About that “Win” for New York

A “Win” for New York? Last night I saw where New York thinks they are getting away with their slap down of the Supreme Court “Bruen” decision, by a federal judge dismissing a lawsuit challenging it. Yeh, big mistake, after you hear what the judge said, in his dismissal.

Mark W. Smith, the lawyer who has the Four Boxes Diner, on Youtube, gives a very good summary of the case of Ivan Antonyuk: Gun Owners of America, Inc, et al v. Bruen.


Watch that video. He makes it very easy to understand.

Democrats are jumping for joy and bragging that they won against the 2nd Amendment and the people. If that’s the case, why did the federal judge dismiss the case? And why did that same judge let it out that the law, if fully challenged, meaning that if it got the endoscopy it deserved, and not necessarily because of the previous Bruen decision, but on 1st Amendment grounds, as well that it would be unconstitutional?

The case got dismissed over the plaintiff not having standing, and I now understand a little better, the judicial concept of “standing.” I think the case, even while having little chance of success in a New York state court, that’s where this suit should have been filed, first, because it is a state matter before it becomes a national matter for the federal court system to be used to intervene.

The judge as much as said “Please, Plaintiff. Appeal this. You have a case, but I have rules to follow, Now that we got that out of the way, recharge and fire your weapons.” Judge Glenn T. Sudabby did his job. He had to dismiss it because of a technical error. Now that the technical error is dispensed with, let the real games begin, and let Kathy Hochul, honorable(?) Governor of New York try to slap at the Supreme Court again. The next time she tries, she will fail, also.

With all the hoopla surrounding gun control, that thing that has plagued the gun community, since 1934, when you see the brilliance that started with one Supreme Court Justice, Antonin Scalia, and became monumental by another, Justice Clarence Thomas, you can see why it put activist judges in their place. The Bruen decision is that brilliant, because it is so easy to understand.

I can see trouble coming out of the Bruen decision, but it is only about lawlessness on the left, and it should never be allowed to be that way, but recent history says otherwise. With all the mouths flapping about packing the Supreme Court, and the recent violence only looking back to Portland and Seattle, that is enough to convince me that the left will do just about anything it can to throw the Supreme Court off the ship, or just plainly start a conflict that brews into some kind of civil war. I also believe that it is unavoidable because of who we have leading the Republican Party, at the national level. Their history leaves me distrusting them. At the same time, this Bruen decision is one more reason why we should be very thankful that Donald Trump was, and still is, the 45th President. He appointed those three Justices who were all on the side of the Constitution.

Not a little thing.

While these kinds of cases are very important, we should never lose sight of the impact from the left. They are a very petty and desperate crowd, albeit much smaller than we typically realize. The ones we are facing are the extreme radicals of the left, a particularly violent bunch, at the second step. See CHAZ for that example, or the Chicago Riots of the 60s. We don’t often enough get reminded of their violent side, and seem to only rarely understand that what one of the lefts most effective tools is projection.

So, even while they laugh and have their chardonnay, with an afterglow, as if this was the best sex ever, they will wake up the next morning to face their rival, once again, and eventually see the loss they gloated over. I am not alone in saying this. An awful lot of folks saw this coming, and I have not seen any of us change our minds on the eventual outcome, that the 2nd Amendment means exactly what it said, from 1791, or even 1886, to now:

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

All gun control laws and schemes will eventually fail, and the 2nd Amendment will stand, and those who disagree with that will just have to find another cause to pray to.

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