How Wonderful It Is To Be Alive

Those Were the Days
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I wrote this title in my Op Ed notebook where I scribble ideas, key words, and my turn of phrases – two years ago, in March 2020.

I wrote, “pandemic or not, these are the days my friend.” Cue the Mary Hopkins song so symbolic for its time – 1968. How ironic. The song of that epic year that split time fitted well for the pandemic when little was known about the virus but fear. Time stopped for awhile.

The virus turned out to be quite less a mega-death event unlike the Black Death of the 1300s. Although, it almost took me out in January-February.

When I was in the hospital and they had done all they could for me, my older daughter asked the nurse if her younger sister should come up, “You know, just in case…”

The nurse said, “Yes, she should come now. All the way from Georgia to Virginia.”

So, my younger daughter rushed up with her family and brought a black dress. Just in case…

I felt like it just might be the case…for a couple of days. Then, I started getting better. It was a very slow go to get well – as in what’s normal to me. This Passover week I feel like I’m back. Two years ago I didn’t know I’d have a winter odyssey of Covid illness.

In late March 2020, I wrote “how wonderful it is to be alive” because one of my geraniums had weathered the winter and was still alive and blooming. Every spring that I’ve been living here at “Sanctuary” just yards from The Bay, I replace the four dead geraniums in the pots outside the kitchen window. The cold winds come off the water hard at my home.

When one plant lived, I talked to it, “If you have such a will to live, I’ll bring you and the others I plant inside before the first frost.” And, so I have for two winters now. The bright red geraniums thrive inside by the sunny southside windows.

The geranium that lived, hugged close to home for shelter through that weak winter before the Wuhan Virus hit. I do the same with faith in my Savior – Lord Jesus Christ. It makes all the difference in this, the winter of my life.

Christian faith, then relationship, meant everything for all of my life, as it does for all lives, for all living things, for all the universe created by the sovereign deity. Like the geranium, I’m thriving where I was put.

It’s been four years now of real peace, joy, and gratefulness. All came full bloom as I was writing “A Grief Felt” about the Lord taking me from grief to gratitude after my wife died. Everything in my spirit was blossoming when I got sick on January 8th. I was a happy man, despite some real personal loss. And, everyday since I got out of the hospital, even though I was quite ill for quite some time, I’m a happy man – from my soul out.

Personally, serious and some bad things happened in the past four years and throughout the latter two of pandemic uncertainty, panic, and politicization. Awful tragedies abound across the world. It’s the way of the world. There’ll always be terrible times and events.

See Psalm 91 about deliverance from war and pestilence. And, “I will say of the LORD, He is my refuge and my fortress: my God; in him will I trust.

I’m grateful for every day. Thrilled to share life with family, church family, friends, and strangers as it goes.

When I was sick, my grown kids saw a bit of the crusty old soldier that I normally keep to myself. The part I let out freely and enthusiastically, is how much I’m still up for the fight to save Virginia, America, and Western Civilization for my grandchildren. And do it so they’ll fight and win for theirs. Coincidentally, congruently, but more importantly, I’m still on fire to share the Good News of Lord Jesus Christ.

He arose from the dead. He did so, so you can too.

You can hear all about it at our church’s Easter Sunrise Service – in Sanctuary’s back yard at 0615.

As my people in West Tennessee say, “God is good. All the time. No matter what. NO MATTER WHAT.”

How wonderful it is to be alive!


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