American Free News Network; Week In Review

Here are some of AFNN’s top stories from the week  of September 18-24.

As we have for some time now, we started the week off as happy warriors with a little political satire from Dave Cloft where he lampoons the idea of Hero Politicians in: The Cult of Political Superheroes: Faith, Fear, and the Quest for the Perfect Politician

Later he skewers those of us who have departed the American warrior tradition and morphed into weak, woke, wimps in: The Great American Rebellion; From Freedom Lovers to Woke Warriors

Our resident Law Enforcement expert, Mike Thiac discusses qualified immunity, its pluses and minuses: A Question Of Qualified Immunity

Elizabeth Vaughn points out that weaponizing Law Enforcement isn’t really a new technique for Democrats, after all, look what they did the Dr Martin Luther King Jr.

In Building a New American Majority, James Atticus Bowden points out the hard, thankless work it’s going to take to wrest generational political control from the left.

Dana Pico points out that the Washington Post may have farmed out its education reporting to the teacher’s Union. Imagine that! Are the Teachers’ Unions Writing Purportedly Straight News Pieces for The Washington Post?

In Wrecking Science Through Consensus, John Green points out that “consensus” isn’t part of the scientific method, and the reasons why. 

On Saturday, our other resident satirist, Albert Constantine Jr. points out that if there were indeed some sort of planetary cataclysm, we could find a much better spokesman than Joe Biden. Parody As a Weapon Part CIV; The planet cries out for a better spokesman.

Finally, Teresa fFord gives us our weekly devotional in: Blessings

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