Racism: A Final Look


As the last missive noted, racism is insidious.  One cannot do anything about the color of their skin.  We can dye our hair, if we have any.  We can change the color of our eyes with contacts.  But we cannot change our skin color.


Again, we are all the same race, but the public has been conditioned to view race as color.  Whatever you do, never tell a Chinese person that they are the same race as a Japanese person.  And no matter how many white people there are, never accuse someone of being in the French race, unless they are genetically French. 


I believe the greater majority of people in this Nation are not racist, they interact daily with people of all colors, unless they live in northern Idaho.


Over the past 50 years, Americans have been conditioned to use color in almost every form of speech.  We no longer have good cops and bad cops; we have white cops and black cops.  We no longer have Republican and Democrat politicians; we have black republicans and white democrats.  In every aspect of life, we must use a color to complete the description of a person.


The issue is that we use color as an adjective.  For example, I do not care for lawyers.  I also despise car salesmen.  I realize that there are good members in both fields, but I cannot be bothered.  Both statements are fine in public, unless someone has an agenda. 


If I were to say, “I do not like lawyers,” in a room filled with some black lawyers, that could be viewed as a “racist”comment to some.  But in my case, I do not like lawyers of any color…  or nationality or religion or sexual orientation or whatever pronouns. 


It might seem to some that it is more and more difficult to speak in public, it is.  Every statement must be qualified.  Personally, I do not have time.


“I hate RAP music.”  The statement is short and to the point.  It does not mean that I am a racist, I simply hate RAP music.  I could clarify that statement by adding, “nothing against the artist,” but that would not be a correct statement.  I do not care who the artist is, I do not care about their color; the words are degrading and there is no music, it is computer generated!  The music, if one calls it that, is terrible.  And by the way, so is grunge music and acid-rock.  Now Motown, that was fantastic!


A former southern Marine friend of mine married an immigrant from Kenya.  I was mesmerized by the music, it was beautiful.  Do I need to point out that my friend is white, and the lady is black?  Is that relevant to the beauty of the Kenyan music?


Today, it is proper to use color as a trait in every aspect of description except criminal behavior.  No color is allowed…  it is racist!!   And there are times when religion cannot be used.


An elderly man can report being mugged by a man, having the pronouns he and him, but do not, under penalty of racism report that the attacker was black!  If a bomb goes off in a Synagogue, one can report that the suspect is a male, suspected of having the pronouns he/him/they, but do not report his color or the fact that he spray painted Islamic symbols on the walls of the property.  If a white man is suspected of robbery, you can report his color.  You do not need to use his pronouns.


The rules of conversation keep morphing, have you noticed?  How are we to report a transgender person using the wrong bathroom!


The true Progressive Socialist Liberal Democrats are racist.  Yes, they are racist.  Now they may not hate someone because of the color of their skin, but they understand that they can use those groups to advance their agenda.  These people are racist because they hate everyone that does not embrace their ideology.  They believe in tyranny to achieve their goals.


The Progressive Socialist Liberal Democrats do not believe that people can make proper decisions regarding their life.  These despots do not believe citizens have the free will to decide their individual path in life.  Rather, those that believe in tyranny believe that they are gods. They have evolved in this world to take control, and they will attempt any feat necessary to make that possible. 


As you watch antifa or BLM marching and looting in the street, do they care about whom is harmed?  Does color or race or heritage mean anything to them?  Do they care that they are destroying people’s lives?  No, they do not.


And the progressive politicians in those cities and States, do they attempt to stop the violence?  Do they care about the black lives destroyed or the brown lives or the American lives?  No, the leaders care about power, they have signed a pact with the devil revoking man’s right of life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.


How racist is Stacey Abrams when she claims that blacks in Atlanta do not have the mental ability to obtain a valid photo identification?  Racism is defined as judgement based to color.  Stacey has never talked about the white-trash contingent of Atlanta.


America is not racist.  However, progressive liberal socialist democrats who continually use race to achieve power, they should be called racist.  They are simply tools of the dark side and they are racist. 


Study the American Founding.  Almost every colony was established on religious grounds, on the belief that God blessed man with freedom.  Indeed, that is why America is the Shining City on the Hill…  for throughout history, the rest of the world lived in darkest and servitude.

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