A Pandemic Panic Primer

A Pandemic Panic Primer; More and more, the litany of government errors, deceit, and malfeasance during the Wuhan Virus Pandemic is being listed in public. Yet, it’s still worthwhile to keep piling on. And, frankly, to not stop until it becomes common knowledge – even to the guilty buffoons who propagated lie after lie with such a vengeance. Furthermore, we, the sane, need to keep flailing this ever undying horse – because the motivation for all the wrongdoing must be exposed

Two years ago a truly frightening pandemic left a lab in Wuhan, China and threatened the world. It was very scary because it so much was unknown. The specter of the unknown was darkened by the well-documented devastating viral diseases of the past. Italy was the first place hit hard in the West. It wasn’t going well for them.

Consequently, the initial federal response seemed magnificent. The “Whole of Government” concept was mobilizing like during World War II to save American lives. The draconian 15 day shut down to flatten the curve of infections and hospitalizations seemed more than reasonable. Prudent and patriotic.

I looked closely at the three curves of hospitalizations projected by the University of Virginia for how long the Commonwealth should be quarantined from itself. The point was to build up the hospitals’ capacity to handle more intensive care patients in a flurry of weeks – to care for the seriously ill. Leaving no one outside the best healthcare. A month was good enough to do what necessary.

Then, as early as April 2020, governors across America and the Federal Government started screwing up by the numbers. They got everything wrong. E-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g. Concurrently, the smiling “enfants terrible”, boot-licking bullies and would be totalitarian tyrants of the media, business, academia, arts and entertainment, and all levels of government – including the military worked themselves into a frenzy worthy of good old fashioned witch-burning or NAZI book bonfire.

Meanwhile, the Wuhan Virus – always referred to as Covid among our self-assumed betters – continued to spread. Viruses virus.

Closures didn’t work. Closures were arbitrary unto absurdity. The virus didn’t matter in big box stores, but kept mom and pop places shuttered. The virus didn’t close grocery or liquor stores, but slammed churches shut. Christians obeyed the state in sheepish terror and gleeful virtue signaling.

Americans played their roles cheerfully in a nation-wide theater of the absurd. It was all bovine scatology.

The masks didn’t work. A N95 mask doesn’t screen out a virus. It remains amazing how so many people, including medical professionals, are ignorant about what a “micron” means and the actual size of a corona virus.

Lock downs, shut downs, closures didn’t stop the virus. They broke a great economy, destroyed many small businesses, bankrupted far further the federal treasury, damaged learning for a generation of youth, got bravehearted Americans fired, and served as a practice run for incipient totalitarians.

Social distancing, plexi-glass partitions, and elbow “hand” shakes were meaningless.

The “science” was political science.

Medical professionals abandoned treatments to mitigate and cure to run for Federal money for Covid admissions and deaths. They betrayed their profession and their patients.

Putting Covid patients in nursing homes was mass manslaughter. Who and why would anyone think that is a good idea?

The vaccine didn’t prevent the disease or its spread. The boosters didn’t either. Actually, the vaccine is more dangerous for people younger than 40 than the disease is.

Yet, more than the long list of wrongs, the Pandemic Panic is a primer of what is seriously wrong with our society – in the Great U.S. Culture War – and how the natural folly of humankind can be foul and dangerous.

The shrill “Karens” of the Left truly believe they are better people than the peasants who read data and think for themselves. They actually cheered when an outspoken unvaccinated prole died. They wished ill – unto loss of liberty, loss of freedom of travel, commerce, work, and service, imprisonment, and death on all who opposed them. They really hate us.

They gleefully got their “papers” in order to fit into a police state.

The Democrats used the pandemic to challenge election laws, unlawfully vote harvest, and otherwise create the conditions for the massive fraud of the 2020 election.

Government ruled absolutely, arbitrarily, and with self-righteousness, brutal police authority. The schools shut down, yet every educrat never lost a penny of pay. The small businesses that make up 60% of the greatest economy in the world got thwacked. Government paid off some people and did nothing for others. Government printed money to stoke inflation and make matters worse for everyone.

It was a hard push towards the socialism the liberal, human secularist totalitarian, elites want to impose on America. It was a cull throughout many walks of life to identify and fire the free-thinking, self-reliant, and courageous from the bleating flock of subservient workers. It was a glimpse of the fundamental re-ordering of society they want.

Personally, I now understand how the hysteria of witch hunts, the French Revolution’s Terror, the Bolsheviks, and the Nazis happens. I’ve seen the same passionate, prideful mindlessness in my country in the Covidians – as Covidiots. I can see how the unthinkable persecution comes when self-evident lies are imposed – and the lemming-like masses accept them with arrogant, prideful, ignorance.

The Pandemic Panic Primer is the Never Again book for what not to do in the future. It’s the record of who should be held accountable and shamed. It’s the relatively short list of Americans who earned a new badge of courage and honor

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