Using The Dishonesty of Democrats

It is time to start a new political party in America by using the dishonesty of Democrats. We can call it the Honest Democrat party. The fact that such a party title would immediately be dismissed as an oxymoron effectively confirms the need for it. Every American, except the most naïve and dimmest among us, understands that politicians as a group are not the most trustworthy lot.

Proof of that is found in polls that routinely show Americans distrust government, and particularly among Republicans, the level of trust is dismally low. A Pew Research poll published in June of this year reports:

“Today, 29% of Democrats and Democratic-leaning independents say they trust government just about always or most of the time, compared with 9% of Republicans and Republican-leaners. Democrats report slightly less trust in the federal government today than a year ago; there has been no change in the views of Republicans.”

If one wonders why Democrats have so much more trust in government than Republicans, please refer to the previous comment in this paragraph regarding the exceptions to the typical distrustful American when it comes to the government. Democrats are like a lover who cannot admit that their one and only is cheating on them. Everyone else can see it, and some folks may even try to point out the truth to the naïve love-blinded cuckold, but it will be fruitless until the cheater is caught in the act by the betrayed.

Until the midterm results became clear, there was hope in conservative circles and the GOP that the Democrat party had finally been “caught in the act.” Clearly, their policies were accomplishing exactly the opposite of what the Democrat leadership had said was going to happen. Instead of their green policies creating thousands of high paying jobs in new alternative energy forms, all it did was cause skyrocketing energy prices. Open borders only caused massive social dislocation, crime, and budget busting expenses instead of providing cheap labor and a rise in tax revenue.

Confronting Russia caused a war in Europe which also drove inflation even as it caused a recession about which the Biden administration is still lying. Recently, Biden met with China’ President Xi only to be threatened with war over Taiwan. So much for Biden’s allegation that Trump is a racist because he did not kowtow to China. Uncle Joe must be an even worse racist based on his terrible relationship with Xi and China. Democrat spending is exacerbating domestic inflation and driving long term interest rates higher so quickly that financial disaster isa real threat.

Biden’s woke attitudes and support for anti-police rhetoric has increased racial tensions and enabled massive increases in violent crime across America. Seventy-five percent of Americans say their country is on the wrong track, and nearly as many Americans think that their children will have a worse life than they do, which is the nearly first time in the history of this country that a majority of Americans think that is true. Plainly the Democrat party has been revealed as liars and cheats, telling their constituents things that are and were false. 

The assumption among conservatives was that Democrats would show their displeasure during these midterm elections by turning against Democrat candidates and voting for GOP candidates offering a clear alternative to more of the same failed policies. That did not happen.

During the recent midterms, Democrat voters all over the country showed their love for Biden and his ruinous policies by voting for Democrats. They voted for Democrats who hate the police. They voted for Democrats who hate the energy industry. In my state, they voted for a candidate who wants to abolish ICE. Presumably, they want more illegal aliens to flood into Michigan. Meanwhile, Pennsylvanians said “hold my beer”, and voted in a brain damaged United States Senator who cannot carry on a coherent conversation, and in the topper of all stupid votes, they elected a dead guy to their state legislature. Perhaps it was just an homage to that comedy classic, “Weekend at Bernie’s.

In any event, Democrats doubled down on stupid in such numbers, and in so many places, that there can be no doubt they are enamored with the results of Biden’s policies. That so called Inflation Reduction Act may have accelerated inflation significantly, but Democrats are still starry eyed and loving what they are living through. Inflation? No way!! Uncle Joe is reducing inflation! Can’t you read: Inflation Reduction Act??!! Who you gonna believe, Joe, or your own lying eyes??

For most Democrats, the answer, obviously, is they believe Joe Biden and the Democrat party. Ergo, we need an Honest Democrat party because Democrats will believe anything they are told by a leadership that bills itself as Democrat. The GOP should call for legislation mandating that all political communication must be honest and accurate unless the party admits ahead of time that their rhetoric is (or may be) dishonest, misleading, and false.

Lest one protest that the GOP should have to do the same thing, rest assured that any proposal would have to be even-handed, but as any disgruntled conservative can tell you, the issue with the GOP is NOT that they lie about what they believe in or what they are doing. They pretty much tell us what they want to do, like repealing Roe v Wade. The biggest issue is that they tell us what they are going to do and then almost NEVER try to do it. That is a different kind of dishonesty than being caught doing something they swore they would not do and still insisting they are not doing it.

One example: Biden saying he would shut down fracking and destroy the energy industry while campaigning, then denying that he ever said it; then getting elected and going about destroying the energy industry while denying that he is doing so even as soaring energy costs and his own policies prove he is a liar. The scale of the lying is a wonder to behold, and even as one shakes their head in disgust, one cannot help but admit that the Democrat leadership knows their base. No GOP leader would have assumed GOP voters were that stupid and gullible. Democrat voters plainly are.

Recently this space featured an article titled, “The Unbearable Stupidity of being Democrat,” which talked about Pennsylvania’s idiocy before the extent of the national embarrassment of seeing a myriad of incompetent, anti-American, race-baiting Democrats voted into, and back into, office. Seeing the overall results, with fools like Hochul in New York, and death dealing tyrants like Whitmer in Michigan getting re-elected it is sadly apparent that Democrats bear the burden of their low political IQs with a stunning obliviousness.

Neither crime, nor epidemic drug overdoses, inflation, nor rumors of war will sway them from their devotion to Democrat imposed socialism. With that realization, an alternative strategy suggests itself. Instead of an Honest Democrat party, what the GOP must do is claim that the Democrats are sellouts and are not socialist enough. The GOP should publicly go far left and promise to abolish the Constitution and impose socialist government by fiat. Meanwhile, they should be informing all registered Republicans through mass mailings that it is all a campaign trick and that the GOP platform has not changed a bit. That should let the GOP win in a landslide as Democrats vote for the new left-wing GOP in droves.

Once elected, the GOP should then govern as Constitutional Conservatives, reducing spending, massively reducing government regulation, supporting law and order, closing our borders to illegals, pursuing energy independence, and limiting government intrusion and abrogation of rights in the lives of average Americans. That will thrill the conservatives and moderates, and so long as the GOP leadership keeps telling the Democrats that what they are seeing is really socialism, they will be happy too.

In that scenario, miraculously, the stupidity of Democrats would be a force for good. Perhaps the GOP can shelve its candor and ethics for one election cycle and make a bunch of promises when they have every intention of doing the exact opposite. The fly in the ointment is that the GOP leadership will have to do something, and that is a strong bet against their usual MO.

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4 thoughts on “Using The Dishonesty of Democrats”

  1. “…Perhaps it was just an homage to that comedy classic, ‘Weekend at Bernie’s’…”

    Given Senator-elect Fetterman’s resemblance to the animated character voiced by Mike Myers, perhaps it might be better characterized like a sequel to those and the old Abbott & Costello movies, i.e. “Shrek Meets Weekend at Bernie’s”.

  2. Problem is, too many R’s are really D’s In Drag, believe just as much in the Big Gov agenda and either only object to it not being THEM in charge to reap the benefits for their cronies or are content with being kabuki-theater “Managed Opposition” faithfully serving as vassals for a seat at their masters’ dinner table despite only getting scraps from it.

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