Ideology Trumps Common Sense

I recently saw the comments of Admiral Rachel Levine, the Assistant Secretary of Health, on the “Transgender Day of Visibility.” She said this four days after a transgender man murdered 3 teachers and 3 children (aged 9) in a Nashville, TN Christian school.

“As a proud transgender woman, I celebrate Transgender Day of Visibility by honoring the work that has brought attention to the greater acceptance of LGBTQI+ individuals. Despite the progress that has been made, the most vulnerable among us continue to suffer… We must do more. We need to create healthy people, healthy communities, and a healthy nation for all.”

So I have questions. Does the Assistant Secretary support chemical castration for minors? Or double mastectomy for minors? How about forcing private businesses to kowtow to LGBTQ demands? How about men participating in women’s sports? Drag queen shows for children? Do these things create healthy communities? Just asking.

It seems if there is ONE person that should provide adult guidance, logical and sound advice to those with gender dysphoria, it is the Assistant Secretary of Health. But instead of being a calming influence in this turbulent time, she seemingly advocates for more demonstrations. One of which, the “Trans Day of Vengeance” was cancelled due to “credible threats” last week. But according to organizers, “Vengeance means fighting back with vehemence.” Daily Mail, 3/31. Well if that’s what was meant, do you think you could have found a better way to express it? As my Mom said, “Geez Louise.”

I don’t assume the moral high ground but am like most of us I suspect, generally a live-and-let-live person. However, when someone shakes a tip jar in my face my patience ebbs. Right now the LGBTQIA+ seems to be mounting a jihad of sorts. Shouldn’t individuals focus on their communities rather than seeking national attention? Seeking understanding rather than discord? And realize, they will not convert those with religious or moral conflicts. Just as they will not abandon theirs.

So stop shaking the tip jar. All that does is cause bitterness. Perhaps sincerity and compassion may not convert all, but they may at least achieve detente. So step back Admiral, you have obviously substituted victimhood and politics for ethics. And that’s never a good look for one in your position.

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