Racism: Is Systemic Racism In Schools? (3 of 4)

We have had a discussion concerning equity and federal benefits.  Any program that mandates that we will be the same, that there is equity, while it may not be racist, it is definitely restrictive to the God-given right of pursuit of happiness.  We have also noted that systemic racism is an illusion used as an excuse for failure by the federal government programs. 

Is there another source of systemic racism?  Doctors will tell you that you are what you eat.  By extension, our minds must be programmed by what we are taught.  Is there systemic racism within the Education of our children?

President Andrew Johnson, a Democrat, established the Department of Education in the federal government in 1867.  It was created to gather data concerning the abilities of the children.  The department continued to be a low-level interest until President Jimmy Carter took control of education from the States and placed it firming into the awaiting arms of the Federal Government. 

Why create a Cabinet level organization?  Education was specifically placed under the control of the States by the Northwest Ordinance, passed into law in July 1787.  In addition to abolishing slavery in the territory north of the Ohio River, Article 3 laid the groundwork for State Sponsored Schools.

Religion, morality, and knowledge, being necessary to good government and the happiness of mankind, schools and the means of education shall forever be encouraged.

Today, we have witnessed the total encroachment by the Federal government on powers specifically reserved for the States.  The Federal Government morphs, it grows, it expands beyond the walls meant to control the federal beast.  As you pay your taxes, ask yourself, how much more do I pay because so many “State” functions are now controlled by the federal government?  What is the financial multiplier of having remote federal experts do the job that local state experts could do?   

Perhaps federal control was inevitable, for how can States be allowed to provide religious, moral and general knowledge to the students?  Some may say that would be a violation of the 1st Amendment, they would be wrong.  Unfortunately, rejecting State control allows various opposition views within the federal government to infiltrate the minds of children, before the children are mentally prepared to logically evaluate differences. 

There is a sharp contrast between the control of education at a local level and at the federal level.  Local control has parents attending school board meetings with objections.  Federal control has mandates issued, with funding strings attached for compliance.  It is a tax rebate; we get 10% back on what we provided to fund the federal education bureaucracy.  That was never the intent of the Framers. 

Historically. education was deemed as a ground up project – “schools and the means of educations shall forever be encouraged.”  Why?  Each State is different.  They compete for jobs, for atmosphere and for knowledge.  The competition between the States improves the Nation.  A federal cabinet level organization cannot know what is best for the individual State republics. 

There is a far greater reason for State control of all tasks not specifically granted to the National government.  PROTECTION.  When States are responsible for themselves, it is more difficult to change the mindset of the entire Nation on a whole by federal mandates with strings. 

Elections cannot change the swamp bureaucracy; it is simply too big.   A conservative President cannot reign in the tentacles of a massive federal government.  Once a cancer starts growing inside an organization, it is impossible to detect, it cannot be removed.   A cancer growth starts slowly, one lives with it for years, until all at once, it destroys the host.

The cancerous growth in education started in the late 1960’s.  Slowly and carefully, shared values of liberty have been laid to waste. 

Growing up, if one could not handle the curriculum with a passing mark, one repeated the grade.  Individual States taught history focusing on the great achievements and people of their State.  One was proud of their State.  United States history covered the good and the bad, the sacrifices, the growth and the melting pot of cultures which shaped the Nation. 

Civics was the glue, the presentation of a new concept in governance, one predicated on the fact that man had unalienable rights and that government was to protect those rights with uniform laws and separation of powers.

Slowly, through edicts and special programs, the federal education department has encroached on every aspect of education, including prayer and the concept of morality.  “Anything goes” is more important than respect your neighbor.  Students are shuffled through the grades so that their self-esteem is not harmed.  Parents are pushed out of the loop in preference to guidance counselors.  Rouge teachers are praised as they explored witchcraft, hypnosis and sexuality without consent of the parents. The benefits of Marxism are explored.  And the false concept of the slave based original sin is presented.  These ideas have taken root; they are resulting in the marches, riots, burning, looting and the demand for equity that we see today. 

States and parents have no voice in this federal education department.  As a result, the United States has plummeted in the worldwide ranking of basic knowledge. 

But we are raising Citizens of the World, versus Citizens of the United States.

The Federal controlled curriculum, when coupled with color, promotes the illusion of systemic racism, for the recipients of the socialist decrees are the Americans most at risk – the rural poor, the inner-city children, those requiring assistance and the children lacking a nuclear home. 

Remote control is a failure, just like remote learning.  Our kids deserve better. 

Get organized.  Elect conservatives for the School Board.    Contact your federal and State representatives and demand the right to take your money out of the Federal Government School cesspool and place it were you deem correct. 


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1 thought on “Racism: Is Systemic Racism In Schools? (3 of 4)”

  1. The term, systemic racism bothers me. It cannot stand alone. It has to be part of something bigger, like one party dominance of institutions, like the Department of Education, maybe others, because the Department of Education seems to have been controlled so long by Democrats that there is no room left for anything, but their nonsense. If that’s the case, you can make an argument about there being systemic racism, but buy using all the examples of Democrat leaning policies that have all those cute names meaning the opposite of what they claim, which institute Democrat policies that are usually closer to Nathan Bedford Forrest kinds of racism than anything else I can think of, and Democrats love to cover up all their racist attitudes and policies.
    But systemic racism on its own? No such thing. Culture has a way of curing racism, until Democrats get further involved, mostly by calling everyone racists. Like institutional racism, systemic racism is mostly one of the the latest and greatest catches of the day on the Democrat menu.
    They just have to have a label for their groups, ‘ya know?

    And, like you said, it’s an illusion.

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