A Male Lesbian’s Take–An Ongoing Domestic Cognitive War

The America I knew as a young man, was a country in which you could grow up to be anything you wished. My how that is now truer today, than ever before, but not in a good way.

Today, no matter who you are, you can grow up to be literally “anything” you wish, given the woke progressive liberal extremists’ definitions and Orwellian interpretation of biology. Fact becomes fiction. Fiction becomes fact. As we now see, based on a level of psychosis emanating from progressives that man can be woman, woman can be man.

The level of lunacy must be addressed, and there is a way to do so. It is by embracing the left’s lunacy and replaying it for them. I have been discussing this with several colleagues over the last decade but decided to finally push the discussion public. Why? Because we must not accept lunacy as normal, fiction as fact, and push back in the ongoing domestic cognitive war – a war in which the objective is to subjugate the human mind into stating the unreal as real, in order to drive a level of compliance, complacency, and submission to others who wish to tell us how to think, speak, act, live, die, and breath.

The result is a broadcast on radio, now moved to podcast, that details how to fight back and how to discuss the lunacy in a logical non-emotional way.

Since the broadcast, I was also happy to see others are pushing back on this insanity[1]. And in doing so, I found it hilarious, as the so called “tolerant” leftists and progressives became hyperbolic, venomous, and spewed absolute hate at this man – for doing only what they themselves were doing. As I’ve stated before, the progressive hypocrite’s oath is “it’s good for thee, but not for me.” People need to stand their ground and if threatened, push back with a verbal warning first, but if no reaction and threat persists take any and all necessary actions to defend oneself. Time to end hate, as it sure isn’t conservatives who are showing lunacy up other’s rears.

You can find this enlightening discussion here:

A Male Lesbian’s Take On Cognitive War – The National Security Hour with Edward Haugland (theinformationequilibrium.blogspot.com)

Edward L. Haugland, © 2023, all rights reserved.

  1. Indiana Republican Faces Liberal Outrage After He Jokes That He’s Now a Lesbian Trans Woman of Color (freebeacon.com)

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