Visibility Due to Our Warriors, by George McClellan

Last Friday, 05 April 24, had been designated Vietnam Green Beret Veterans Recognition Day. I don’t know who made that proclamation but it wasn’t Joe Biden. I think it should be called the “Green Beret’s Day of Visibility.” They should be feted with speeches, parades in Battle Dress Utilities, their green berets fitted properly on their heads, marching proudly to Sousa’s ‘Stars and Stripes Forever’ and the ‘Ballad of the Green Berets.’ They simply don’t get enough recognition publicly like Joe’s weirdos do. I also know these guys aren’t into parades and speech-making. They would rather have a case or two of cold beer, a BBQ with their close friends, wives, and girlfriends around ‘em, and enjoy the comradeship. Joe Biden’s failed government spends its time instead praising weird sexual sickos determined to make America safe for themselves and their predator pervert pals, even in the military.

Joe Biden marches to his drummer. He said: “We celebrate the joy, strength, and absolute courage of some of the bravest people I know,” [the Green Berets]. “Today, we [should] show millions of Americans that we see them, they belong, and they should be treated with great dignity and respect.” Joe also issued a ”call upon all Americans to join us in lifting up the lives and voices of [America’s warriors] throughout our Nation and to work toward eliminating violence and discrimination based on [their military] identity.” Of course, I’ve taken the liberty of replacing Joe’s objects of affection with mine. Mine are in brackets.

It’s all rhetoric isn’t it, and how words are chosen to praise or demean some group or other according to the Leftists meme of the day, a tactic the Democrats excel in. We’ve already watched as Progressives (Democrats) took control of our educational institutions, including even elementary schools. I can’t be convinced that pedophiles in drag looking like circus clowns have any value in reading stories to little children or putting on stage shows displaying their sexuality and not understanding why we’ve given control to the inmates.

Progressivism has even coopted our military demanding, upon penalty of dismissal and loss of earned benefits, that they give due ‘dignity and respect’ to the LBGQT weirdos who are expected to join them in battle. Now, the Biden gang is going after Conservative Lawyers, especially those willing to take on Progressive regimes for their Constitutional violations of other people’s rights. The Constitution is in grave danger, not because Biden’s gang will change it, but because they ignore it, sowing fear into anybody who challenges their right to govern. I’m not a conspiracy theorist by any means. I am a ‘things don’t add up and it’s obvious theorist, like climate change. Climate Change is a conspiracy, but one against frightened Americans so Democrats can keep their control.

 Now it’s the “Green Energy” scam Joe Biden is determined to mandate all Americans embrace. Here is how Capitalism and Socialism are distinguished from each other: Capitalism allows the free market to rise or fall according to the demand. If it works, everybody makes money. Socialism, on the other hand, uses taxpayer funds to buy their success. A good example is the thousands of wind generators polluting our scenic landscapes. If they were effective they would pay for themselves without the government subsidizing them.

If Electric Vehicles were the Left’s panacea for cheap transportation why aren’t they affordable or usable? They are funded, and now, as American car companies have dropped the foolishness of their manufacture, Joe’s gang intends to have them made in Mexico of Chinese parts. In other words, Biden continues to subsidize China’s manufacturing process to the determent of American commerce. The growing list of Progressive mandates designed to reduce Americans to penury continues apace and they don’t intend to lose it all to a former president who’s already near scared ‘em to death. Joe hasn’t learned the one lesson important to growing old. When confronted and he can’t answer or think of an answer, Joe gets grouchy. But, once you get old you can stop being grumpy and start being honest, especially to our warriors. Visibility counts!

Remember, freedom is the goal; the Constitution is the way. Now, get involved.

Help save America.
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  1. “Capitalism” is a word created by Karl Marx as a perjorative describing free markets. Socialists/Communists hate all freedoms, including free markets. Socialism can only be coerced, either by brute force or stealth elections, on the masses. It is never willingly accepted.

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