Taken for Granted: Watching Politics from the Sidelines

There are many features to our constitutional republic that an increasing number of Americans consider to be flaws. One of the most enduring remains the electoral college. The prescience of the Founders is best exemplified by this construct that provides for a balance in representative government that would otherwise result in a total distortion or a problem like a raft or boat with too many people in it. Which is why the construct has emerged as a primary target of the left, LSMBTG* and democrats (redundancy noted) whose illogical arguments to do away with the electoral college reflect mostly ignorance, or a desire to collude for power: but I vote for the former (to achieve the latter) given the decay and degradation in our education system over the past 6 decades or so…

Why would a state like Montana, Wyoming or Colorado want the values of a place like New York-particularly New York City-that took some 35 thousand police at the height of illegalities, crime and immorality-to clean up: crime that with a little stupidity and mindlessness has made a comeback quicker than weeds will take over your home in rural America? Scale and perspective are everything but consider that the unincorporated population of our little town in Arizona was about 34K people-less than the police force in New York City!

Colorado voters-aided by a suspicious, growing bench strength of Unaffiliated voters that increased some >300% over the past several election cycles-decided in 2020 they wanted to side with the New Yorkers, Californians and Floridians by awarding their electoral votes to the winner of the overall national popular vote (should the number of states signing up to do so achieve ~270 electoral votes.) An observer of life would wonder how over ~2 million Coloradans voted that you have to be a citizen to vote in Colorado, yet only 1.4 million voted against aligning their votes with California and New York.

Of course, it will be interesting to see what happens someday if that outcome were to pertain to someone whose name rhymes with “bump:” be very careful what you wish for else you get it and bemoan the lack of heat in the winter when the sun doesn’t shine and the wind doesn’t blow (Texas Freeze, Colorado shuts down the Drake Coal Plant.) Next could be a vote for the beloved Bronco’s to win any games where the defense holds the opposing team to less first downs, or less yardage or less time of possession than the Bronco’s achieve: why not? When the Lemmings start to “Lem” there is no stopping them…

Observations of life convince one that American’s are slow to “rile” as a people, which is largely a product of tolerance for individual rights-freedom of expression-a predisposition to keep to yourself and do your own thing, rather than gravitate toward crowds or trends or the fashionable. It has been perhaps our greatest strength as a nation when it comes to individual rights, but also our greatest flaw when it comes to big issues that threaten to disrupt the continuity or viability-the wisdom-of choosing a lifestyle where you keep to yourself and mind your own business.

We stayed out of World War I for a very long time and were not inclined nor on track to enter WW II until Pearl Harbor awakened us from our slumber. One could argue Korea was similarly thrust upon us and while we initially stayed out of Vietnam in 1954, we later reversed course on that wise decision and one could argue we developed a taste for “these things” which I define as an appetite for a Clausewitzian view of war-as an extension of politics through other means-only without an appreciation for the Sun Tzu strategy and view-dominated by the intention of winning without fighting (“There is no instance of a nation benefitting from prolonged warfare.” Winston Churchill’s observation comes to mind-“you can count on the Americans to do the right thing, after they have exhausted every other possibility.”)

So, we’ve seen the termination of an Iron Curtain in Europe but out of the ashes has arisen a great evil represented by the collective will of a bastardised version of a socialist system with a democratic face that has descended upon our nation like warm water boiling a frog-who is wise to remember it is far easier to warm up than cool down. The adage that we are one generation away-if good people do nothing-may have come and gone already, not unlike the building of platform and metaphoric social media gallows or the tolling of a bell…

It should not be lost on Americans nor Europeans that Russia through strategy, guile and collusion with former German Chancellor’s, has become a dominant energy source for Europe, with the coming winter threatening to make the recent Texas energy debacle seem mild.

Americans also typically underestimate (misunderestimate) threats and resultant impacts when they appear only peripherally related to politics and global movements. Many on the left initially underestimated the Tea Party before recognizing the movement as a viable political concern. In Virginia the notice that the Tea Party was real came early but reverberated with the loss of house majority leader Eric Cantor to a thinly funded, relative unknown. However, from most standpoints this loss may have been somewhat the galvanizing act or swansong for a movement that had generated enemies on both sides of the aisle and had drawn the ire and illegal actions of the Obama administration to blunt their effectiveness.

But it was somewhat humorously (from the perspective of an observer of life) the right or republicans who had the biggest and most decisive reaction to their messaging, enabling the left to then use witting dupes on the right like Ryan, Boehner, McCain, McConnell-among dozens-to undermine, isolate and neuter an effort that gave these same “dupes” political wins in elections they seemed hell bent to squander in the political arena.

We may have had a political movement of equal or greater impact in the past-consider Newt Gingrich’s “Contract With America” as somewhat of a foil to the “lurch to the left” policies of Bill Clinton that resulted in a tremendous spanking in the mid-terms-but what the Tea Party seemed to bring out-at least on the republican side-was the clear case where republican leaders in principle-and increasingly of late in actual practice-were willing to support a more pliable democrat for some of the contested seats-than what they viewed as an intransigent or unreasonable republican who would be less controllable and more trouble. This is remarkable-unprecedented-and by many views-dangerous for our country if continued to its logical conclusion.

The unintended consequence on the right-despite an unprecedented shellacking for Obama in the mid-terms-was difficulty governing and internecine warfare and fratricide within the republican party. From an outsider viewpoint (one not in politics-a conservative, not a republican) the swamp that emerged from these “tensions” mostly “show voted” to pass all the middle ground blather and pablum but would not-or could not-take on substantive issues and difficult votes: the votes were not there. The resulting absence of principal (from the viewpoint of undertaking causes that while principled, have no chance of passing in a balanced congress) in our elected officials was a noticeable and regrettable element that has only gotten worse over the years.

What lesson has been learned from the above? On the left it has resulted in an unholy alliance where they attempt to highlight and promote such candidates (e.g., those the republican establishment is undermining) in order to make it easier-in theory- for their preferred candidate to prevail in the election against what they view as a tainted or wounded alternative. This is not only a disingenuous and morally bankrupt and crass political tactic, but it has the potential to backfire and create mayhem and an inability to govern when they neck through the process and take their place as elected officials.

The lesson learned of George Bush losing to a split in the republican and conservative vote seems to have only been taken to heart by one side. On the republican side it is murkier still and we have seen rifts and splits in the republican party such as Arizona, where you have the former president and his vice president supporting opposing candidates in the very definition of fratricidal politics: but it makes for good LSMBTG* stories-not unlike sports contests, but more like wrestling choreography with plots, heroes, villains, alliances and storylines.

Swamp creatures not only “gonna swamp,” but preservation of the species is the top priority for many if not most. Which leads to puzzling questions like this where the candidate funding and strategy of Mitch McConnel seems to be shrouded in mystery but has an underlying survival of the species logic that belies any strategy based on messaging, institutional honor or serving the public or his party.

The era of Trump spawned an incredible and large number-a plethora-of self-exposure and truth telling as somewhat of the order of the day-and many seem unperturbed, unconcerned and unashamed to categorically tell us who they are, no matter how self-degrading or undercutting of self-credibility it represents. Were it not for the aversion to give Trump credit for anything, this aspect of Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS)-specifically the willingness of people to tell us who they are-seemingly clueless or blissfully unaware of the “Honey, I shrunk myself” nature of such acts-might take its place in the Urban Dictionary under “TDS Lemming Syndrome:” it’s that prevalent. The above is somewhat tame in comparison with the truth that has emerged from bestselling author (five times) Sam Harris, whose recent truth talking and honesty about his feelings about President Trump-and by extension his supporters-puts to bed for all time the notion that these issues are above board, politics as usual and nothing out of the ordinary. To quote him in his own words:

“I don’t care what’s in Hunter Biden’s” laptop, he admitted, making clear that “there’s nothing” the troubled first son could do to alarm him.

“At that point, Hunter Biden literally could have had the corpses of children in his basement. I would not have cared,” Harris insisted.

The author further made it clear he supported quashing shocking info from the first son’s laptop even if it showed the “scope of [President] Joe Biden’s corruption,” noting stories accusing the commander-in-chief of “getting kickbacks from Hunter Biden’s deals in Ukraine” or “China.”

Harris went on to say that “Politically speaking, I consider Trump an existential threat to our democracy right now,” insisted Harris, the author of five New York Times best sellers.

Harris is not alone in his views and speaks for a lot of American’s who are not so easy to blithely dismiss anymore as having been brainwashed by the non-stop LSMBTG Russia, Russia, Russia, Pee Pee Hoax, impeachments and the 6 January Insurrection Committee. He pushed back against his host attempts to ratchet back to a degree what they wanted to paint as hyperbole: he would not let them, doubling down on how conspiracies are good when they target political enemies and clearly identifying the burying of the Hunter Laptop story as proof.

Recent polls have consistently shown that information and knowledge of Hunter’s laptop would have made a difference in the 2020 election. However, what is more likely is that Biden supporters of the Harris variety would have simply needed to manufacture more votes to carry key states-rather than risk a different outcome-when you consider the lack of auditability in many of the key and deciding states. Georgia remains somewhat the poster child among these, as several counties lack evidence in the way of ballot images-which the Georgia Secretary of State managed to write into statute as the only auditable election evidence, notwithstanding some counties are missing a large proportion of those images-and will soon destroy the remainder: unless stopped by lawsuits.

What Harris’ comments highlight is the relevance and applicability of a formerly rhetorical and theoretical exercise that has now taken root and risen to legitimacy as a political philosophy for a large number of people who traffic in support of ANTIFA and the Black Liberation Revival Movement, as well as the radical abortion rights and gender related issues crowd.

The rhetorical device I am referring to is “What lengths would you go to in order to prevent Adolf Hitler from rising to power in Germany knowing what happened?” Only it is no longer a simple exercise in rhetoric, logic, common sense or some Minority Report variation.

When the president makes comments referring to MAGA Trump supporters as fascists, we have reached the point in the political dialogue where the party in charge is sanctioning the Harris viewpoint above, as well as the acts of violence and extremism by the above groups in pursuit of political objectives that in their view meet the litmus of “stopping Hitler.” With Trump-MAGA supporters-well, here are Biden’s own words:

Trump and the extreme MAGA Republicans have made their choice,” Biden said to the party faithful. “To go backwards, full of anger, violence, hate and division.

“MAGA Republicans don’t just threaten our personal rights and economic security,” Biden said. “They are a threat to our very democracy. They refuse to accept the will of the people. They embrace — embrace — political violence. They don’t believe in democracy.”

Harris would overlook it if Hunter Biden had corpses of dead children in his basement. The president just invoked a sanction-a presidential approval-to invoke the Hitler remedy by all these nutjobs out there who similar to Harris already thought this way- Can you see it some other way?

But President Biden isn’t done with the malarky express. He added today in a speech in Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania “And for those brave right-wing Americans who say it’s all about keeping Americans independent and safe, you want to fight against the country? You need an F-15, you need something a little more than a gun,” Biden told the crowd, referring to the second amendment.

Since when did any American sentiment wishing to keep “Americans independent and safe”-a nifty Obama-like strawman- translate in anybody’s mind but Biden’s to fighting America? When is the last time you heard an elected official say something similarly silly and moronic? How about Feng-Feng’s guy pal Swillswell when he thought it was funny or smart to warn about the US having nukes in the event some would take action against a semi-automatic weapons ban? And then resorted to insults and faux charm when some pointed out he was way over the top with his argument.

These increasingly frequent incidents of hyperbole not hyperbole by the LSMBTG from the lowest social media post right up through the President are dangerous and telling and say something deeply disturbing about our leaders: there is nothing new about them-they just seem to reach the public more frequently-and the purveyors seem to be prouder to embarrass themselves more and more each day.

I referenced in an earlier article about the “Lying of the Senate” Edward Ted Kennedy asking the Russians to undertake a campaign to stop President Reagan’s re-election some forty years ago.

Remember Dirty Harry Reid loudly pronouncing that presidential candidate Romney had not paid any taxes? It was a huge and blatant lie to achieve a political aim: he admitted it-it worked-he was proud to knowingly lie to the American people.

Reid would also send an alarming message requesting FBI Director Comey take action in late August 2016 after a Russia, Russia, Russia collusion on behalf of Trump briefing from another ethics-challenged leader-CIA’s John Brennan-who knew about and thereby trumped an Intelligence Community Referral to the FBI directed by President Obama on 26 July 2016 to the same Brennan-that touted the opposite (e.g., that HRC approved in mid-~16 July 2016-a propaganda campaign to smear Trump as colluding with the Russians to draw attention away from her email problems-which were not going away.)

The IC Referral would not be completed and transmitted until 5 September 2016, which by coincidence was a day later than the date Lisa Page let her “partner” Strzok know she was working on talking points for “POTUS” who tasked the FBI with providing everything they were doing in the HRC Email Investigation-4 September 2016: likely the reason Comey later characterized the 5 September IC Referral as “not memorable to me.“ To belabor the obvious, he received the letter from Senator Reid Late August 2016, and there was some type of coordination to grease the skids for Senator McCain’s Chief of Staff to meet with Steele in London around this time, and the Obama request came in 4 September. Where would the IC referral fit from a work precedence aspect in light of the Senate Majority Leader’s letter, a POTUS request, and a CODEL (congressional delegation of the hush-hush variety) to London?

What does this have to do with an American tendency to keep to themselves and not get involved in these political swampy reindeer games? This American Thinker article tells the tale: McConnel and republicans like him would rather be in the minority-as long as he is the leader of the JV team-rather than be the leader (or relegated to a follower) amongst a somewhat unruly mob akin to the Tea Party years where there is no chance of anyone controlling the rabble rousers. Where does our country go-what does it become-when the political dialogue ratchets up in tension and rhetoric as we start to paint our political opponents as enemies that are so aberrant, they must be stopped through any means possible-much like Hitler? And those political opponents increasingly consist of members within one’s own party?

When these people tell us-you-who they are, you better pay attention and heed their words. The capability for people who choose to withdraw from society to do their own thing has grown into a real vulnerability that has matured into a uniquely American Achilles heel of the real variety, when our/your own party members support politicians that don’t share our values, views or concerns because “power.”

Max Dribbler

1 September 2022


LSMBTG: Lamestream media echo chamber (LMEC-L) social media (SM) big tech tyrants (BT) and government (G)

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4 thoughts on “Taken for Granted: Watching Politics from the Sidelines”

  1. For two and a half years I’ve immersed myself into the political area. Digesting the warnings from many sources, the rhetoric, and viewing events, my conclusion is if the 2022 election has any M.O. of the 2020 election, then war of some sort will be much greater in probability. Our country is under attack and defending it is a valid and legal choice besides inherent.

    When elections are compromised, when the federal government goes further rogue, when cohorts in media push lies, and when the transgressors dismiss discussion, there’s little left for the People to consider other than resorting to methods which will bring their safety and happiness. What ever methods are considered proper or not must be taken rather than continue down a path which is abhorrent and destructive to our country.

    It’s plainly going to be a hazardous period from now until it’s over. My preference is nonviolent action with certainty to see it completed.

  2. Thanks for reading. Nothing short of a Church Commission-type enema is going to resolve the problems with our government-with not only a roll back of the recent IRS profanity, but an overall reduction in the DNI budget that funds FBI activities that are totally out of control.

    From an election standpoint we need to get back to assurances-based on actual audits-and not of images of ballots that I or anybody else with a low budget could produce-but a count of the actual ballots-that are done automatically and that provide certainty of results. We are not talking that big a task-and it is important enough that it should be budgeted as part of the election cycle. At the very least we should expect certifications to mean something-and be repeatable-demonstrable. Like for instance-we may know we voted-but can we trace who for? If not, why not? Even in the biggest of states we aren’t talking that many people in consideration of the automation available…

    Stopping the fraud should be job number one for every SOS-and they should be held accountable for credible demonstration that it has been done-and can be done. Not talking about Risk Limiting Audits where we count 100 ballots and get 100 ballots but have no idea what’s real.

    Separately if we don’t hold politicians accountable you get the Cheney effect-a politician beholden to no one who elected her who feels free to pursue personal goals and vendettas regardless of the will of her constituents. What does that term “representative” mean? Same goes for politicians like McConnel and those whose agenda is personal and focused on power.

    • Tangent: In retrospect, how much DID the Church Commission really accomplish reining in the cowboys at Langley? Or was it all a kabuki show them just wanting us to THINK we had brought them to heel?

      • Good question. I think there is a much more specific agenda in this case cleaning up the abuses of the PATRIOT Act and getting entities like the FBI back in their lane doing LEA and not CI/Intel political stuff. At some level it is all kabuki theater-but a lopping off of a billion or so and 10% or more personnel would send strong signals that would be hard to ignore. But all for nought if no one is held accountable…


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