I’m Not Going To Let This Go.

Let’s go back in the election time machine, to election night 2020 and the coverage, to try to sort out how those of us who think(know, beyond a reasonable doubt!) the election was a complete fraud. Fraud happens to be a crime, even in elections.

First, look at how the numbers were totaling up for Donald Trump. He was ahead in every state that mattered, until about ten pm. Actually, in Pennsylvania, so far ahead that it should have been called at shortly after the polls closed. At that time, some amazing things began to happen. Vote tallies went blank, some started fluctuating, in real time, others just stopped dead in their tracks. For those of us who were watching(I stayed up until about 2:30 in the morning), a lot of strange things happened. Numbers in election totals in several states started to turn around and switch exclusively for Biden. Michigan actually saw dramatic changes, also in real time, as if there was a man behind the curtain in Wizard of Oz. I never in my life saw what happened on that night, on any other election.

It got so obvious that a blind man could see what was going on.

The entire time, after the polls all closed, nothing went in Donald Trump’s favor, and, in fact, every ballot cast went for Joe Biden. Every means at least 90% of all ballots, because the left had to throw in something that might lead others in believing that nothing was going on, like I sure thought it was. Setting aside the Fox News Chris Stirewalt stupidity, and even that should never have happened from the supposedly best news source in America, the left kept using every tactic it could to introduce all those illegally cast ballots, up to and including trucking in made up ballots from New York to Pennsylvania. How many ballots can fit inside an 80 ft truck trailer? More in one truck trailer than is needed. Try half a million at the low end. I remember as a young man unloading Winn-Dixie grocery trucks. If you can pack that trailer with several thousand cases of mayo, canned goods and paper towels, and a paper ballot lays flat, well you do the math.

And people were successful in convincing enough of us that all this crap was normal? Enough that a sitting Attorney General let no one challenge all this, even a group of states who knew this was a stolen election, and just let it happen? Judges wore out using “Lack of Standing”: as an excuse to not hear the arguments, or even consider the suits filed, which several were criminal complaints?

Now, we have all had the opportunity to witness, from the first day of this administration just how corrupt the left has been, ever since they pulled off this crime, literally the crime of the century. Looking at where they have headed since that fateful day, in January 2021, if you can’t see how desperate the left is to take every right you have, guns, God, political opposition, IRS, starve you of every penny, through funding goon squads at the IRS, you have to be worse off than the blind man, because the blind man can actually see without his eyes. The rest of his senses make up for the loss of his sight, and you, the consumer, the blind as a bat fool, go about as if nothing happened on Election night 2020. That blind man can see better than you can, if you don’t see the tyranny that has just enveloped our country, all in one fateful stolen election. An irony of that night was that Trump’s electoral victory was what Biden’s electoral victory ended up as, when all those stolen and made up ballots were allowed to be counted.

Actions have consequences. Elections have consequences. Totalitarians, when allowed to be successful, when no actions to safeguard elections stand in the way, mean that all you will get, in return for all your due diligence and energy to prevent this kind of thing, the net result is rapid destruction of our republic, right around the corner. I think it is already gone, just not officially declared dead and buried.

The other day, at Mar-a-Lago, was not a unique or single attempt at showing you their plans. For whatever petty reason that Marc Elias, or whoever thinks they can use, they exposed themselves, and you should be so outraged as to drag that lying old man from the White House, put people, like Elias, Soros, Zuckerberg, all in ropes around their necks under trees and let them be the painful lesson that justice demands, for the next time this stuff gets attempted.

Se how many times it takes to get outraged enough for this so-called civil society to let its senses get so dulled that a blind man can see what happened with such clarity that you and I are just too lazy and so humble to be able to sit around and let this happen, knowing that it will never quit happening until something forceful is done to stop it.

If a blind man is given toilet paper and the person who gave it to him told him it was the Constitution, he would understand the depth of the problem that most of society is too stupid to figure out.

Open your eyes!

Someone might as well say it, until you finally hear it, even though our Republic may already be lost when you get hit up side your head that that is the bargain those who allowed all this to happen just made with the Devil. Lady Justice is that blind person, and she is in tears, right now, because someone just pushed another lady into the Atlantic Ocean, and both are drowning because of it. One in the water and the other in tears, because we allowed evil a foot in the door, and did nothing about it.

So, everyone keep on believing in that red tsunami, until you see the only victory we get may turn out to be one more time to have a majority or two, but never enough to stop the evil that is afoot. We won’t be seeing what happened in 1994. I’ll put money on that, because the elections are already rigged to allow the opportunity for the same thing that happened in 2020 to happen again and again, because we won’t put our feet down on the problem, only bluster about what the future holds, because some fool politicians say it will happen.

Vote, but “be prepared” to fight to take back your country by the means that the left is already using. Don’t go and start a war. Just finish the one that the left has been fighting. Boy Scouts can figure this stuff out. Why can’t we? It’s because of complacency.

God is watching

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2 thoughts on “I’m Not Going To Let This Go.”

  1. Conservatives are too mushy, wimpy, and . . . well, . . . conservative.

    This is the time for Radical – Decisive – Action, not conservatism.
    This Republic is a Radical Idea, still.
    We fight for the principles for which the Individual is decent, kind, and Strong.

    A new Birth must Be before anything is conserved again
    – The Two-Party Dictatorship must fall
    – Long Live the Republic

    ( is the preceding rant from a hopelessly dying aged citizen ? Or, is a call for a new day in the Republic ? )

  2. I don’t mind the two party system, but only if they are actually two parties with ideas that are compatible with our Constitution, and any kind of totalitarian system is most certainly not compatible.
    The Democrats just made the system untenable.

    When one set of ideas includes arming an agency, like the IRS, and claiming one thing, knowing that their claim is a big, fat lie, its only goal is to start openly harassing the citizen. It is well past some slippery slope, at the bottom. And that is not even close to being the only problem.

    Thanks for your comment.


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