Hi. Goodnight, Democrats.



  1. A figure of speech in which a word or phrase that ordinarily designates one thing is used to designate another, thus making an implicit comparison, as in “a sea of troubles” or
  2. One thing conceived as representing another; a symbol.

The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 5th Edition.


The Democrat Party has become a caricature of itself.  That party has only one idea, Democrat Party power über alles.  If the political events of this past week didn’t convince you of that, nothing ever will.  John Fetterman’s pathetic utterance in his opening debate statement, “Hi.  Goodnight, everybody.”, epitomizes the Democrat Party’s lust for power at all costs.  One of their own’s personal health is of no consequence if that health gets in the way of furthering Democrat Party control.  That’s how sick these people truly are.  Like John Fetterman’s opening statement, the Democrat Party makes no sense.  It has lost all meaning and relevance in its mad quest for power.  Dems are in “a sea of troubles”.  


As the wife of someone you supposedly love, how sick must you be to put your physically ailing husband’s weaknesses on full display before the public in a most humiliating fashion, rather than getting him the daily help he needs?  Gisele is as bad as “doctor” Jill.  Both obviously love the feel of being in the power circles.  They love being influencers of those in power, in turn making themselves powerful but without the accountability that goes with it.  Just as behind every good man is a good woman, so too behind every bad man is a bad woman.  Gisele and Jill are bad women.  Yet they are only reflections of their bad husband’s and party’s misguided priorities, power at all costs.


Democrat’s priorities are all screwed up.  For some insane reason, they really believe abortion on demand all nine months and gender craziness are going to pull them over the finish line.  Last Sunday, Joe Biden, the President of the United States, sat down in the White House with a Tik Tok “influencer”, Dylan Mulvaney, a 25 year old man who claims he’s a girl.  Yes, the Secret Service allowed a crazy person into our White House to interview our senile Commander in Chief.  He conducted the interview on day 222 of “being a girl” and our President sat there with a straight face answering a question about it being immoral to oppose sexual mutilation of minor children.  Brandon, I don’t think any state or anybody should have a right to do that (banning minors from getting genital mutilation surgery and puberty blockers)”.  That is now a winning issue for crackpots everywhere, I suppose.


Democrats have secured the gender dysphoria vote and the abortion vote.  However, they should take little comfort in the fact that those issues aren’t driving voters to the polls in any significant number.  Democrat leaders seem to have a death wish.  Wokeness has subsumed your grandfather’s Democrat Party.  Nothing is too debased for today’s Democrats.


The sheer arrogance of those in charge of the Democrat Party is on full display this midterm debate season.  You would think the unelected governor of a large state would feel the need to confront their opponent more than once in public to the many voters who have neither seen nor heard said governor.  Not Gov. Kathy Hochul (D-NY).  She agreed to only one debate with her opponent, Lee Zeldin, who then promptly mopped the stage floor with her.  She displayed the haughty, arrogance of the limousine liberals in charge of NY by wondering out loud why Zeldin thinks it is important to lock up criminals.  Yes, the governor of the state of NY doesn’t understand the importance of locking up those that violently prey on the citizens she took an oath to protect.  But like a good liberal Democrat, she hammered home her support of abortion into the 10th month.  Fetuses don’t vote.


Likewise, the Democrat gubernatorial candidate for Arizona, Katie Hobbs, refuses to give the voters of AZ a chance to see her on stage against her opponent, Kari Lake.  She apparently believes the voters should just take her word for it that she’s competent enough with the issues to just vote for her, sight unseen.  Democrats like Hobbs have true disdain for average citizens.  They think party affiliation is all voters need to make a decision.  With a pliant and compliant press, Hobbs and her fellow Dems never really have to face opposition or have to answer hard questions.  Voters have wearied over the press carrying the water for Democrat candidates.  Hunter Biden laptop cover-ups aren’t working this time around.  Voters across the country are agreeing with the Washington Post, democracy does indeed die in darkness, and voters are demanding that light be shone on those who would deign to rule over us.


Democrat candidates seem to be in a fog of their own making and can’t see beyond it. They can’t force themselves to acknowledge the real root causes of crime, illegal immigration, and inflation.  Tim Ryan (D) of Ohio, vying for the U.S. Senate seat there, refuses to say whether he opposes illegal aliens voting.  Yes, you read that right.  Ryan refuses to say he would protect this precious right that others have fought and died for to protect.  You protect that which you love – your life, your family, your property, your country.  Democrats refuse to protect any of these.  How do they expect voters to reward them for that? 


The violent chickens Democrats have raised are coming home to roost.  Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s husband was violently attacked, by a liberal, underwear clad, illegal alien Canadian nudist with a hammer, at their posh home in a swanky neighborhood in San Francisco.  Because of our new two-tiered Democrat criminal “justice” system coupled with the fact that the victim is a prominent liberal Democrat, the alleged perp is not out of jail today on cashless bail as is the norm nowadays.  You would think this would be a great wake up call for Democrats to finally admit to the crime wave they have enabled, but you would be wrong.  President Brandon immediately blamed the attack on Mega MAGA Republicans because the perp supposedly asked for Nancy in some weird Jan 6 “chant”.  This is the same Brandon that uttered not a peep about the capture of the attempted Justice Kavanaugh assasin.  Apparently, like Jussie Smollett’s Chicago, San Francisco is now Mega MAGA country.  You can bet Brandon would quickly sign an assault hammer ban if passed by Congress.


What is the purpose of the Democrat Party?  Democrats can’t even answer this question, and neither can their media pals.  They are splishing and splashing like dying salmon unable to save themselves from hungry grizzly bears. For the last two years Democrats have believed their own press clippings.  They forgot, however, that they fed those clippings to their press.  They have governed as if they won overwhelming super majorities in D.C.  They did not.  They think voters are buying their media spin.  They are not.  Dems are in for some serious shock and awe, but not as much as they so richly deserve.  To paraphrase our good friend, John Fetterwoman, on November 8 voters will collectively say, “Hi.  Goodnight, Democrats”.




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