrats and their media minions are scared to death that she will do exactly what Trump did: do what she is promising to do. For a true conservative, the hatred and fear Lake inspires in those circles is the best endorsement any GOP candidate can get

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  1. Both Lake and Trump are former TV stars and know the media and how to get around them. She appears to be one of our Rock Stars. I think she is. We’ll see.


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