The One-World-Government Folks Want to Subject the United States to the United Nations, When They Haven’t Gotten Their Way Under Our Laws

The one-world-government folks want to subject the United States to the United Nations, regardless of American law. From The Washington Post:

Almost 200 rights groups call on U.N. to intervene over U.S. abortion access

The U.S. cannot be a global champion of human rights when its own abortion rights are not protected, one activist group said

by Adela Suliman | Thursday, March 2, 2023 | 9:03 AM EST

Almost 200 human rights organizations from across the world have issued an “urgent appeal” to the United Nations to intervene to ensure the United States protects reproductive rights — after a Supreme Court ruling last year overturned the constitutional right to an abortion.

In a letter issued Thursday, nonprofits and civil society groups including Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International and the Global Justice Center, as well as dozens of smaller U.S.-based charities have written to the U.N. warning that “people residing in the US who can become pregnant are facing a human rights crisis.”

“(P)eople residing in the US who can become pregnant”? Guffaws! Footnote #1 of the letter, on page 5 of the .pdf file states, “While the remainder of this letter often refers to women and girls as the targets of laws restricting abortion, we recognize that although most people who can become pregnant and require abortion services are cisgender women, people with diverse gender identities are also affected and need abortions.” How can any sensible person take seriously the logic of people who would say something that stupid?

It comes after the Supreme Court ruling last year, Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, struck down reproductive protections enshrined in the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision, igniting a seismic social and legal change in the country by shifting power to regulate abortions into the hands of individual states. A majority of justices argued that Roe v. Wade’s reasoning was “weak” and that the issue of abortion should be considered by “the people’s elected representatives,” in a decision that was a long-sought triumph for conservatives.

At least a dozen states have moved to ban or heavily restrict abortions since Dobbs.

The 196 signatories to Thursday’s letter describe “intensifying harms” occurring in the United States as a result of the legal ruling.

It says approximately 22 million women and girls of reproductive age in the United States are living in states where “abortion access is heavily restricted, and often totally inaccessible,” causing them to face a plethora of public health harms.

Of course, the letter writers think nothing of the harms which come to the unborn children who are slaughtered, all for the convenience of the pregnant woman. I’m reminded of Tuesday’s editorial in The Philadelphia Inquirer, in which the Editorial Board urged the City Council to rename Taney Street, named after Chief Justice Roger Taney, author of the Dred Scott v Sandford decision, who wrote that blacks are “so far inferior, that they had no rights which the white man was bound to respect.” The Editorial Board, as you might guess, are all in on supporting abortion rights, despite the fact that abortion means that unborn children are, to paraphrase, “so far inferior, that they had no rights which adults were bound to respect.”

“By overturning the established constitutional protection for access to abortion and through the passage of state laws, the US is in violation of its obligations under international human rights law,” it says, detailing violations to the right to life, health and privacy, among others.

U.N. human rights bodies have previously spoken out against last year’s ruling, calling it a “major setback” and a “huge blow to women’s human rights and gender equality.”

Apparently “women’s human rights and gender equality” don’t include the human rights of the children aborted, half of whom are girls.

“We sent this letter to draw the world’s attention to the suffering that US abortion law is inflicting on women, girls and others who can become pregnant,” Christine Ryan, legal director of the Global Justice Center, which uses international law to advocate for gender equality, said in an emailed statement.

There’s considerably more at the original, but it’s much the same as quoted above, a cry that women have rights and not-yet-born children have none, along with the call that the United Nations should Do Something to bring the United States into line.

Well, f(ornicate) that! The United Nations has no authority that the United States is, or ought to be, bound to respect.
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