Are GOP Leaders Finally Waking Up?

A few months ago, this column asked whether GOP leaders know who their friends are. The issue was raised specifically about Tucker Carlson, an extremely popular conservative media commentator who is consistently held at arm’s length by Republican leaders. Why? After all, Carlson is undeniably popular with the GOP base and espouses policies that are generally red meat for conservative voters, so one would think that GOP leaders would support him.

Democrat leaders are more than happy to lionize fools like Rachel Maddow and Don Lemon(head), and they often take their talking points directly from folks like that. Never have Democrats leaders felt the need to denounce the likes of Chris Cuomo, Joe Scarborough, or Brian Stelter no matter how inflammatory, hateful, or anti American their comments might be. Democrats seemingly love fearless left wing talking heads who “speak truth to power”, aka “mindlessly spew woke talking points”.

Meanwhile, Republicans regularly castigate conservative commentators, even when the commentators are supporting Republicans! They did it to Rush Limbaugh, and are now doing the same with Tucker Carlson, Mark Levin, Sean Hannity, and others. However, something happened this week that may signal that a new generation of conservative Republican leaders may have realized they have been missing a great opportunity.

The news services are reporting that Rick DeSantis and Greg Abbott, the governors of Florida and Texas, respectively, shipped illegal aliens to Martha’s Vineyard, MA, and to the Vice President’s Residence in Washington, DC!!! 

Hallelujah! After decades of listening to ineffective gripers like Trey Gowdy, Chris Christie, Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan, Mitt Romney,, it is inspiring to see conservative Republican governors do what should have been done for decades; make Democrats suffer directly and publicly form the results of their asinine and illegal policies.

Republican leadersOddly enough, none other than Tucker Carlson himself advocated for this exact measure weeks ago on his show. Dare we hope that conservative political leaders are going to start doing what Democrats have done for years: advocate for policies that are popular with their own voters?!? What a concept! It is certain that Texas border towns being overrun by illegal aliens are ecstatic that their governor is giving the moon bat Kamala Harris a taste of their hardships. Harris claimed yesterday that the border is totally under control, so she is going to have a lot of tap dancing to explain why these illegal aliens should NOT be dumped on her doorstep. Just take care of the problem, Vice President! It IS totally under control, right?

Another thing that GOP politicians should do is propose loans or loan forgiveness for blue collar workers and other small business owners who did not go to college. They should also demand that colleges reimburse students and graduates of their institutions who were unable to find jobs good enough to pay back their loans. The huge endowments universities love to boast about were the direct result of them overcharging their students for a substandard education, often paid for by folks who never went to college.

These ideas are popular, and once again that is proven by the fact that Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity, and a host of conservative commentators are getting tremendous positive feedback from their audiences when they attack Biden on student loan forgiveness. Why are GOP leaders not taking that cue and going after the Democrats tooth and nail over the issue? They would be showing true commitment to conservative principles, support media figures who align with their values, please their core voters, and best of all, be pushing a policy that is good for the country at the same time! Instead, all GOP leaders can worry about is not seeming too combative, divisive or confrontational.

Another issue that should be bread and butter for Republicans is supporting local police departments. As the left lined up to attack cops, Republicans should have gone all out to support them. Pathetically, a lot of Republicans seem to have bought the left wing lie that “people of color” (POC) do not like cops. Except for a few inner-city black neighborhoods in Democrat cities, that is a slanderous lie. Despite polls that show POC want MORE cops in their neighborhoods, RINOs like Mitch McConnell and Mitt Romney stand mute as statues while the media and Democrat race baiters savage local cops as racist, corrupt, and overpaid.

Meanwhile, cities collapse into crime ridden hellholes and voters are left wondering what to do, since Democrats love criminals and Republicans have no spine. Once again conservative commentators have the pulse of most Americans, and especially the GOP base, on this issue. The table is set, all GOP leaders must do is serve dinner! That is exactly what DeSantis and Abbott did by shipping illegal aliens to places like Martha’s Vineyard and Kamala’ s official residence.

At the national level, the GOP should be filing lawsuits so fast that the media would have trouble reporting all of them. The GOP should sue the DHS and Mayorkas over their refusal to enforce immigration laws. They should sue Biden over loan forgiveness as an Unconstitutional exercise of budgetary power. They should pile up dozens of defamation and libel lawsuits against dishonest and knowingly partisan media outlets. They should seek indictments of corrupt public employees like Jim Comey and Merrick Garland, while seeking the dismissal of incompetent and dishonest officials like Fauci, Buttigieg, Mayorkas, Granholm, Yellen and many others. The Democrats have weaponized federal law enforcement and swaths of the judiciary branch as well, the GOP needs to counter that by forcing the courts do their jobs of enforcing our laws! If they do, they will be supported by the conservative media and their audiences.

The top 5 conservative TV hosts (Carlson, Hannity, Watters, Ingraham, and Gutfeld) have a nightly audience of nearly 13.5 million viewers. Meanwhile, conservative radio hosts have a daily audience of nearly 45 million listeners!! Why would any serious conservative politician not try to please that mass of voters? Even assuming some serious overlap, there would be a core constituency of more than 50 million voters that would be watching or hearing those shows. Despite that obvious and friendly mass audience being readily available, GOP leaders spend more time trying to suck up to readers of the New York Times and viewers of MSNBC! It seems that the GOP leadership takes its core conservative voters for granted in much the same way that the Democrats pander to blacks and then ignore them after the election. The difference is that the GOP is so sure of those conservative votes that they ignore that crowd before AND after elections.

One can fervently hope that the moves by DeSantis and Abbott this week are a sign that a new wave of conservative leadership is emerging; leaders who will aggressively take the fight to the left-wing loons threatening the future of this country with their benighted policies. It cannot happen quickly enough, and it certainly inspires hope in weary conservatives tired of leaders who are entirely too quick to find fault with bold conservatives (like Carlson) and have no criticism at all of whacked out lunatic left wingers (like Maddow). Time will tell if these moves by a couple of popular conservative governors are starting trend or are a flash in the pan.

If it’s the latter, the GOP may do wonders for the country in the next few years. If conservatives want to take their country back from cross dressers, gender confused loons, race baiters, bigots and child groomers, they should enthusiastically support every conservative who steps out and opposes the primary enemies of the conservative cause: left wing media, left wing politicians, woke educators, felon loving socialists, and dictatorial government bureaucrats.

Time is short and the stakes are huge. Do not be a “sunshine patriot”. Demand that Republican candidates articulate conservative principles and policies, work to get the vote out, and then vote for those candidates. November is coming.

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5 thoughts on “Are GOP Leaders Finally Waking Up?”

  1. Wrestle Mitch McConnell out of leadership of the Republic senate majority, coming this fall, and you might see a lot of changes that build and keep a majority in the senate. Kentucky can find someone to primary him. He has to retire soon, anyway.
    Point is, get rid of the RINO leadership and we might see a lot of things change. McConnell doesn’t care whether he is majority or minority leader, as long as he controls Republican campaign funding. Same with McCarthy. Get rid of him. DeSantis and Abbott are doing just what all Republicans should be doing.
    The MAGA potential is coming out, and it is looking good.

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