Watching Politics from the Sidelines

In Part 1 of Watching Politics From the Sidelines, I outlined how many Americans are somewhat hanging back and observing current political affairs with disgust, bemusement, and something akin to detachment or withdrawal. You can hardly blame many for being reluctant to jump into the fray and be smeared and risk being outed and hated and targeted by the looney left. After all, even the so-called “important or beautiful people” in our society have apparently no safety or right to peace these days, as we see supreme court justices, congressman and personalities being targeted by demonstrators and protestors at their homes and in their neighborhoods, gratuitously “swatted” without anybody being held accountable or getting caught or punished. Meanwhile law enforcement continues to find the most peripheral connections of Americans to 6 Jan but can’t find a pipe bomber and can’t seem to-don’t want to-could not be bothered to-keep people safe in their own neighborhoods.

Things have degraded somewhat quickly and without any of the normal societal checks and balances over the last ten years or more, largely the product of complicity of our government in supporting aberrant causes. Many have their views of cause and effect on these matters, but the Michael Brown Ferguson incident pretty much started a round of national stupidity-where it suddenly became okay for people to destroy their own neighborhoods because-righteous-that has not abated with the passage of time-exacerbated greatly by another propaganda effort to martyr criminality in the person of George Floyd, or any criminal that deems it okay to take on the police without thought or concern for the consequences.

The saying when most of us were growing up-was you “don’t take on city hall” and many a radical, malcontent or know it all have chronicled the ordinarily futile act of “fighting the man.” It was not only iconic and expected but somewhat of a national spirit exemplified by James Dean in the 1950s to be that rebel and malcontent and loose cannon that was willing to take that fight on-notwithstanding the evidence that it never went well.

Considering the issue of citizen malcontent in terms of race indicts the Obama years that were inarguably a travesty where he not only stoked racial discontent but set race relations back decades through his clever, Alinsky-like rhetoric that always carried a tinge of a racism message and most often undermined racial progress in favor of division. It started early with an incident involving a Harvard professor-that bastion of racial social justice discontent, escalated with the Treyvon Martin case, and then went steroidal with the Michael Brown lies, propaganda and false narrative propagated by the LSMBTG that was like the piton of discontent planted to use as the basis for any and all narratives going forward to stoke racial strife in America.

The incident had been looked at by the Obama DOJ-later reopened by the new state DOJ-and each decided not to bring charges against the police officer-who was assaulted and forced to kill Michael Brown that day-but we still have fund raising ongoing using a slogan that never happened and is the big lie from the incident: “Hands up, don’t shoot!” For those ignorant of the facts in this case-there are many-it would be shocking if we did not know it is willful ignorance to support the preferred narrative of a man attempting to surrender-vice the fact that Michael Brown’s DNA was found inside the door of the police car as he was shot in the hand while battering the police officer, attempting to take his weapon. It is somehow fitting in America today that a big lie like this could be promoted and propagated to raise funds and to form the basis of a movement that is hard to view as other than a celebration of criminality.

Variations of that narrative have persisted but failed to produce the desired and necessary result many thought entitled to in 2016, despite all the lies, distortions, hyperventilating and criminal acts. Many doubled down in the wake of such a “tragic outcome,” where their preferred candidate was defeated in a smackdown for the ages. Average Americans were sick and tired of politicians lying to them and doing whatever they pleased in pursuit of-well-whatever they pleased.

The whole of the LSMBTG coalesced around the storyline-the lies-HRC promulgated against the Bad Orange Man. It was righteous to oppose everything he worked to put in place by using the Nazi rhetoric-opinion based, fact free, hyperbole that gave no benefit of the doubt nor consideration of actual facts. It started early-on and never stopped.

In consideration of the above it should come as no surprise that those who felt vindicated by the results of 2020 have pursued just out of the box ridiculous policy and an unusual approach that our president is taking to address these problems and to bring a semblance of calm and reassurance to us that things will be okay and he is working on behalf of all Americans to solve our current challenges: phfffft-like hell he is! His unique and unusual technique to convince people to support his political agenda-kind of a salt and vinegar or baseball bat approach rather than honey and sugar-focuses on marginalizing at least half of the political spectrum in a puzzling effort that seems destined to achieve the opposite of his goals with no effort whatsoever to “woo” those who oppose his aberrant agenda and his ill-thought through initiatives.

We can pretend this is new and it’s because of the Bad Orange Man-I mean, isn’t everything bad about America today because of Trump? But it wasn’t the Bad Orange Man who lied us into the Unaffordable Care Act-has anyone seen the several thousand instances of Obama lying about the benefits of this egregious act which ruined health care for tens of millions of Americans and resulted in deferred or delayed healthcare because of the debilitating cost of deductibles? Obama and our congress did that-there are thousands and thousands of video, news and stories about them repeating the greatest lie of this-and perhaps any century: but Orange Man Bad-he is the liar

How about the deliberate lies that Obama and crew created-and later bragged about-to sell us on a narrative and belief that there were moderates coming into power in Iran-don’t believe your eyes or your ears or their words-nor our only friend in the Middle East-Israel-nah, when they were calling for “Death to America and Israel-the great Satan’s,” that was akin to disinformation to appease some marginal faction, not the “real leaders and influencers.” So we should bribe and cave and reward with American tax dollars-in return for nothing-those in power who were still the gravest threat to the American soldiers and the citizens of Iraq getting killed by increasingly sophisticated Improvised Explosive Devices that were improving through the technology investments of the Iranian Republican Guards Corps Cuds Force-led by Qasem Soleimani-who was becoming a regular on the cocktail party circuit, given his public persona as one of the leading “thought leaders” of moderate Iranians. In case this is too complex or subtle to follow-Soleimani was the man most responsible-the leadership behind most of the IED innovations that were killing Americans and Iraqis-reducing detection through use of plastics, remote detonators, cell phone innovations, shaped charge penetrators employing anti-tank fusing, etc., etc.

And it wasn’t the Bad Orange Man that drove a Putin ally out of power in Ukraine in late 2013-early 2014 and also turned off Ukraine government investigations into criminal abuses by Ukraine Oligarchs by meddling in things we should have been more savvy about in consideration of the potential long term effects of pursuing a regime change that we were ill-equipped and culpable in failing to follow-up to provide any semblance of stability in a situation that is setting up to produce generation changing energy challenges and to shift the economic balance of power in Europe. The Bad Orange Man undertook LNG initiatives to counter Russian plans to dominate continental European supply efforts via Putin’s billions of dollars Arctic LNG initiative: the Biden administration single-handedly undermined the idea of providing alternatives for European independence in what has the potential to be one of the greatest energy disasters and human tragedies in a century that will play out this winter.

But Orange Man Bad. It is farcical and myopic that many are pretending the democrat rhetoric is new or novel or a product of anything republicans or conservatives have done. The problem of the southern border and illegal migration-illegal alien policy-has been a non-stop disaster except for a few short years since Reagan thought he negotiated an agreement with democrats in the 80s-his self-admitted biggest mistake of his presidency. He did not consider it a mistake to attempt to resolve an issue that at the time was easily within the government’s grasp to fix: he regretted trusting democrats like Harry Reid to do what they agreed to do: because they lie and they politic and they just aren’t that good at governance. But much like what they later did to George Bush on taxes-and later still Romney on taxes-it was the politics of embarrassment and undermining and next election cycle optics.

It wasn’t that long ago that his party was touting similar techniques to marginalize the enemy-who can forget Mad Max touting and exhorting her followers to harass Trump officials, or the WH Press Secretary being harrassed and denied service-but with the restaurant somehow painted as the victim. Note-the propaganda cited to deny service were the pictures from the Obama administration era policy of illegal immigrants in cages-and aliens being separated from what had been established were not their parents: but “Orange Man Bad,” and the restaurant owner was the victim in the final analysis. So a person representing the opposition-hated party-is so triggering they can’t be provided basic service in America without being harassed? Is this the America we want for our children and grandchildren?

Speaking of children and grandchildren, I and many like me have apparently moved into the “bigot” or some variation of an enemy of the state-the public-or fill in the blank-because I don’t want my grandkids being exposed to aberrant gender related dogma and propaganda over the idjiotcy of encouraging them to consider alternative labels they are not old enough to understand-consider-and not mature enough to think through. It is comical to hear adults-who-if they don’t know better-then that is automatically disqualifying because of a lack of or poor judgement-should be shamed-castigated-shunned from the public square permanently-if they truly think and believe that our grand-kids-who still entertain thoughts of being Spider Man, Batman or a Princess of some type-should be encouraged to determine their own pro-nouns. But of course, I/we are the bad ones for opposing such stupidity and for calling out the insanity of adults involved in the sexualization of kids often against parent’s desires and certainly without permission. As if it has been-could be-or would ever make sense to support, foster or pursue such efforts whether the context was school, education, or whatever aberrant category or excuse was used to provide a veneer of legitimacy to such unsavory efforts.

I could go on and on about these radical changes to democrat views on these matters-but the bottom line here is who and what has changed in the 21st century and what is to be done about it? I don’t know about other people-but I’m/we’re not going anywhere. The chances that some of these leftist, LSMBTG aberrant viewpoints are going to persuade people like me/us to support these changes is pretty much zero: its zero, Jim.

You know who I think should be elevated and highlighted and promoted in the public square to tout reading, arithmetic, science, academics and education? Educators, teachers, scientists and academics. Now how radical a proposition is that? Are we so short in these areas-and so morally depraved as a society-that we need to use an aberrant “sexual hook” in the form of drag queens to get kids interested? Is that really the story here? Who believes and is pushing that BS on the public? Who in the public is buying that narrative? We need to identify who it is-shame them-stop them-and get back on track to educational pursuits that tout outcomes from education in the form of astronauts, scientists, biologists, educators, etc.

When did it become okay to introduce drag queens in libraries and the school system to promote learning? How counter-intuitive is that idea when you consider age appropriateness and morals-standards and messaging?

This article describes the problem with the Biden messaging. Military veterans and those who served this country in varying capacities will never waiver in fighting these aberrant policies and lies and will not go willingly in this quest to paint patriotic views as the problem. What benefit or value is there in politicians painting or casting the other side-their opponents-as evil? That may play well in the LSMBTG, with pundits and personalities on national shows, media and blogs/podcasts, but where does this type of action and behavior lead?

My article focus is on those who have been reticent to get involved in the political process, largely keeping to themselves and minding their own business. It seems incredible that POTUS went one better than previous democrats who called out whole swaths of the country, talking about flyover country, people clinging to their guns and bibles, and the basket of deplorables. These were generally specific comments by Obama and HRC, but Biden went one better basically insulting over 70 million Americans.

What remedy are these Biden supporters-ANTIFA, BLM, general malcontents and the “you must accede to our desires or else” crowd of the Green New Deal, gender dogma, abortion, etc., etc. going to seek in doing battle against the 70+ million voters-be they Trump supporters or not-that Biden just disparaged?

How do you feel about the president-our president-definitively placing you in a category of Hitler-like people just because you voted against HRC, or him, or you fail to support his political agenda of allowing aberrant teachers to give your children new pronouns-without telling or informing you, or accomplishing medical procedures and treatment of your under-age children without informing you? You-we-qualify for that category if you/we voted for Trump-be you MAGA, republican, conservative-or whatever…even just a parent who thinks their 7-year-old should not be inflicted with gender nonsense-pro-nouns, life choices, sexualization-without their approval-knowledge-consent…or someone who doesn’t believe the president can play God with college debts…

Pretty unusual, isn’t it? But it’s not. American Thinker’s Andrea Widburg points out in this article that “democrats really hate us.” Ex-Florida Gov Christ-who has been a republican, independent and now a democrat-pandering for support at each step of the way-is basically telling about half his state he does not want their vote: Crist: “Those who support DeSantis should stay with him and vote for him and I don’t want your vote. If you have that hate in your heart, keep it there.” What constitutes “hate in your heart,” supporting his political opponent? I want to give him more credit than believing he bought into the “don’t say gay” bullspit, but sadly I think that is his reason. So is that now a “thing?” I like to use the word “woo” when it comes to what politicians should attempt to do with those who start out supporting their opponents.

Modern democrats-turncoat republicans and democrats who become independents-are really bad at this aspect of the job in consideration of such my way or the highway approaches that leave no wiggle room. They are somewhat of the poster child of bad politicians in that the elements or attributes that comprise their profession-strategy, negotiation, compromise, positive outlook and messaging-seems to escape them. But if we’ve learned one thing in the 21st century-it doesn’t matter-such candidates can be as looney, goofy and off message in comparison to the issues facing their “constituents” as they want, given the propensity for and real value of courting outside influencers and supporters-funders-who won’t vote in the election-but can provide dollars and social media reinforcement and support.

Look at leftist idols Texas’ Robert O’Rourke and Georgia’s Stacy Abrams. Abrams famously along with those denizens of human rights and moderation of the lining their pockets kind, the Most Reverend Al Charlatan, Lebron James and the president himself helped chase some estimated 100M dollars out of Atlanta, Georgia when they mischaracterized new voting laws that resulted in moving the Major League Baseball All Star Game out of predominantly black Atlanta to majority white Denver-which is not the main story, but just particularly ironic: the tribute to Hall of Famer Atlanta’s adopted son Henry “Hammer’n Hank” Aaron was moved there as well, depriving fans of the opportunity to honor a legend. Abrams lied about the legislation, wrote an article about it, and then USA Today allowed her to modify the article to take the edge off her words when she started backtracking on her influence and involvement in the decision when they took her seriously and moved it to a new venue.

Abrams gubernatorial contributions are largely coming from coastal democrats that far outpace contributions from Georgia by a seven to one margin: her pity party story of being the legitimate governor of Georgia except for the suppressive voter actions undertaken in 2020 that saw record turnout among all groups has proven to be a liberal fund-raising magnet. Proving that you can question elections-even when the facts don’t support your narrative-but you have to be on the correct side and have the “proper” attributes and characteristics.

O’Rourke is just a money raising machine-a force of nature-who will have his hands full once again in Texas as he continues to set fund raising records with perhaps the thinnest resume in America-consisting of mainly a number of publicity stunts, an aberrant book and outspoken rudeness and profanity about gun control. He already made a legitimate run to unseat Senator Ted Cruz, a purely political effort at the presidency, and is the poster child proving that political desperation in the US will get behind the thinnest of causes in pursuit of taking down politicians they don’t like no matter what state it involves. He has even walked back his most famous stance of taking away guns of late-until he started back on that playbook after Uvalde: we can count on him to do or say whatever it takes to win-whatever office he is pursuing.

How do you expect to get to the swamp and be effective as a politician if your base approach is-take it or leave it-and if you leave it, I hate you from this moment forward? Such attitudes have rendered the swamp majority insufferable and the minority invisible.

Joe Manchin is finding out up close and personnel what this type of treatment is like as his “cave” to Chuck Schumer to get a favorable energy deal for West Virginia is going to be shot down by his own party in the house who are so committed to the Green New Steal they will not budge an inch or compromise to help fellow democrats: even a seat that the majority in the senate may hinge on.

Dan Bongino has been saying forever that we think democrats are good people with bad ideas, whereas democrats think republicans are bad people with ideas.

This is not going to end well this fall.

Max Dribbler

8 September 2022

LSMBTG: Lamestream media echo chamber (LMEC-L) social media (SM) big tech tyrants (BT) and government (G)

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