Pride Month: Where’s My Freedom from Forced Festivities?

Ah, Pride Month. That glorious time of year when we’re all encouraged, nay, mandated, to celebrate the wonders of human diversity by flying flags, attending events, and making sure our kids get a solid dose of inclusivity training. But here’s a thought: what about my freedom? You know, the freedom to not participate in something that, frankly, doesn’t float my boat? 

First off, let’s get one thing straight: I have no problem with people being as unique or “weird” as they want. You do you. Paint your house in rainbows, dress like a unicorn, knock yourself out. But must we force every business, every school, and every military unit to jump on the Pride bandwagon? I remember a time when waving a flag was a personal choice, not a corporate mandate. But now, if you don’t fly the rainbow flag, you might as well be signing your own social death warrant.

And then there’s the issue of schools. Remember when school was about learning math, science, and history? Good times. Now, it seems like part of the curriculum is ensuring every kid knows all about Pride. Look, I’m all for teaching tolerance and understanding, but can we draw the line at turning classrooms into recruitment centers for social movements? Kids should be learning about algebra, not activism.

Let’s talk about recruitment. I don’t walk around trying to convince everyone to join my club, so why the push to recruit new members for the Pride movement? Tolerance and acceptance are noble goals, but when did we decide that everyone needs to actively participate? Telling me that being part of this movement will make my life great sounds a lot like a sales pitch. And, let’s be honest, the statistics on mental health and life expectancy for LGBTQ individuals don’t exactly paint a picture of a trouble-free existence.

Nowhere is this enforced celebration more apparent than in the military. As if mandatory fun days weren’t bad enough, now we have mandatory Pride events. Serving in the Army, I was required to attend these activities. It didn’t matter if I was interested or not. Participation was non-negotiable. Here’s the thing: moral obligations aside, isn’t part of freedom the ability to choose? Being forced to celebrate something goes against the very principle of freedom.

So, where is my freedom in all of this? The freedom to opt out, to not be inundated with something I don’t agree with? The freedom to let my kids focus on their education without a side of social engineering? Pride Month, with all its forced inclusivity, feels a lot like the opposite of freedom. Celebrate all you want, but don’t mandate my participation. After all, true freedom means having the choice to join in or to sit it out.

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1 thought on “Pride Month: Where’s My Freedom from Forced Festivities?”

  1. Mr Cloft wrote, “I’m all for teaching tolerance and understanding . . . .” Well, I’m not! I am not for teaching tolerance of deviancy, teaching tolerance of the intolerable.

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