Trump is making a YUGE mistake attacking DeSantis

While Republicans/conservatives support the agenda of President Trump, Trump is making a YUGE mistake attacking DeSantis. 

Trump accomplished much during his four years despite the unprecedented attacks by the Democrat Media, the Russia Hoax investigation, and by the back-stabbing Republicans such as Paul Ryan.

But, despite their agreement with his agenda, not all Republicans/conservatives like President Trump nor will vote for him because of his attacks on fellow Republicans like Pence and DeSantis.

In 2016 Trump attacked Marco Rubio as little Marco or Ted Cruz as lying Ted. Now Trump is starting to attack DeSantis.

Trump attacks DeSantis amid positive press: ‘An average Republican governor’ | The Hill

This is a YUGE mistake.

A fight between Trump and DeSantis along the lines of his name-calling fights with Rubio and Cruz will not strengthen the party. It will not help Trump because it will drive more Republicans and independents away from Trump. It will not help the party because Trump’s attacks are personal and not on issues, such as calling DeSantis “Sanctimonious.” It is a silly name. It is not a name that fits the character of DeSantis such as “Crooked Hillary” fits Hillary.

Attacking DeSantis
Florida Governor Ron DeSantis

There is no question that DeSantis had done an excellent job as governor of Florida. He won re-election by twenty per-cent. But Trump is trying to diminish DeSantis’ record and accomplishments as a prelude to his planned November 15 announcement that he will run. DeSantis, at this point, should ignore the personal attacks, and not get into a mud fight with Trump. It serves no purpose.

Further, Trump’s planned announcement will divert attention from the Georgia run-off election. Governor Kemp, who had his fight with Trump, easily won re-election by about eight per-cent, about 300,000 votes. Kemp should be supporting Walker and campaigning with Walker, and Trump should not be fighting with DeSantis which would divert attention from Walker’s race.

If Trump is the nominee he will energize the Dems, Independents and Republicans who don’t like him to vote against him. Trump energizes the opposition like Crooked Hillary energizes Republicans.

Trump should not announce on November 15 nor attack DeSantis. The focus should be on helping Walker win. This would help Trump more than his personal attacks on DeSantis and diverting attention from the Walker run-off election.

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8 thoughts on “Trump is making a YUGE mistake attacking DeSantis”

  1. Reagan’s 11th Commandment was “Thou Shalt Not Attack Another Republican”. All of us, including POTUS 45, need to remember that bad things occur when commandments aren’t observed.

    • I agree.
      We have enough Republicans like Romney, Cheney, Bush, Murkowski, etc. attacking Republicans. Don’t need another.
      Trump, DeSantis, Kemp, Rubio, and Cruz should all be on the same stage with Herschel Walker to help him win. Trump needs to set aside his personal agenda to unify the Republican Party.
      There is plenty of time to announce a run, and to run a campaign against fellow Republicans like DeSantis, Pompeo, and others on issues and not personalities.

  2. I agree that Trump should not announce a run before the senate runoff is completed. I also agree that Trump has said some things that I think inappropriate, until its time in a primary campaign he is actually in.

    Trump’s “Big Announcement” should be, instead of a run for president, the battle to pick new Republican leadership in the House and senate, and that should also be after we decide we will get Herschel Walker across the line.

  3. Is it April first ?
    We get another never-Trumper article . . . here !
    This one fails the test of accurate reporting and is only opinion better not printed.

    However, I know the average Republican and conservative do not have the stomach for the job of retaining our Republic. It will take more than elections and praying to retain this Republic. Frankly, I don’t see but a few people who want to keep this Republic. And, by a few, I mean a few who vocalize or write about it. Average Citizen is not too concerned about the foundation, but only vaguely senses their current being.

    Average Citizen is caught up in the trivia of life instead of finding the source of their discontent AND doing what it may take to correct the problem. Trump understands this truth and works to correct the problems. Politicians still do not understand people. Only two or three in the Senate are real people. I’m sure you can figure out who they are. If not, then . . well . . . look in the mirror for awhile until you can find the truth.

    A truth is that there are few people born who are selfless enough and intelligent enough and brave enough and willing enough to effect their surroundings. Be it in a number of ways, maybe lost on Average Citizen, some people exude what societies need. I reason, at times, to what comes my way, extrapolate, then test, and reexamine. Trump is a vessel who’s time ends when others are able to replace him; like a pair of boots which fit well and handle the demands of work, Trump is needed since no other public Citizen is available. Even so, he is far from all that is required, IF retaining our Republic is what people want. Maybe it’s a vision thing I take too seriously, that of retaining our Republic. Ignoring others lasts briefly as the cries of others are heard once again, and this time it’s the wife’s pets needing food and care.

    • While the DemoKrats are in the midst of an effort to steal this election (again), ALL elected and unelected Republicans should be focusing their attention solely on winning the remaining seats in Congress, nothing else. You mischaracterize this article. There is nothing “never Trump” about it. I’m a big Trump supporter. I loved attending one of his final rallies before the 2020 stolen election. He has a lot of sway and he can best use it now to get Herschel, whom he endorsed, elected. He shouldn’t suck all the oxygen out of the air until after we win back the Senate. If we don’t complete this crucial task, Brandon will appoint and Schmuckie Schumer will confirm hundreds more leftwing political hacks disguised as judges to continue the destruction of our country. We can’t allow that and Trump should know that. There is plenty of time for primary attacks after that.

      • There is no need for Trump or other Republicans to attack each other. We have the Media wing (CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, MSNBC, etc) of the Dem party for that.
        Gutfeld showed a clip from a TV show called “Good Fight” where a man accused Gov DeSantis of abusing him, then when it was shown he was lying, they said this charge would help Trump. So the Dem Media pulled a two-fer, falsely attacking both Trump and DeSantis

  4. A problem I think many people don’t understand about Trump is that his ego and his goals for the country are unfortunately, or maybe even fortunately, co-mingled. That’s just the way of a lot of flawed individuals. We all tend to have the outbursts of those frustrations, but many, if not most tend to hide it, and can turn it into something useful. Wise counsel is what is needed and not just more frustration running unchecked.
    It’s not that he is dead set on undermining the elections that he campaigned so vigorously for, but that he has a flaw, like many of us do.
    He is proving that once again, he is not a politician and has expectations that many don’t understand. It is a character flaw that I understand. It may not be the best response, and it is certainly going to turn people off, but when people continue to make the same mistakes, over and over, and never learn lessons from the past, they have only themselves to blame, and he is venting his frustration.

    But I’m not saying that to defend him, because it is a flaw in messaging and timing, because he has always had to make his way in the private sector, where you make your way, not by appeasing political processes. He says out loud, what others only think. But it is because there aren’t enough of the others who realize that. I only wish he would work better on controlling the timing of his frustrations and use them to his advantage, like wait until the Georgia runoff is won, and then try to make more people aware and ready to fight the injustices of stolen elections.

    These people who can’t see or identify that something has drastically changed in our elections, are just plain blind and apathetic.
    Just remember. We, in the Republican Party have two enemies: RINOS and the Democrats. Well, and ourselves, when all we do is respond by making excuses for both.
    I’d suggest Trump to take wise counsel before doing something as risky as playing his frustrations because the media just has field days winning all the blue ribbons making up the wrong story.

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