What Do We Expect from Our Elected Representatives?

“I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my Ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”

~ Article II, Section I, Paragraph 8, United States Constitution

Greetings my fellow Americans!

A question which I have asked myself (and to which I have had the same answer) for many years now is whether I believe that I am being duly represented in the national government of our United States (and, frankly, in my state government of Michigan). Personally, I have found myself answering “no” since the days of President Reagan some 40 years ago.  There have been occasional bright spots since, most recently with some of the results which President Trump was able to produce, however temporary, and even then I found it difficult to fully ascribe to his “using big government the right way” philosophy as a long-term strategy to making America great again. 

And while I’ll admit I’m probably more of a constitutional purist than most, I believe I’ve allowed myself to be sufficiently educated in the founding principles of what actually did make America great to recognize that any reform bereft of a concerted and purposeful dismantling of the massive unelected bureaucracies which now seem to have the real power in our national, and many of our State governments, would be fleeting at best. I also realize that my expectations for what it will take to truly make America great again are likely unsatisfiable given how far we’ve drifted away from that foundation, and the numbers of lifelong bureaucrats who would be threatened by the very notion of looking elsewhere for employment and pension security.

I further acknowledge that my originalist American worldview is largely outside that which appears to be largely “mainstream” today, and the politics of an operational strategy aimed at reducing the size of unelected government, while increasing the number of elected representatives (more about that in a future article), is anathema to the propagandistic narratives sowing the seeds of discord and discontent in anything resembling America. All of this said, my patriotism and faith in maintaining that some semblance of what made us great may be preserved and renewed someday, keep me showing up at the polls.

So, while I am holding my elected representatives to what is likely an unachievable standard, I do so nonetheless. But what about the United States population at-large? When the POTUS-elect utters the words ”will to the best of my Ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States” in his oath of office, what does this mean to John Q. Public? When he campaigns on “making America great again” or “righting the wrongs of the past” or producing a flat-out Utopia, what thoughts are conjured up in the average voter’s mind? When a person is elected to represent thousands, hundreds of thousands, or perhaps millions of people, what does this actually mean? What should be the practical qualifications of such a person, given the relative diversity of opinion and understanding of what America is and has been, and its place in human history?  How can the concerns of so many be realistically held by one person, and how can this care manifest itself in anything other than more government?

This was to be a government Of, By and For the People; what do “the People” really want from their government? How do they expect to get it when those appointed or hired, rather than elected, vastly outnumber those with direct accountability to We the People?  Do We the People want to be accountable for the quality of those they elected to represent them? If the government is not serving at the pleasure of We the People, who has the responsibility to take it back? Are We truly that dissatisfied with how government in the United States operates today to do something about it?


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2 thoughts on “What Do We Expect from Our Elected Representatives?”

  1. One can only hope that an elected representative will do what his or her oath demands. But, as for expecting anything out of them, their ability to be corrupted by the institution of lobbyists and federal security protection, which many of them flaunt, causes me to have no expectation from them. Biden as much has threatened the people with his F-15 statement, several times, now. The swamp is only around to do all that is wrong for the people they are supposed to serve.

    We’ve entered an age of corruption, by stealing elections and the ability to hold a person who stole an election accountable, representatives in government have decided that they are better suited to being thieves than servants, because we allowed too many elections to be stolen. I think it will only be corrected when shots are fired, and blood is spilled because these types are just evil and corrupted beyond redemption.

    While someone may try to argue that it is on both sides, that doesn’t make their argument correct. The left has been doing this for decades, and are only perfecting their ways. There is adequate proof that the left has been engaged with a war against the constitutional way of governance, and this has to be corrected for our country to survive, and I think our country is just about done.

    You can’t fix a problem by playing by their “Rules” and thinking you can beat them. The rules were followed and have been corrupted over time, in such a way that otherwise reasonable people don’t ever see what happened. When you get rid of things like the Ten Commandments and the culture takes a nose dive, it’s not hard to see what actually happened, and we are paying for our mistakes.

    Look what happens when our system of justice gets corrupted. What can we do about it? Either we physically take our country back, or we let it continue to rot.

    There are a lot of brave men and women who fought for our country, and fought for this very corruption to not ever happen. Do the math!
    Even polls continue to say we are heading in the wrong direction, and by large margins.
    It will take more than expectations, or hope, for our country to survive.

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