Building A New American Majority

I was ecstatically shocked in 2016 when working class Whites in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania elected Trump. Keeping HRH Hillary I, out of power was like denying Hitler the chancellorship. It kept criminals from taking power. In 2024 there is a new American Majority that can sweep the senile political grifter-in-chief out of power and prevent Obama’s 4th term of control.

A New American Majority combines economic self-interests and simple common sense over insanity in the Great U.S. Culture War for a possible realignment of power greater than FDR’s Democrat coalition. The Democrats ruled for over 60 years. Today, the abject failures of the Biden regime are apparent to the apolitical swing voters who decide national elections in our deeply divided nation.

From surrender in Afghanistan to 7 plus million illegal alien invasion to the pain of inflation to teetering at the edge of an economic recession to the insanity of all things “Trans”, government has created every problem. Every single one.

All of the 2024 Republican candidates for President can list the remedies. Expand domestic energy, close the border, get “Woke” out of the Armed Services, cut spending, cut taxes, cut regulations, etc.

The economic self-interest of everyone who earns a wage or is a small business owner – from farmer to medical professional – is to elect a Republican as President. This is the real Middle Class of America, not the mythical union family Biden imagines. The wealthy elites and Government-dependent welfare class will vote Democrat for the Federal spending that puts money in their pockets.

The broad coalition of Middle Class Americans can swing all the swing states. It can’t broach the culturally corrupted regions, urban centers, or populations blinded and enslaved by identity politics. Blue states will vote Blue.

But, when those Purple toss-up states go Red, the opportunity for a new governing majority can be built on the narrative of “Who decides?”

Who decides if gas is produced at home or bought expensively from overseas? Who decides what fuel you car can run on? What kind of car you can have? How you heat, cool, and light your home? What food you eat?

Who decides what is taught to your children or grandchildren?

Who decides what your healthcare choices are?

Who can decide to re-impose health emergencies for another virus, systemic violence, racism, or any excuse for dictatorial powers?

Who decides what jobs are available? What money can be borrowed for small businesses?

Who decides what you can say on social media? Or, in public?

Who decides who, what, or why you can’t criticize? Or, object about?

Who decides how much of your income or family inheritance you can keep?

Who decides how much personal safety you and your family have on the street, in a store, at school, or in your home?

Who decides how many people can break our law and come in America to have benefits provided for them from your taxes?

Who decides to spend an entire nation’s economy – and your future well-being – into bankruptcy and poverty?

This narrative is much more than just Make America Great Again. It’s about re-inventing the social contract that is America and her sovereign states into what Edmund Burke said is, “partnership not only between those who are living, but between those who are living, those who are dead, and those who are to be born.” 

It requires the Federalism written into the U.S. Constitution be re-asserted in sovereign states using their plenary powers to deal with divisive social issues. Reduce the Federal government to its seventeen clearly listed and limited powers.

It demands justice in deporting 30 million illegal aliens or assimilating them – at some significant personal cost and restrictions for them – and without excuse or hesitancy into American Civilization as American citizens – not as Democrat peasants. That won’t happen in Blue states and cities without Federal supervision over this one specific Federal government responsibility.

Finally, and frankly, if Trump is the candidate in 2024, this grand coalition is doomed. Trump can’t articulate the narrative well enough to the swing voters in at least five swing states over his own personal high negatives. He won’t be able to overcome whatever improvements in vote harvesting the Democrats have made since their Blue wall held in 2022.

If the Democrats win in 2024, more additional millions to the 30 million illegal aliens already in America will insure future national elections go Left until America is a smoking, rotting ruin of what it once was.

Ron DeSantis could lead this epoch-making coalition if enough Republicans vote wisely in the primaries. We’re just months away from the future unfolding.

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