The Anti-Southern Speech Police

In August 2022, Dr. Ann Hunter McLean was forced by the Anti-Southern Speech Police to resign from the Virginia Historical Resources Board. Gov. Glenn “I want to be President” Youngkin said they “disagreed about priorities.” Really?

Dr. Mclean defended monuments dedicated to Confederate soldiers. She doesn’t want them torn down.

Furthermore, she said slavery wasn’t primary cause of the War Between the States. Virginia and the Upper South seceded when Lincoln called up 75k troops to suppress South Carolina. So, the war was fought for the “sovereignty of each state and Constitutional law.” Because “secession isn’t treason.”

I’d like to know how those historically correct statements conflicted with the Governor’s “priorities.”

Maybe her comment, which I’ve written as well, that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is like the North’s invasion of the South was her undoing. She’s correct, hence, the moniker “The War of Northern Aggression” fits better than the “War of the Rebellion” – because it was secession, not rebellion, not revolution, not government change, nor conquest.

The Left went nuts. Not a new thing or much of a stretch, but certainly noteworthy for the uniformity and volume of their complaints.

Dr. McLean was called “Neo-Confederate.” She was accused of defending “The Lost Cause.” In fact she did neither. But, when the Anti-Southern Speech start barking and baying, they have a set of stock accusations.

So, why did the Governor cave? I don’t get it.

Is he afraid of Twitter? Facebook?

Of course, the Washington Post will spout the Cultural Marxism of cleansing all things Southern. Maybe television talking heads will do a couple of 3 minute spots spewing the same accusations? Then, what?

How does Anti-Southern Speech policing get its power?

The only way I see the Commies get empowered is when everyone obeys the Speech Police. When elected officials cower in silence. Or, appear in dunce hats before the Red Guards to recant the truth or stand up in the docket of their show trial to confess their crimes.The Anti-Southern Speech Police

Words have meaning. Letting the Left define and re-define words is submission. Knowing what you can’t say is suppression. Keeping silent is collaboration. Turning on people who speak the truth – no matter how controversial it is to people who hate the truth – is betrayal and abject cowardice.

The Commies have to culturally cleanse the South to defeat their most stalwart enemies. The South is the bastion of political, moral, ethical, and evangelical religious resistance to the Human Secular Totalitarians. Destroying Southerner’s proud heritage of courage, fidelity, and honor is essential for the Commies to create a history-less, Orwellian America defined by a racist “1619” comic book history.

All Americans should stand with the South against this latest invasion.


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