The Unbearable Stupidity of Being Democrat

The Unbearable Stupidity of Being Democrat. It’s always a dicey matter to discern motive from behavior in a single situation. In fact, a basic tenet of psychology, as explained in my Psychology 101 class at West Point during my youth, was that deducing attitude and motive from behavior is impossible. Intellectually that makes sense, but practically, it flies in the face of human experience and common sense. After all, if a man is attending a Lions game holding a banner that reads. “The Lions SUCK!!!”, you can bet a lot of money that the man is: 1) unhappy with the Lions; 2) been following them for some time and been disappointed; 3) telling the truth. However, my psychology professor would immediately say he might be a basketball fan who lost a bet with a Bears fan and HAD to hold up that sign due to his loss. The sign holder may have no opinion about the Lions at all and is only aware of them because of his bet with his friend. Of course, my response, and the response of 99% of Lions fans, would be that the professor is grasping at straws. His scenario is possible but highly improbable, so acting on the assumption that the highly improbable scenario is true will typically not pay off and is therefore, irrelevant. In other words, do not put any money down against the three conclusions above!

Using the logic of assuming that behavior, especially repeated behavior, can give one the ability to deduce attitude and motive, let’s imagine a scenario in a Democrat household in Pennsylvania that might have led a married couple to vote for John Fetterman for Senator of the state of Pennsylvania. The man and woman are sitting at their dinner table the night before election day when the wife asks the husband if he is going to vote.

He replies that he is going to vote for John Fetterman. More curious than surprised, the wife asks if he is voting for Fetterman because the union her husband belongs to has endorsed Fetterman. He says that is part of the reason, but he says that he is also voting for Fetterman because Fetterman is a Democrat and Democrats support working families like them.

Wife: “Really? Isn’t Fetterman the guy who read off a teleprompter that he was against fracking and the energy industry in general?

Husband: “I don’t work in the oilfields, so what do I care?

Wife: “You just said you like Democrats because they support working families.

Husband: “My parents always voted Democrat. I am a Democrat. The union guys I work with are all Democrats.

Wife: “So you vote for a Democrat no matter what because you follow your peer group?”

Husband: “I vote with my peer group because we think the same way!”

Wife: “All your buddies want a bunch of oil and gas field workers and cops to lose their jobs?”

Husband: “What are you talking about?

Wife: “Fetterman’s wife says she wants to defund the police and so do the Democrats.”

Husband: “That’s dumb. They will never do that.”

Wife: “Then why are they saying it?

Husband: “I am done talking about this. I am voting for Fetterman, and I do not care what you say about all this other stuff!”

Wife: “He cannot do on interview without a computer and an assistant typing out questions!! How do you know if his answers are even his?

Husband: “All those politicians just say what someone else tells them to say!!”

Wife: “That’s silly. I think I am going to vote for Dr Oz!

Husband: “If you do, I will tell your teacher mom and Teamster dad that you voted Republican!”

Wife: “You wouldn’t!”

Husband: “I will!!”

Wife: “Fine! I will vote for Fetterman, but only to keep peace in the family.”

Dumb, eh? The problem is, there is no intelligent conversation one can imagine that ends up with the people talking about it and deciding to vote for Fetterman. They hate the word “crudites”? They decide that verbal communication skills do not facilitate true understanding? They think looking like a slob 24/7 shows affinity for real slobs, and slobs need representation too? He is sharper than Biden and Biden is doing a great job?

Brain damage: it’s better than a degree from Harvard! If he cannot think of policies of his own, or verbally communicate them, he will have to rely on experts, and experts are the best people to use for developing and implementing policies? Wrack your brain for as long as you like, there is no scenario that can rationally justify electing a brain damaged stroke survivor for high public office over a successful, energetic, articulate, intelligent Harvard graduate who supports policies that will help one’s state rather than harm it.

Fetterman is great example of Americans voting wholesale against their own interest and personal safety by supporting Democrats who are dedicated to putting businesses out of business, coddling criminals, bankrupting government, taking away Americans’ Constitutional rights, and enabling corruption in the public sector. The people of New York, both city and state, did the same. Ditto for Illinois, Chicago, California, Washington, New Hampshire, et al. It was a truly mind-boggling spectacle, and conservatives must be forgiven for feeling a little schadenfreude in the aftermath.

After all, if Democrats want to live in cities filled with excrement, homeless people producing excrement, streets littered with garbage and used needles provided by the government, infested with violent criminals, and run by corrupt politicians and mentally unstable refugees from a psychiatrist’s office, why should conservatives not enjoy the show? If nothing else, blue states can serve as fair warning to any red states thinking of following their example.

Something that also happened in Pennsylvania is particularly illuminating. Besides electing a brain damaged United States Senator, Democrats in that state also elected a dead man to their state legislature. Given the current state of the Democrat administration destroying our country and the corrupt criminal syndicate that foisted it on America with the help of the kind of folks who elected a dead man to office, conservative Americans are lucky that the newest United States Senator from Pennsylvania is a living human. That is a low bar, but we can rest assured that the Democrat party will continue to lower it.

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3 thoughts on “The Unbearable Stupidity of Being Democrat”

  1. “…Democrats in that state also elected a dead man to their state legislature…”

    It is true DeLuca was the posthumous choice, but there was no republican running against him, and the candidate with a pulse was a far lefty like Fetterman. Voting for the dead guy gets a new special election where maybe if a republican shows up without a bruising primary battle first they can give voters a choice for a live sane candidate.

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