The Democrat Party Has Outlived Its Usefulness

Like most people, I try to be resourceful with the things I use.  I wear some of my favorite clothes for so long they develop holes in them before I throw them away.  Others I wear until it’s too embarrassing to even try to give them to Goodwill.  My wife is constantly telling me I need new clothes.  I make my shoes last longer by putting plastic taps on the heels.  I used metal ones at West Point (I wonder if that’s still allowed?).  I reuse grocery bags until I can’t.  There are so many other uses for them.  Don’t get me wrong, I like new things.  I know that things just don’t last forever.  Keeping items beyond their past due date isn’t always a good thing.  Well, I feel that is where we are with the Democrat Party.  It’s well past its due date and the stench is becoming overwhelmingly nasty and noticeable to everyone.


I hear it said that today’s Democrat Party is not your grandfather’s Democrat Party.  That’s not saying much.  Our grandfather’s, great grandfather’s and great great grandfather’s Democrat Party is the party of slavery, the Confederacy, KKK, lynchings, poll taxes, segregation, colored drinking fountains, Jim Crow laws, separate but equal, Bull Connor, George Wallace, Al Gore, Sr. and all the rest.  The phrase “not your grandfather’s Democrat Party” is meant to lull you into forgetfulness of the good ole days.  Any reference to a kinder, gentler Democrat Party is wishful thinking.  That party is beyond reforming.  Time to start over.


Virtually everything today’s Democrat Party stands for is immoral, amoral, indecent, unjust, unscientific, racist, unpatriotic, convoluted, dangerous, laughable, and just plain wrong, all at the same time.  And those are its good qualities. 


The Founding Fathers were, for the most part, against party politics, but it was inevitable.  They warned against the dangers of political parties.  Political parties are formed based on ideology to promote certain societal and economic concepts of their members.  What is the ideology of the Democrat Party?  (A side note:  I don’t refer to that party by its official name because there isn’t much that is democratic about that party)


First and foremost, the Democrat Party has chosen to exclude God.  The party mouths some platitudes about “religion” in its party platform but excludes the mention of God.  Our Founders foresaw that our republic could only remain governable by a moral people.  Without God, there is no morality.  Thus, the Democrat Party of today is what it is, a party devoid of morality.  It is a party out of control, or rather, in the control of very unsavory influences.  Without the guardrails of morality, this party is driving over the cliff, and wants to take the rest of us with it.  No thanks.


Anything goes in today’s Democrat Party, except traditional values like faith, the nuclear family including parental rights, and our personal freedoms free of government coercion, censorship and over taxation. 


Just look at the subjects that Democrats now consider to be controversial, like saying men are men and women are women and that men shouldn’t be competing against women in sports.  Very controversial, right?


Or how about singing a country song about not tolerating sucker punching women on the sidewalk, spitting in the face of a policeman or carjacking in a small town in the USA?  To say or think those thoughts and especially to sing about them is now considered racist by the Democrat Party base.  The latest outrage on the Left is country music superstar Jason Aldean’s song and video “Try that in a small town”.


The cancel culture of the Democrat Party base is so strong and intimidating that the feckless suits at CMT (Country Music Television) rolled over for them and pulled this number one song video from their playing rotation.  What’s their next genius move, hiring Dylan Mulvaney?  


Artistic freedom is no longer allowed under the new rules, unless you’re a rap “artist” spewing lewd, violent, and misogynistic garbage.  To appreciate today’s popular rap “music” you need to have both a PhD in Ebonics and an AFT or NEA approved sixth grade level sex and gender studies course syllabus handy.  Those hollering “RACISM!” first and the loudest are the real racists.  Try that in a small town, why don’t you?


You can’t have freedom without free speech.  However, House Democrats believe so strongly in the First Amendment that they tried to censor (silence) one of their own, RFK Jr., before he even had a chance to testify to the House Government Weaponization committee earlier this week.  Why, you ask, did they want to silence one of their parties biggest Democrats?  For two reasons, RFK Jr. is running against their president, and they wanted to smear him as an anti-Semite.  Of course, they never want to censor the members of their own anti-Semitic “Squad” members.


You can’t tell Democrats that their emperor is wearing no clothes and you certainly can’t do it while supporting Israel and exposing the corrupt pharmaceutical industry simultaneously.  RFK Jr. is guilty of all of that and must be punished accordingly, First Amendment be damned.  There is no bottom to how far the bottom feeders will go.


The Democrat Party is now composed of the most fringiest elements of the American fringes.  Disparate groups that seemingly have nothing in common other than the destruction of America as we’ve known it are not just at home in the Democrat Party, they are the Democrat Party.  It’s hard to be classified as the fringe of a fringe party.  Catering to the worst of us and of human decadence is what the Democrat Party now stands for. 


With apologies to Emma Lazarus, their new motto seems to be

“Give me your tiresome, your poor mannered,

Your huddled druggies yearning to breathe free crack smoke,

The wretched refuse strewn sidewalks of your teeming


Send these, the homeless encampments, tempest-tost

perpetual victims to me,

I lift my lamp and your wallet beside the golden door and government cheese!”


What purpose does the Democrat Party serve?  A political party that is bent on destroying, tearing down, erasing, and rewriting facts, history, science, and common sense itself is not a party, but a wrecking ball.  A political party should be using its ideas to build up and renew, not bring down and crush.  It should persuade, not coerce.  It should welcome, not threaten.   


The Democrat Party’s heyday has come and gone.  Time to move on.  With no new or exciting ideas, the Democrat Party needs to pack up and get out, declare moral bankruptcy in the court of public opinion and leave us in peace.  You have outlived your usefulness and overstayed your welcome.  I wish we could say we never knew you.  The Democrat Party is brain dead, long live the Democrat Party.                 



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