Elected Positions of State and County Levels of Government Violations of Oath and Negligence of Duty

Remove elected officials from their position when they are not doing their job! Why are Governors, Mayors, and District Attorneys above the law when it comes to criminal negligence, fostering criminal activity and violations of their oath of office? Why are they not removed from office? It is apparent we cannot wait for new elections to solve the increased criminal activities in our cities throughout the country. Once citizens witness negligence on a continuing basis by elected officials and promoting more criminal activity, they need to be removed immediately from office.
 “Violation of the oath of office” means the neglect or knowing failure by an elective public officer to perform faith- fully a duty imposed by law. Violation of the oath of office, including malfeasance, misfeasance, or nonfeasance, shall constitute good and sufficient cause for removal from office of any such officer. The fourth federal law, 18 U.S.C. 1918 provides penalties for violation of oath office described in 5 U.S.C. 7311 which include: (1) removal from office and (2) confinement or a fine. The definition of “advocate” is further specified in Executive Order 10450 which for the purposes of enforcement supplements 5 U.S.C. 7311. Is violation of oath a felony? They will be guilty of a felony. The oath was not administered correctly: If the officer was not administered an oath, or the oath was not prescribed by law, then they will not be guilty of violating their oath.

A leader, Politician, President whose character is mark by every act which may define a Tyrant, is unfit to be the Leader of a free People. The U. S. Constitution COMMANDS every Government Official to be BOUND by an Oath of Affirmation: Article 6, Clause 3. Then they are REQUIRED to take the Lawful Oath before they can take the seat which they were elected. Now it is time We The People hold them to their Lawful Oath demand they stand by every word in the Oath/. They Solemnly Swear, to Support and Defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and Domestic, they take it Obligation Freely without any Mental Reservation or Purpose of EVASION! We MUST MAKE The Oath of Office a relevant ISSUE.

We as citizens of America can no longer tolerate or allow public officials to release criminals back into society. When a criminal suspect is arrested, booked and granted release on their “own recognizance,” or “O.R.,” no bail money is paid to the court and no bond is posted. The suspect is merely released after promising, in writing, to appear in court for all upcoming proceedings. Most courts impose additional conditions on subjects in exchange for releasing them on their own recognizance when there’s a nexus between the condition and the crime charged.

For example, multiple DUI offenders are often required to immediately surrender their vehicle and begin attending alcohol treatment classes in exchange for their release. Similarly, many states have strict domestic violence laws requiring suspected batterers to immediately enroll in domestic violence education classes. These same suspects are often required to stay a certain number of feet or yards from the alleged victim in the form of a temporary restraining order, or “T.R.O.,” until the case is resolved. Still other suspects are required to immediately attend anger management classes, surrender their passport, or even agree not to associate with known gang members or convicted felons. As expected, each condition must be related to the circumstances of the case and the crime charged. NYC’s ‘no bail’ law rewards criminals and punishes law-abiding citizens. 

Still other suspects are required to immediately attend anger management classes, surrender their passport, or even agree not to associate with known gang members or convicted felons. As expected, each condition must be reasonably related to the circumstances of the case and the crime charged. NYC’s ‘no bail’ law rewards criminals and punishes law-abiding citizens.

What Are the Pros to Such Bail Reforms? 
The obvious “pro” to bail reforms is that people will not be held in jail simply because they cannot produce bail money. Cash bail is unduly harsh to most people of less financial means. The bail reforms will also prohibit excessive bail from being set on minor charges. One study found that in New York City, of the 5,000 persons detained pending trial, 43% would have been released under the new bail reforms. And of the 205,000 cases arraigned in 2018, only 10% would have been eligible for money bail under the new laws. People also will not be held on bail when police or prosecutors “over charge” a defendant. Many lower-level felony charges will eventually resolve as either as a misdemeanor or with a non-criminal disposition. If bail were set on the felony charge, a defendant may spend time in jail for a case that ends up as a mere violation. Another “pro” is that there will be less of a strain on prisons. If fewer people are detained, jails can better allocate their resources. Some may see this as a “con” however, as there may be fewer jobs in local correctional institutions.

What Are the Cons?
The biggest “con” is that public safety will no longer be a consideration for setting bail. Some persons accused of robbery and burglary – both violent felonies – will be released without bail. Those defendants may indeed pose a risk to public safety. What if it was a string of burglaries or robberies? Might they commit the offense again? Also, many persons charged with drug felonies will be released without bail. While not a gun or a knife, some drugs – such as fentanyl – are so deadly, the public may be put in danger. And drug dealers who are not caught with guns may still have access to weapons. Such happened in New Jersey after the state enacted its own bail reforms. Finally, bail reforms may erode the public’s confidence in the system. If a victim sees the perpetrator back on the street, will the victim feel safe? While an Order of Protection provides some level of assurance, in the end it is just a piece of paper. Without a judge determining what level of dangerousness a defendant may pose, the Legislature may be forcing the release of persons who may commit additional crimes.

These errant politicians should be forced to step down from office or placed under arrest for not enforcing the law. By releasing criminals back on the street is facilitating more criminal activity and endangering citizens. These elected officials are not above the law. When public officials do not enforce the law as we witnessed the riots in Minneapolis, Portland, and other cities in the 2020, the likes of Antifa, BLM and others know they can commit crimes with no penalties. Crime is rampant in Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York and other cities and in the case of  New York, violators and known criminals are returned to the streets after no bail releases and free to commit further crimes.
Well, what can and should we do to hold public officials held accountable for fostering crime

This article originally appeared on Stand Up America US Foundation. Reprinted here with permission.

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2 thoughts on “Elected Positions of State and County Levels of Government Violations of Oath and Negligence of Duty”

  1. Bring back the pillory, stocks and pile of burning wood. Or the dunking chair. Or a blindfold and a cigarette?

    The problem with oaths is that people don’t take them seriously. Like cheating in elections, that has never been reliably stopped by us demanding that the laws against cheating are not enforced, so goes the office holder who violates his oath, from the president all the way to the city counsel member. As with all humans, when something is seen to be able to be corrupted, it is corrupted.

    We just do a pitiful job of holding our elected officials to account. and talk is cheap until the day when we decide to hold them accountable. If we won’t hold them to their oath who will?

    And take a wild guess to what it will take to do that, considering all the accumulated power they now hold, not just in the federal government, but also in state and local governments, as well as city and county.
    It will take the threat of a revolution to deal with the problem. Leaders in public office send us a few token criminals to sate our appetite for them to do their job, so they don’t have to do their job.
    I didn’t say revolution, but, at the same time, that requires the ability to back up the threat if the necessity comes, because the monster we created by our negligence is one that is becoming insurmountable.
    Mere reason and relying on justice will not correct the problem, since justice is as corrupted as the rest of our institutions, and reasoning can fall on deaf ears.
    While the left hollers “Defund the Police” and we holler “Get rid of the FBI”, see how they have distracted us? It’s so they can continue down their yellow brick road. Yellow, as in gold. And we get stuck with the bill.
    I think violating oaths is a problem that came from too many of us not paying attention and not dealing with the problems that led to the oath breaking, when they could have been.
    Politicians lie. People believe too many of their lies.

  2. Any society can be viewed as a group of very silly people worrying about minutia, procedures, and who one knows in government.

    What’s being described above by both writer and commenter could be a lack of seriousness and / or lack of commitment to our systems and / or lack of maturity which points back to seriousness.

    Countries were formed before our births, and following them is what’s expected. However, with the childishness typical for your average and normal human being, governments and societies turn out the way they have and are.

    Videos of school board meetings of late highlight the absurdness of those on those boards – their seriousness is highly insincere, because most likely they want to dictate and not compromise as is required for our system here in the U.S.A. Dictatorship is desired, because it’s what a childish person comprehends. Childishness is ever present today, but is more prevalent in the political Left.

    To recap / make my point:
    Held to a system we did not create, filled with too many seriously insincere childish actors, some fiendishly diabolical too, not being checked by the people, because tradition holds them back is what we have.

    In the first, Escaping tradition to retain tradition is what’s lacking.
    In the second, Tradition is seriously silly at times.
    In the third, Dictatorship is normal, but must be controlled at all costs. ( much like the label on the fly spray I use states )

    Paul, great first line.
    Mark, great first line.


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