In Remembrance of a Great Nation

In Remembrance of a Great Nation; The two subjects Democrats like to talk about the most are democracy and existential threats, threats to our democracy and existence. Since  Democrats live in a Bizarro world, everything they say is opposite of reality and priority.  These threats to our existence if made in opposite order of consequence would be Russia, Iran, North Korea, China, and…drum roll, please…the Democrats themselves!

It is the Democrat Party, represented by the misinformed, the ill-informed, the MSNBC and CNN watchers, the rioters-on-a-moments- notice,  the woke crowd, every worm that comes out of a closet, the dumb Anheuser Busch people who think putting a transgender on their cans is going to be a big seller.  They are the lords of social chaos. Their tools are the illegal aliens, Black Lives Matter, the druggies and criminals on our streets,  the transgenders they use as the Devil’s cross to keep Christians at bay.

They are the ignorant of those who are really calling the shots, the America-hating likes of Obama and company, the globalist toadies.  Faithful to their Cloward & Piven strategy, overwhelming our country with social spending, they systematically pick away at America, hoping to destroy her with a thousand cuts, and working at cut number 938.

Among the many cuts, Democrats don’t see the irony of appointing themselves in the position of ‘Protectors of Democracy’ while not trusting the voters to do it.  As many as 18 states do not require identification to vote.  Democrats say it suppresses the vote. Of course it does.  It keeps people who are not qualified to vote from voting…duhhh!  And now 7 million illegal aliens have entered our country.

It is laughable when pundits give us election news and report that in spite of all the social chaos, voters still manage to return power to those who created the chaos, as if we had honest elections. The Left has perfected the fraud.

Since Trump left office just over two years ago, it’s been nothing but the Russian menace,  and billions of dollars going to the most corrupt nation on earth. We are emptying our munition stockpiles, and selling our strategic oil reserves to China.  Biden goes out of his way to please China.  It is legitimate to ask who Biden is working for.  We are continually poking the Bear without the slightest concern of reprisal…slouching toward WW3.

Mr. Biden and his socialist warmongers have now got us at the precipice of another war in Europe while Biden collects paychecks from China. The Democrats have been throwing spitballs at Russia for years, especially the Trump years.  They have been lying about the war in Ukraine to protect their money laundering and bio-weapons labs. What possible good can come from our involvement except war, death, and ruin? The Russians have even announced on Wednesday, the ‘New Cold War is Over – We Have Now Entered a Hot War with the United States.’  Attention Left: How’s your sense of inflated morality now?

When the smoke settles, it will be of little concern over who was right.

People are dying or getting severely injured from the vaccine that is supposed to protect us from COVID with ne’re a single voice of concern from those supposedly engaged in protecting us.  The dead are now in the 7 figures while eye drops were pulled off the market for one death.  The vaccines are still very much available and pushed by doctors who don’t  want to lose their jobs.

Our Democrat cities are drowning in crime, legitimately becoming sh** holes. Police are retiring early, cities are hiring barely qualified police officers. The homeless have taken over whole neighborhoods in large cities with drug paraphernalia and excrement littering our streets and sidewalks.  Schools, public libraries, and military bases are pushing drag queen shows for children. Transgenders are supported publicly with their approval of the mutilation of children.

Biden supporters say he received more votes in 2020 than any presidential candidate in history. Really?  Almost no one showed up to hear him speak. In fact, he can hardly speak.  He mumbles much of the time, usually in incoherent platitudes and drivel.  Trump spoke almost always to record crowds to thousands of people with more thousands waiting outside that couldn’t get in to the venue.

One of the times I was willing to hear him speak, Biden was perfectly articulate.  It was during a campaign event in October, 2020. He actually spoke slowly and carefully, choosing every word.  What he said was stunning…

“We’re in a situation where we have put together, and you guys did it for President Obama’s administration before this.  We have put together, I think, the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics,” 

Misspoke?, hardly.  Of course, the fact-checkers scrambled to their computers immediately.  If he did misspeak to that extent, with his carefully chosen words, what is he doing in the White House?  See for yourself:

Religion is no longer the rock people are hungry for.  Many churches have become as clay, brittle, just when we needed them to be iron.

A truly honest person in the public eye is Jason Whitlock, celebrated journalist.  On Tucker’s show, he stunned his audience by saying, on Wednesday, that he  “…doesn’t see a path forward for those who respect America’s founding” and have traditional values coexisting with those that are okay with taking children to drag queen shows and mutilating kids…”We have to think about going our separate ways, whether it’s secession or national divorce…You can’t have peace. You can’t have partnership with these people.”  Mr. Whitlock decided as many of us already have.  There is no common ground.  There is no more compromising.   We said years ago that they do want want acceptance, they demand approval.

And to prove Mr. Whitlock’s point, the Left is now calling Mr. Whitlock deranged.  That is what they think of Judeo-Christian values.  Where can we compromise?

These past two and a half years have been devastating to our country.  We’ve lost our energy independence, our economy, inflation from Biden’s spending shows no sign of slowing, war and a dollar collapse seems imminent.

This is not mere politics.  It is an effort by a globalist cabal to destroy the one country that holds Western civilization together.  The likes of Obama and his toadies are tools of these global criminals. Biden is their puppet. The Left is sticking to their beloved Cloward-Piven strategy of squeezing America to death with unchecked spending, open borders, social chaos, and a diminished military.

They are truly the real existential threat

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