Increase Illegals’ Rights, Decrease Americans’ Rights

The key reason^ the Biden Regime is importing foreign nationals, 17 million so far, is to increase the number of electoral votes and House seats in Blue States following the 2030 Census. Keep in mind, by statute, this number is capped at 435 congressional districts. If a state gets one more congressional district (and electoral vote) because Biden’s “newcomers” live there (California & New York are prime examples), another state loses a seat and loses an electoral vote.



The 2030 Census is six years away, but the House of Representatives acted with foresight to help ensure American citizens will be fairly represented in Congress during the following decade. In May, the House passed H.R. 7109, the Equal Representation Act, which would prevent illegal aliens from being counted for the purpose of apportioning congressional representation. H.R. 7109 passed in the House by a vote of 206-202, along party lines. All Republicans voted in favor of the bill, while every Democrat opposed it. In other words, ALL House Democrats voted for decreasing voting rights and representation rights of American citizens. Since Democrats currently own the senate and Joe Biden’s handlers have clearly stated they will not protect Americans’ rights, we will need to wait until 2025 before this bill has a chance of passing. This bill would also protect the integrity of presidential elections, which Democrats oppose.

The Equal Representation Act is intended to fix the inequities created by several overlapping laws. Currently, because Congressional reapportionment and Electoral College votes are determined by census results, and the census counts all people without differentiating who is here illegally, illegal aliens residing in the United States unfairly skew the results.


The failure of the US Census to distinguish between American citizens and foreign nationals is already having a profound effect on representation in Congress and the Electoral College. Adding Biden’s “newcomers” to Yale’s study which determined that 22 million illegals were residing in America in 2018, we have a total of 39 million. After the 2020 Census, the average congressional district was comprised of 761,169 residents, meaning that the current illegal alien population is the equivalent of roughly 49 congressional districts. After the 2030 Census Americans’ voting & representation rights will be significantly diminished in favor of illegal aliens’ “rights,” if the law doesn’t change.

Here are several examples where the size of the illegal population has helped push states over the threshold needed for an additional seat and electoral vote. After the 2020 Census, California, which has the largest population of illegal aliens, came away with four more House seats and electoral votes than it might otherwise have received. Texas had an illegal alien population sufficient to increase its congressional delegation by two members, while Florida and New York each had illegal alien populations amounting to an additional seat.

These impacts will only be magnified in 2030, as the 2020 Census was conducted before the unprecedented wave of “newcomers” touched off by Biden’s open borders. According to recent polls, immigration is the issue that tops the list of American voters’ concerns as we head into the 2024 elections.

Biden's "Newcomers" Are Voting
Biden’s “Newcomers” Are Voting

The scale of illegal immigration directly affects another growing concern: election integrity. Unless illegal aliens are excluded from the Census count for the purpose of reapportionment, their mere presence could determine the outcome of presidential elections in 2032 & beyond, even if not a single illegal alien casts a vote.

And we all know that the Biden Regime and Blue states are registering illegals to vote as quickly as possible before November’s election.



US Census Bureau defrauded Red States of congressional seats following 2020 census.While bureaucrats at the state and local level were busy defrauding the voters during just ONE election, bureaucrats at the federal level were busy defrauding voters for a decade. The US Census Bureau recently admitted making “errors” when they were determining which states gained or lost congressional seats under the 2020 Census. This form of election …

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^The Biden Regime also wants to damage America’s culture by bringing in massive numbers of people from “diverse cultures” who won’t assimilate so that we become warring tribes inside America.

The author, Diane L. Gruber, is a First Amendment advocate who writes for Substack. She calls her Substack newsletter America First Re-Ignited.  

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