GOP Rock Stars

Last week I wrote about some of the assorted duds, screwballs and freaks the Dems have dared to nominate as their midterm candidates.  These brazenly radical candidates are not only running for office, but they are also running from their voting records and running from their senile President.  Now for some positive news.  Despite Mitch the Turtles protestations, the GOP has actually put together an awesome slate of candidates nationally from coast to coast that are shining like Rock Stars.


The Pacific northwest is a stunningly gorgeous area of the country.  The landscape there is absolutely beautiful.  Like everything else they touch, Democrats have utterly spoiled this Eden.  Portland, OR and Seattle, WA are unrecognizable and unsafe to live or work in.  Criminals run those cities starting with the Democrat mayors, city councils and governors.  Businesses are leaving these cities to protect themselves and their employees, since the local governments refuse to.  Crime victims are ignored, police are shunned and the homeless, drug addicts, psychos and criminals run rampant.  These cities have become liberal dystopian nightmares.


Normal Americans have a shot at beginning to turn this Pacific clown car around.  Christine Drazan (R) is in a good position to beat her leftwing opponent Tina Kotek in the Oregon governor race.  A recent poll shows Drazan with a 2 point lead.  As Speaker of the Oregon House since 2013 and the first lesbian to serve in that position, Tina Kotek has been a leading proponent and overseer of Oregon’s decline and Orgeonians know it.  So much for identity politics!  No word on whether she knows what a woman is.  Now she wants a promotion to governor.  This is typical of Dems, fail up.  The voters are saying “Not so fast”. What’s left of the decent people of Oregon are fed up with the communist dictatorship they’ve been living under with the current Dem governor, Kate “Lockdown” Brown, a leftist radical loon, if ever there was one.  Oregonians realize that Drazan is a breath of fresh air in the liberal stench that is the state Dem party.  Finally, Oregonians have a chance for some common sense leadership.


Another rising Rock Star is Kari Lake (R) running for governor of Arizona against a very pitiful opponent Secretary of State, Katie Hobbs.  In addition to running away from Lake and refusing to debate her, as Sec’y of State, Hobbs is responsible from her duties overseeing and counting the votes.  Hobbs refuses to recuse herself for administering the election, even though she is fully aware there were many proven voting shenanigans (fraud) in the 2020 election in Arizona.  Expect more of the same games this time from the shameless Democrats and their quiet as a church mouse media.  However, Kari Lake is media savvy, having been a journalist and TV news anchor, she is not one to be messed with and she knows all the tricks the media pull on conservative Republicans.  Kari has Katie scared as she demonstrated in their separate interviews in the same townhall event October 3.  An independent voter, Joe Garcia described the event:

“Of Lake, Garcia said: ‘She rattled her opponent. She was big, brash, and very larger than life, Trump-esque. Anyone who thinks she was there to follow all the rules doesn’t know Kari Lake.’”  

Kari Lake has thus far shown the way wimpy Republicans can un-wimp themselves by standing up to their opponents and their media allies.  Lake knows that the ref (media) is the one who throws the low blows in these political boxing matches.  She throws them back.  In fact, she independently films her own events and interviews with the media so they can’t conveniently edit her comments to make her look bad.  Smart.  Very smart.  Republicans, take note.


JD Vance (R) has smoked his opponent Little Timmy Ryan (D) in their last two debates for the Ohio Senate seat being vacated by Pat Toomey (R).  Of course, like all good Democrats, Timmy pulled the race card from the bottom of the deck in their last debate and JD called him on it in brilliant fashion.  Ryan and the moderators were taken aback by the strong response from Vance. 


Ryan tried to paint Vance as a racist for promoting the “great replacement theory” and Vance wasn’t having any of it.  Vance’s wife is Indian, and they have three children together.  Ryan was trying to use his own racism against Vance.  It is Democrats like Little Timmy who are the ones actually arguing for “replacement theory”.  They use the euphemism “browning of America” to promote it with glee.  Rather than a natural evolving of racial demographics in the country, they are pushing an illegal invasion to artifically accomplish their racist goal of replacing the white majority.  Liberal, self-hating, testosterone-less white wimps, like Ryan, are going along with this insanity, thus, open borders are here to stay until Republicans take charge again.  Even Brandon was promoting the browning of America replacement theory years ago with the phony Border Patrol Chieftain, Mayorkas, at his side.


Just remember, whatever evil the Dems accuse Republicans of is really them reflecting their own mischief on their opponents.  The media is all too happy to assist them in this charade.  But like Lake, Vance isn’t letting them get away with it.  Once again, wimpy Republicans should take note.


It’s a crime that so many Dems are in seats of power now.  And it’s crime that will cause many of them to go away after November 8, thank God.  One good possibility of this happening is in the New York governor race.  On September 28, polling had unelected fill-in governor of NY, Kathy Hochul, up by 17 points.  A poll October 20 had her opponent, Lee Zeldin (R), cutting her lead to 6 points in deep blue New York, eleven points in just three weeks!  Today a poll released by co/efficient found that 46 percent of likely New York voters support Zeldin, one point ahead of Hochul’s 45 percent.  Hochul’s 17-point lead has vanished into thin air and become a one point deficit.  As in the rest of the nation, crime and Democrat pro-criminal policies are on the ballot.  Zeldin himself is a twice victim of crime just in this election cycle, and no I’m not talking about the liberal media journalistic crimes against him.  In July, he was physically attacked on stage at one of his speaking events by a knife-wielding Democrat loon.  Just twelve days ago a Bloods gang shooting occurred in the front yard of Zeldin’s Long Island home while his two daughters were inside doing their homework.  Two teen thugs, 17 years old and still too young to vote Democrat yet, were wounded in the drive-by shooting. 


Of course, as Zeldin spoke to reporters as requested by them, outside his home in front of police crime scene tape just minutes after the crime, a smarmy reporterette, dutifully doing her Democrat Party bidding, asked why he was so quick to politicize the shooting that just occurred.  An actual drive-by shooting followed by a media drive-by shooting.  His response was priceless.  You just can’t make this stuff up anymore.  The leftwing media has become a caricature of itself.  Are Democrats paying these media hacks to help them lose?  Hochul didn’t bother to call Zeldin about the shooting or his family but did promise to take guns, not criminals, off the streets.  She’s really doing all the right things to elect Zeldin governor.  Thanks Kathy, and you too, media!


There are too many more Republican Rock Stars this election cycle to write about in one column.  Keep your eyes on Dr. Oz (PA), Adam Laxalt (NV), Ted Budd (NC), Blake Masters (AZ), Herschel Walker (GA), Leora Levy (CT), Don Bolduc (NH), and Karoline Leavitt (NH), to name but a few. 


The Democrats are on the wrong side of every issue important to Americans – the economy, crime, border security, sexualizing and mutilating innocent children, COVID vaccines, and foreign policy.  In fact, they are on the wrong side of Right and Wrong.  The entire Democrat Party has lost its collective mind and declared war on America with these and other issues.  They are like unsupervised teenagers with hormones raging and they just can’t control themselves any longer.  They can’t hold their true feelings inside anymore, so they’ve decided to let it all hang out.  They’ve put those true feelings into policy, and it’s been a total disaster for the country from left coast to Atlantic coast, up one side and down the other, one disaster after another.  Time to discipline these unruly, dangerous teens and enforce a curfew until they outgrow their adolescent behavior (which will be never).   


These are exciting races and exciting times.  The Democrats have ruled with a leftwing iron fist like they won a landslide in 2020, instead of like the 50/50 split we actually have in Congress.  Democrats have taught Americans that liberals are funny when they kick and scream while out of power, but they are deadly dangerous when in power.  These tone-deaf libs seem poised to take the biggest shellacking since 2010.  Let’s give it to ’em!  There is not one single Dem that deserves to be elected or reelected.  Unfortunately, it won’t be as big a shellacking as the Dems have earned and so richly deserve, nonetheless, let’s make that happen for our country’s sake and for the sake of our kids and their kids and theirs.  Our Rock Stars are gonna rock their world.




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