Let’s talk about the Senate, shall we?

Let’s talk about the Senate, shall we? Out of some 330 million people in the country, these are the 100 people chosen to represent the interests of the 50 individual states at the federal level. One hundred people whose job it is to discuss and debate, ferociously, and make policy decisions for the collective United States of America. One hundred people holding immense power over the rest of us.

And as I look at these 100 people, and those vying for those 100 seats, I am struck with a WTF moment.

Really Pennsylvania? You can’t find ONE viable candidate other than a TV doctor who got famous on Oprah, and a stroke victim who can’t string words or thoughts together in a coherent manner?

Really California? You have 89-year-old Diane Feinstein who doesn’t remember where she is or who her colleagues are, but that is okay as long as she is that Democrat placeholder? Seriously? You don’t think that you could run a Democrat dog catcher for her seat in California and win??? Retire her peacefully and let her keep some semblance of dignity for her years in office. No. Instead it seems that you would be willing to wheel her around like Captain Pike on the old Star Trek series.

Really Arizona? You pick Mark Kelly, a guy whose only claim to fame is that he was a former astronaut? A guy who wants to disarm you, in a state where Second Amendment rights are strong?

Really Georgia? The best you can do is run a former Football star with an apparently checkered personal history against an actual communist?

Even in the past, we had guys like John McCain and Teddy Kennedy, who literally died in office of brain tumors, rather than relinquish their power. And NO ONE in their parties stepped up to retire them? Do you honestly think that people being treated for brain tumors should be holding such powerful and influential elected positions?

Mike Kim, a DC pharmacist at Grubb’s Pharmacy, the oldest dispensary in town, admitted several years ago that he routinely fills prescriptions for drugs that treat Alzheimer’s disease for Capitol Hill. Those drugs are shipped to the office of the attending physician, so that members don’t have to visit the pharmacy themselves. Shipping Alzheimer’s medication to congress means that some number on Capitol Hill are medically unqualified to hold office. And we don’t know which ones or how many. They could be back-benchers, or they could be sitting at the upper tiers of leadership, holding important committee seats and making decisions of global significance. Since one’s rank in Congress is based mostly on seniority, the oldest members have the most power.

Joe Biden was in the Senate for 36 years before he became Obama’s VP for 8 years, and now is the 46th US President. Few people would deny his failing mental capabilities, and how fast his mental deterioration has progressed. How long before we accept a Joe Biden being wheeled around like Captain Pike??? (In defense of Captain Pike, he still maintained his mental capacities within his ravaged shell of a body. But there is no amount of alien assistance that would relinquish Joe Biden to his former self; as all we would get is a mumbling young man eating ice cream and sniffing little girls’ hair)

David Laibson, a behavioral economist at Harvard, reported ten years ago that half of all octogenarians cannot make major financial decisions due to dementia and other cognitive impairments. There are at least five octogenarians holding US Senate seats today, and many more approaching eighty years. There are at least eleven octogenarians in the House, and 18 or more approaching eighty. Nancy Pelosi herself, who is second in line to the presidency, has shown an inability to form cohesive thought at times.

Furthermore, not only are people with brain damage and mental deterioration finding their way into powerful posts like the US Senate, the House of Representatives, and the Presidency, with many of them staying there until they die, there is also some evidence showing that power might actually CAUSE brain damage. “Subjects under the influence of power,” according to Dacher Keltner, a University of California, Berkeley professor, ”acted as if they had suffered a traumatic brain injury—becoming more impulsive, less risk-aware, and, crucially, less adept at seeing things from other people’s point of view.”

It is going to take a revolution to change the status quo in Washington. But it starts at the state level. We need the media, which is SUPPOSED to report the facts and unbiased truth, to stop mouthing partisan talking points and just DO THEIR JOB. We need smart people to run for office. We need term limits. We need to vote for those most capable of leading. And we need to recognize when we are being played by those in power.

It’s pretty pathetic when the party in power’s last-ditch message to stay in power during a midterm election is “If you don’t vote for us, Democracy will die”. All while the hard fought “246-year-old experiment in freedom” burns down around them.

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4 thoughts on “Let’s talk about the Senate, shall we?”

  1. It’s amazing that the voters, and the party apparatus, had ample opportunity to replace all those people. And they chose not to. I think it is a prime example of not accepting the duty and responsibility of the ones who should be shaping the future. But there is a problem with them, also, where the machinations of the ones in office have tried their best to perpetuate themselves as if they would live forever.
    Excellent article!

  2. Susan,
    Well done. Good questions all. I just posted on this site for the first time…https://afnn.us/2022/11/07/do-dnc-controlled-counties-in-swing-states-determine-the-outcome-of-national-elections/

    Let’s talk when you get a chance. I lobbied for 14 years in Washington. I learned quite a bit. As the children of WWII and Korean War vets, we were raised with a PARTICULAR idea of leadership. Washington is not made up of such leaders. Clearly there are powerful people behind the scenes…as the Senators you site, do not have command of power, let alone themselves.

    Catch up so we can chat.

    Robert J.H. McManus
    Philadelphia, PA


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