Parody As a Weapon Part XXXVI

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Last week in Part XXXV, we ventured outside of the fertile yet frequently-plowed ground of song parody, and conjured up a program to rival the magic of “Bewitched” (a rival that wasn’t “I Dream of Jeannie”, which was apparently already done). This week, we will return to cultivate the fields with which we are so familiar, and sow more song parody.

Some may recall that after the National Lodge of the Fraternal Order of Police endorsed President George W. Bush for re-election in 2004, Joe Biden referred to the organization as “brain dead” as he was giving a speech to a labor union. In 2007, Biden then referred to President George W. Bush himself as “brain-dead” , a claim even the leftist Politifact debunked (albeit somewhat tongue-in-cheek, as Biden was then just another democrat senator with a longshot presidential campaign, and not yet VPOTUS for leftist idol Barack Obama or the democrat consensus figurehead candidate to battle President Trump, and therefore could still be criticized in the corporate democrat press).

One might think that a man who was known to have had brain aneurysms himself might be more circumspect in his choice of words to insult those with whom he disagreed. Nonetheless, it is pointed out here as a reminder of who it was who started tossing around remarks about lack of the cerebral power of opponents.

April is a month well noted for its fools, and Joe Biden has been leading in the polls to be the leader in this category, even as he plummets in the presidency approval rating polls. As Jimmy Carter’s presidency floundered, he began to tell tales of killer rabbits. Unlike Joe Biden’s long history of fabulism, though, President Carter’s story was documented. Nonetheless, this past week, Joe Biden had his own leporine problems at the White House, when he was preempted by the Easter Bunny.

Of course, not only does the last clip demonstrate that Joe Biden needs to be told when to wave, but he needs help as well as to when to shut up. Additionally, as the embedded video clip here shows the hazards of letting Joe read (as well as the hazards of not letting him read).

These clips from the last week seem to demonstrate that in the decade and a half since the former senator from Delaware was calling one president “brain dead”, the likelihood of getting a positive result from an electroencephalogram from Joe Biden has decreased quite a bit. Someone who might have seen this bit of karmic justice coming was Dionne Warwick, who in addition to being a Grammy-winning pop singer and one-time guest star on an episode of “The Rockford Files” was the spokeswoman for the Psychic Friends Network.

Whether or not she divined the deterioration of Joe Biden’s cerebral capabilities as a result of paranormal activity or just found it to be obvious, Ms. Warwick’s hits included a rendition of a Burt Bacharach and Hal David song entitled “Anyone Who Had a Heart”. There was another cover of the tune by Cilla Black , where the horns are much more haunting. Whichever version is preferred, I have borrowed it here, and re-worked it to show what the current occupant of the White House has in common with the physical ailments of the Tin Man from “The Wizard of Oz.”

Anyone who had a brain was not insane
Could see all this coming
Anyone who pays for gas knows it must pass
Through pipelines a’humming
A shutdown’s a dumb thing


Anyone who had a brain
Would build pipelines and drill more, too
You couldn’t really have a brain and permit
Some green hermit without a clue
To tell you what to do

Every time you give away, the tax we pay
Tell money goodbye , dear
Spending from a deficit
Just worsens it, as our cash runs dry here
Inflation now my fear


Anyone who had a brain
Would cut spending and start ending this pain, too
You couldn’t really have a brain and like a hack
Talk of Build Back with words so untrue
It’s what you wouldn’t do

Knowing it’s not true so

Anyone who had a brain
Would do better, not forget or babble too
You couldn’t really have a brain and screw up,
and then cue up excuses untrue
Anyone who had a brain would not do so
Anyone who had a brain would take charge and not every call blow
Why can’t Joe

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