Political Parody As a Weapon Part XCII

Political Parody As a Weapon Part XCII; From Here to Paternity

Last week, in Part XCI, we mocked the enforcement arm of the democrats and left for their differential treatment of republican presidential candidates. This week, we will turn our attention back to the Biden crime family, and specifically the scion of it who might be described as half-Sonny, half-Fredo.

Hunter Biden has had a busy week or two, with details of a plea agreement that he has entered into with his father’s Department of Justice regarding his tax evasion and his false statements denying his unlawful drug use while purchasing a handgun in 2018 being released this week by the Office of the US Attorney in the District of Delaware. While it is believed that the sole surviving son of the current part time occupant of the White House has dodged a bullet in the sweetheart deal he has been given, more will be learned when he appears for sentencing in July. His fate may hinge on whether the federal probation officer completing the presentence investigation has read Miranda Devine’s “Laptop from Hell” or Hunter Biden’s autobiography “Beautiful Things”.

Still, the tax and firearm cases were not the only legal issues dogging “The First Son” before Father’s Day last week. The Washington Free Beacon covered the filing in the Arkansas child support case involving the daughter that Hunter sired in the District of Columbia with former stripper Lunden Roberts during the same crack binges when Hunter’s other mistress (and sister-in-law) was tossing his handgun into the dumpster behind Janssen’s Market on Kennett Pike in Greenville, Delaware. The Free Beacon’s story detailed how Hunter Biden had fired her from the job he had given his baby’s mother, causing her to lose her health insurance and “has had no involvement in the child’s life since the child’s birth”.

Of course, in the run-up to Father’s Day, the tale of how Hunter and his family were neglecting this particular issue might not have endeared Biden to the court as he sought to reduce his monthly child support payments from the $20,000 per month he agreed to chill the matter while his father was running for office. This is particularly significant since the court’s demand for greater financial transparency would have opened a window on the family money laundering schemes that have come to light since that time.

Still, just as Hunter’s criminal exposure seemed to be reduced in the last couple of days, this story appeared in the New York Post, noting that a settlement had been reached in the child support case, and Hunter’s payments were slashed from $20,000 to $5,000 per month. While one wonders which horse’s head was placed in Lunden Roberts’ bed to make her agree to such a reduction, it does seem that Hunter’s bullet dodging may qualify him for a role in a future “Matrix” installment.

Of course, Hunter Biden is far from the first young man to experience anxiety or legal difficulty as a result of paternity issues. As this clip from Season Two of “The Wire” indicates, it is a fear that is easy to exploit.

Speaking of exploitation, this week’s song parody will exploit the hits of The Supremes when they were fronted by Diana Ross. Like in the video clip, “Love Child” is a very topical song that requires no alteration to the original lyrics in order to be relevant to Hunter Biden’s Father’s Day. Still, the lyrics will be modified to even more closely and accurately describe the circumstances through which young Navy Roberts (perhaps to be Biden one day) was brought into the world.



(Family’s scum)

Hunter’s not calling her back
He’s busy smoking his crack
Their child has no importance
He’s cancelled health insurance

Love child, conceived on a crack binge
Love child, don’t it make you cringe
Love child, mom was a good sport
Love child, now needs child support

His girl started her life when her mother climbed down from the stripper pole
To smoke crack and grift money was her daddy’s goal
He sold his father’s influence
Made his money trading on his family’s name

Bidens are always lying
Soon Hunter will be trying
Paternity denying
Court orders soon defying

Love child, has Hunter’s D N A
Love child, so now he has to pay
Love child, so next all Hunter’s fronts
Love child, must now pay 20 K per month

Hold on, hold on, there’s a court order (His baby)
Hold on, hold on, He gives no quarter (His baby)

Soon he was cruel
He got remarried and he moved out there to L A
Refused to give his daughter his name to say
He wrote a book “Beautiful Things”
Became a painter and he got a gallery

But here’s what’s really funny
He claimed to have no money
His laptop might tell us why
He gave it to “the Big Guy”

Love child, love child
Never met grandpop
No name, ashamed

No room at the top

But they’ll just deny it
They’ll just deny it
They’ll just deny it

They’ll just deny it
They’ll just deny it
Just deny it
It, It, It

They’ll just deny it

#Parody #Ridicule #Alinsky

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