Hopelessness is All the Democrats Have Left

It looks like President Gremlin may be done. The Dems are starting to turn on him. Both the New York Times and The Atlantic have run stories that Democrat Party leaders are questioning old Joe’s ability to do the job. Duh! In fact, according to the Daily Mail, one anonymous Democrat lawmaker called the Biden administration, “rudderless, aimless, and hopeless.” And that was from somebody on his own team – ouch.

But I have to disagree with whoever coined that term. They’re more wrong than right. There has been nothing aimless or rudderless about anything Biden has done. The Biden administration has been misguided, not unguided.

They’re only feeling hopeless because Joe tried to give them everything on their Christmas wish list. Now they don’t like what that wish list looks like under the hard light of reality. Be careful what you wish for – and all of that.

You see, there is nothing aimless or rudderless about Biden’s actions. “Aimless” implies a lack of an objective – not having a goal to aim at, or a destination that he wants to take America to. Reagan was aiming for something – the shining city on the hill (which came from a 1630 sermon by John Winthrop). Trump had an objective too – American greatness. Joe’s aim for America is a bit different, but he’s not wavering in the slightest.

The party radicals sold him on the notion of a socialist utopia – with the new politburo going by the initials DNC. And by Gaia (his base being environmentalist wackos), that is what he has been shooting for. He hasn’t taken his eye off of that sight picture for even an instant. You’ve got to give the man credit. He knows what his base wants. Unfortunately, he foolishly decided to serve his base, and not all Americans. That’s going to cost him.

It’s a mistake to consider him rudderless as well. “Rudderless” implies that the ship of state is wandering around randomly. Nothing could be further from the truth. To get to that leftist paradise he envisions, Joe has swung the rudder hard to port, and is keeping it there with ruthless determination.

Government spending is being used to make everyone wards of the state. That it has triggered runaway inflation has not changed Joe’s determination to spend more.

Academic indoctrination has sought to separate children from their families and churches. When parents tried to push back, our Department of Justice targeted them as terrorists. There was still no course change.

A pandemic has been used to test the limits of autocracy. The government closed some businesses while leaving others open. Our President mandated that we all take an experimental drug treatment. Lockdowns violated our right of assembly. We were even told what we could and couldn’t do with our own property. When the courts said “no’ to all of the above, the administration began attacking the courts. Notably, Biden did not accept the court decisions and begin adhering to the Constitution. He began looking for work arounds to the Constitution, to stay on his chosen course.

Our constitutionally protected liberties have also been under attack. First, they tried to restrict our freedom of speech in the name of preventing disinformation. Of course, it would be leftist bureaucrats who would decide what constituted “disinformation.” Next the Dems tore the blindfold off of Lady Justice – creating one set of rules for Democrats and another for everyone else. Now they are attacking our right of self-defense with red flag laws and onerous regulations and fees. Finally, environmentalism has been used to justify government expansion into all aspects of our lives – in the name of saving the planet. But it has given us skyrocketing fuel prices and a broken supply chain.

But just because Joe has decided to collide with an iceberg doesn’t mean he isn’t steering this ship. He’s being stupid and stubborn, but not rudderless.

Socialism is a perverted compromise between two entirely incompatible systems – capitalism and communism. It has been tried many times, but has never worked. It fails because it runs counter to human nature. To keep it going requires massive government control and spending. Ultimately, it crushes the human spirit and lowers the standard of living. For it to continue the state must eventually control every aspect of human existence, placing itself above God, family, and individual liberty. It requires humans to assume a hive existence. Freedom and socialism cannot coexist.

As the socialist experiment fails, it’s practitioners must make a choice. They can choose to return to capitalism. Or they can double down and commit to full blown communism – state control of everything. That’s why the Dems are feeling hopeless. We’re at that fork in the road. Returning to capitalism would require the Dems to admit that they’ve been wrong about everything for the past 90 years (when the New Deal was started). That’s a mighty big pill to swallow. But communism is repugnant to people who have known freedom – and that destination is becoming visible over the horizon.

This experiment in leftism was destined to fail. Joe just had the ineptitude to make it fail faster than anyone thought possible. He did it faster than FDR, LBJ, Jimmy Carter, or Barack Obama. A clever President may have kept the ruse going for a few years. But that’s a level of clever that Biden does not have in his tool kit.

For the Dems, going back (to capitalism) represents failure. But going forward (to communism) also means failure (at the ballot box). Given their current predicament, hopelessness is the only emotion available to them.

They are locked into a path that is destined to treat them to a few electoral cycles in the wilderness. Maybe more than a few, if they don’t learn their lessons.

So are the Democrats

  • Rudderless – Nope
  • Aimless – Nope
  • Hopeless – Gloriously so

Joey from Scranton gave the spoiled kids on the left everything they wanted (just like he did his actual kids). He took a hard left turn and made a beeline for communism. But it resulted in $6 gas, empty store shelves, runaway inflation, and disappearing liberties. The number of Americans who think the country is on the wrong track is up to 88 percent. That is almost 9 out of 10 Americans who think we made the wrong choice at the capitalism/communism fork in the road. I’d feel hopeless too – if I were them.

Author Bio: John Green is a political refugee from Minnesota, now residing in Idaho. He has written for American Thinker, American Free News Network, and The Blue State Conservative. He can be followed on Facebook or reached at greenjeg@gmail.com.

This article was first published by American Thinker.

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1 thought on “Hopelessness is All the Democrats Have Left”

  1. The left never expected the opposition to grow like it has, even from their own. Their plan was never about anything, but the accumulation of raw power, and that became too obvious. The problem is that they will continue to cheat to hold on to what they have, or destroy everything on the way down.
    Dangerous times. Could very well be too late to fix what ails our country. That’s the sad part. This did not have to happen, except for immature and greedy ideas.

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