The Stasi State In Action: The Flynn Documentary-the Railroading Of LTG Michael E. Flynn, US Army (Ret) And His Son: Obama And His Swampy Deep State Liars Perform a Takeout Part 2

The Flynn documentary explains why President Obama identified LTG Michael Flynn, US Army (Ret) as a threat that POTUS elect Donald J. Trump should be concerned about-mentioned in the same breath as North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

Obama lied to the American people about his campaign to play kissy-face with the Iranians, desperate to reach an agreement on a nuclear accord with the American and Israel hating regime. His propaganda effort led by Ben Rhodes trumpeted the rise of “moderates” emerging in elections in Iran at a time when Iran leadership had imposed a requirement for any political figure to be led by associates of the “death to America, death to Israel” crowd as a prerequisite to run in the elections.

Rhodes did a masterful job spinning these tales of a moderate Iran and engaging witting dupes in the LSMBTGA to trumpet the message to the American people. This Federalist article details Rhodes effort on behalf of Obama. From the piece:

In the spring of last year, legions of arms-control experts began popping up at think tanks and on social media, and then became key sources for hundreds of often-clueless reporters. ‘We created an echo chamber,’ [Rhodes] admitted, when I asked him to explain the onslaught of freshly minted experts cheerleading for the deal. ‘They were saying things that validated what we had given them to say.’ (emphasis added)

We did not need Michael Flynn’s intelligence expertise to ferret out this story of how the Obama Administration deliberately misled us on the Iran Nuclear Deal-the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA.) Rhodes very proudly articulated how he pulled off the lies and mistruths spread by the administration through witting dupes.

What Flynn would have exposed-or put into context-was how the Obama administration conducted these negotiations without putting any conditions whatsoever on the maniac Iranian regime when it came to things like attacks on American military and civilians in Iraq.

The facts are stark and revealing, with this report covering a critical period where negotiations were ongoing with Iran-top secret discussions that reportedly started as early as 2011. From the piece:

In the US case, data collected from ‘Honor the Fallen’, a database created by the Military Times, shows that, of the 5,413 US soldiers killed on operation, where the cause of death was known, some 2,640 were killed by IEDs..

2,591 of these were male, 48 were female. In total, 1,790 troops died from IEDs in Iraq and 828 Afghanistan.

This means that 48.7% of total military deaths between the 9th September, 2011 and the 9th October, 2020 were attributed to IEDs; in Iraq, 52% of forces killed died from IEDs, in Afghanistan it was 48.2%.

It wasn’t simply these back-channel secret negotiations that would have been exposed by Flynn. Operation Cassandra was another Obama compromise to appease the Iranians-only this one involved serious crimes and drug trafficking in the United States by Iran proxy Hezbollah, raising money in the US that flowed to militant terrorist groups in Iraq. From the piece:

“There is certainly the elements of Hezbollah that are truly a concern to us what they’re doing,” Brennan said. “And what we need to do is to find ways to diminish their influence within the organization and to try to build up the more moderate elements.”

In practice, the administration’s willingness to envision a new role for Hezbollah in the Middle East, combined with its desire for a negotiated settlement to Iran’s nuclear program, translated into a reluctance to move aggressively against the top Hezbollah operatives, according to Project Cassandra members and others.

The Obama administration paid ransoms for American hostages, denied it and eventually had to admit that the money paid to Iran was part of a condition to release US military hostages.

These efforts would have been of interest to somebody who knew where to look to find classified negotiations.

A bigger vulnerability would likely have been the role of the Five Eyes (US, UK, Australia, New Zealand and Canada) in the Russia, Russia, Russia hoax led out of London Station, CIA, by Gina Haspel.

Recall that Haspel was relegated to London Station Chief-a prestigious post-after she was identified as the CIA officer who authorized the destruction of Abu Ghraib and other “dark site” interrogation tapes under the nose of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence investigation into abuses.

President Trump brought her back and nominated her to be the first female CIA Director: whomever made that recommendation to him needs to be identified.

Flynn would have been most valuable in ferreting out the involvement of the CIA with the Five Eyes in schemes to go after Trump associates in a known faux attempt to find and prove Russia collusion allegations that the CIA already knew to be false.

What was the CIA incentive? The CIA was selfless civil servant John Brennan, who had his sights set on replacing Clapper as DNI when HRC won.

This New York Post report chronicles the effort which unsurprisingly started long before the reported start date by the FBI under Crossfire Hurricane.

These “dots” of reported FBI activity and efforts by CIA do not connect, track, correlate or make sense when accountability attempts to put events on a timeline and synchronize them with government actions.

Flynn would have discovered this information and exposed these efforts long before Gina Haspel was ever nominated to lead the CIA and do damage control. In fact, before Mueller was nominated to find and bury any incriminating detail related to this hoax.

But Flynn was setup by the Obama administration and was on the way out-a dead man walking-before the Trump administration even started.

Where did the Stasi State go wrong in getting their man Flynn? This Federalist Article by Margot Cleveland walks through the problems. There were a number of issues with his case that in an ordinary court of law not stacked against any defendant linked with the Bad Orange Man (BOM) would never have passed muster to get before a judge.

The leading headline in just about every story about Flynn opens with his guilty plea-twice-to lying to the FBI. He was fired by Mike Pence when Pence said in an interview that Flynn had told him he had not discussed “sanctions” with Kysliak. But shortly thereafter some three-letter agency hell-bent on getting Flynn leaked to the LSMBTGA that Flynn had indeed discussed “sanctions.

The most egregious part of the effort was that Flynn was monitored and recorded talking to Kislyak while he was on vacation in the Dominican Republic: the FBI had the tape and a transcript of the conversation. The word “sanctions” was never mentioned during several conversations.

A review of the information had convinced the FBI that there was no there, there in going after Flynn-but the ethics challenged, adulterer Peter Strzok convinced FBI leadership to give it “one more shot.” The later documents involved in FBI and DOJ Brady violations-exculpatory evidence withheld from the accused in violation of law and the judge’s explicit direction-showed that the FBI worked through the purpose and tactics of the interview and whether there were substantive matters to discuss, or whether the purpose was to get Flynn to lie, e.g., set a perjury trap.

The FBI used subterfuge and familiarity to approach Flynn, the key being not to advise him that he was the target of a potential criminal investigation. After the interview on 24 January 2017, the following information was recorded by the FBI (from the above piece-)

A sealed statement from Strzok confirmed that the “agents did three briefings the day of the interview,” and that Strzok had reported that Flynn “had a sure demeanor, and he was telling the truth or believed he was—even though he did not remember it all.” This led the FBI and DOJ to then write “an internal memo dated January 30, 2017, exonerating Mr. Flynn of acting as an ‘agent of Russia’” and expressing no concern of a possible Logan Act violation.

What? The FBI wrote an exonerating memo? What happened to that?

If you aren’t disgusted by the FBI behavior in this matter, I want to repeat that (1) Flynn had not been notified the FBI was there pursuant to a potential criminal case (2) No administration lawyers were present (3) Flynn made the rookie mistake of being “helpful:” cooperative (4) the FBI had the transcripts of the call and the answers to the questions they were asking Flynn-but played “stump the chump” anyway.

The record Flynn FBI interview form 302 put together by the attending FBI agents would not go final for days to weeks, after edits and refinements by agents-including supervisors not in attendance at the interview-and also by FBI counsel-and Strzok lover-Lisa Page.

On February 10, 2017, the news broke—attributed to ‘senior intelligence officials’—that Mr. Flynn had discussed sanctions with Ambassador Kislyak, contrary to what Vice President Pence had said on television previously.” Following this leak, “overnight,” Flynn’s 302 was changed—and substantively so. “Those changes added an unequivocal statement that ‘FLYNN stated he did not’—in response to whether Mr. Flynn had asked Kislyak to vote in a certain manner or slow down the UN vote.”

Seventeen days after the interview, eleven days after the internal exoneration memo, the FBI leaked to the LSMBTGA that Flynn had lied about discussing “sanctions.”

The Flynn 302 was “sharpened up” and refined to reflect nuances that worked better with the emerging narrative. As the desired “facts” emerged in the revised 302, the FBI energized another “track” to gain leverage in it’s emerging plot against Flynn:

Simultaneously, David Laufman in the National Security Division of DOJ, called Flynn’s law firm, Covington and Burling, to pressure them to file the FARA registration form for Flynn Intel Group. Those FARA registration forms would later be used to press Flynn to plead guilty.

If not obvious, the FBI knew at this point that Flynn’s contract effort was as a sub to another contractor: Flynn was not required to file Foreign Agent Registration Act (FARA) paperwork because he was not contracted to a foreign government. Again-being cooperative, accepting the advice of counsel-put Mike in a position where there was suddenly an “Aha” that could be leveraged to go after his partners and members of his firm-like his son.

Syndey Powell was brought on to replace Flynn’s high-priced lawyers who counted Michael Chertoff as a lead partner. If you look in the dictionary under lawyer malfeasance-their firm’s picture should be right there with an “X” on it. You likely never read this in any of the LSMBTGA pieces reporting how “Flynn pleaded guilty-twice:”

Powell pieced together this timeline and this disturbing evidence of a government out to destroy a man only after Flynn pleaded guilty and without benefit of the exculpatory evidence the prosecution was required to provide. And that’s a problem, Powell argues: “Neither Mr. Flynn nor his former counsel had any of these documents or knowledge of the plethora of information discussed above when Mr. Flynn entered his plea.”

I would like to end this article on a happy note. Town Hall has a good summary of the aftermath that played out on this FBI railroading of Flynn. Attorney General Barr appointed an outside prosecutor who found truly egregious Brady violations and also evidence of counsel malfeasance on the part of Flynn’s “prestigious and high powered” law firm, including the alleged failure to share a potential plea deal with their client when offered up by DOJ at one point.

The problem for Flynn was that even after Barr announced that DOJ was dropping the case, Justice Emmet Sullivan continued to act like he was going to consider-and actually went forward with-having a court advocate assigned to argue the merits of the DOJ decision in a continuation that could have gone on beyond the 2020 election.

Meaning that if the Flynn case kept going and Biden won the election, the dismissal decision could be reopened, and you could have some absolute hack-like some Supreme Court wannabe-like Merrick Garland-become AG. And review the decision to vacate and potentially overturn or reverse and press on with charges.

Mike had gone through enough at this point and Trump pardoned him. The shame of it all is Trump was forced to pardon an innocent man because of our corrupt FBI and even more corrupt DOJ and political court system that could not-or did not- want to put a stop to this FBI malfeasance that was going after an American Patriot.

Who became an enemy of the state-according to Barrack Hussein Obama.

If you are not filled with disgust over this injustice-the lying and scheming of the FBI, the aiding and abetting by the LSMBTGA, the failure of the DOJ to stop this in its tracks, the leaks to the media to fan the flames, and the failure of VP Mike Pence to call administration officials on the carpet to show the facts-to go to bat for Team Trump-notwithstanding that he had an FBI plant in his office-then I don’t know what else to say to convince you.

If you still have the idea that-but, but, but-he pled guilty-twice, the only remedy to a cranial housing group that impenetrable might be a Louisville Slugger Jackie Robinson model with the thick handle.

We need a much lower threshold from a tolerance standpoint of these government criminals-gangsters: and a much higher standard with better accountability for these highly compensated public officials that we pay to do the right thing.

This wasn’t it.

13 June 2024

LSMBTGA: Lamestream media echo chamber (LMEC-L) social media (SM) big tech tyrants (BT,) government (G) and academia (A)

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4 thoughts on “The Stasi State In Action: The Flynn Documentary-the Railroading Of LTG Michael E. Flynn, US Army (Ret) And His Son: Obama And His Swampy Deep State Liars Perform a Takeout Part 2”

    • It starts with restitution-when our govt goes after a political enemy with the might of the govt-unlimited expenditure of our tax dollars-and fails-it has to be made right. The criminal-criminal justice system in NY proved you can modify-change-manipulate the statute of limitations when and as necessary: good to know! Cause these swampy deep state efforts are the epitome of a two-tiered justice system—absolutely nothing to do with “justice”–but “just us!” It is a marathon in public embarrassment during which the victim will be (1) bankrupted (2) taken offline (3) smeared and ruined (4) jailed (5) and most importantly-other like minded or inclined individuals will “get the message.”

      How does Carter Paige-and dozens of others not get millions from the US Govt-our tax dollars-for what the FBI did to him???

      Much like my simple solution for illegals-deduct XXXX thousand from any aid or funds given to a country whose citizen shows up at our border-they will get that message quick (and yes-in my delusion our govt really wants to do something about illegal aliens hahaha) these claims-like Page and like Flynn to start with-should be settled through a penalty fund established by congress by withholding program dollars–starting with the FBI-say-500M-1B dollars…Set up a running tribunal like we’ve done for illegals and Vietnam claims to citizenship and public disposition of things like asbestos and Agent Orange settlements….

      • Max, a refinement on your idea: Identify the people who made those decisions and clawback restitution from their pensions, paycheck withholding, even Asset Forfeiture to go after their homes as they did Flynn’s.

        When a few of these pieces of dogcrap get PERSONALLY cast into poverty as a direct consequence of their misdeeds, it should serve as an effective example to the others…

        • I think it is important to hold government agencies accountable-the best remedy to rein them in is budget-program dollars. When a court or IG finds the agency culpable-it is never a nameless, faceless declaration. Those guilty basswiches should be publicly identified, commensurately fined, reduced in rank and or grade, flogged with wet noodles in the public square.

          If Page or Flynn’s legal bills are any measure of the damage done by these reprobates-that should be the starting point for restitution-the full scope of the damage paid by cutting agency funds, and a percentage allocated to those individually responsible. .

          I am reticent to give the government any more power or freer rein-for instance-to go after pensions specifically rather than a monetary amount-as part of punishment and fines. Just think about some future Hollywood 6 January-like event getting even more out of control on the part of the Stasi State bloodhounds ….

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